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Lost Treasure USA started 8 years ago with a dream and today stands as one of the most comprehensive lost treasure and detecting expert sites on the web. We have stories, listings, discussion, events, state guides and years of backdated newsletter editions for you to enjoy!
   It will be undergoing many changes over the upcoming years.  Please bookmark this website into your FAVORITES file now and come visit us often.  I have many stories to share with you.  I'll give you many GREAT treasure leads for your state  --- and for the other 49, also! Our state archive homepage is the best place on the web to plan and research an expedition near you.

I'll have lots of links to other "treasure" websites.  There will be contests, prizes, industry news, and interesting articles.  I guarantee that there will be new things added to this website frequently.  You will have access to THOUSANDS of treasure leads !    

Please tell your friends, clubs and forums about Lose Treasure USA - one of the longest lasting and freshest treasure and detecting sites on the web! 

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PLEASE contact me at  LostTreasureUSA1@AOL.COM  if you have ideas or stories to share!  Make this website your favorite one by being active with it!  Thanks!  FLOYD MANN

This site is dedicated to the BEST TREASURE I ever found: my wonderful wife TARA.

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