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Treasure Hunter's Secret Manual

   This page is the future location of my "STORE FRONT" to sell books and treasure-related merchandise.
   It takes a lot of time (and money !) to set up a site to take credit cards and do shipping, etc.
   For awhile I will just offer you a selection of books that include many of my favorites.
   Orders can be paid by cash, money order, or check.  Orders are to be mailed to me:
14691 Front Beach Road # 8
Panama City Beach, FL  32413


Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.
I'll include a FREE gift with every order !
All prices include shipping and handling.
$2.00 discount on each additional book, after your first selection.


ITEM # 1:  UNITED STATES TREASURE ATLAS.  Nearly 50,000 treasure sites, all pinpointed on state highway maps.  This 10-volume set contains a vast collection of invaluable research material.  All 50 states are covered.     $110.00

ITEM # 2:   BURIED TREASURES YOU CAN FIND--HOW AND WHERE TO FIND TREASURE IN ALL 50 STATES by Robert Marx.   The author has listed, state by state, more than 7,500 locations of treasure in this fine 365 page book, filled with color photos of successful hunts.  A wealth of treasure hunting methods to make your hunts better is included.  No matter where you live, you are going to find sites near enough to be of interest to you.     $17.00

ITEM # 3:     AMERICA'S LOST TREASURES by Michael Paul Henson.  Over 650 authenticated sites within the U.S.  In addition to a state by state list, including sites in all 50 states, Henson has chapters on how to research; tips and techniques on coin and cache hunting; treasure signs and symbols; how and where to find gold; and more.     $8.00

ITEM # 4:     DELORME ATLAS & GAZETTEER SERIES.  These unique atlases chart entire states, in color, at a large scale, and in unbeatable detail.  Special attention is devoted to each state's roadways---everything from superhighways to remote dirt roads.
   In addition, the maps show an enormous variety of geographic features, including forests, wetlands, trailheads, railroads, airfields, and practically every lake, pond and stream, plus boat ramps.  Each atlas is a quality paperback measuring 11" X 15 1/2" .  Texas: $24.00.  All other states: $19.00

ITEM # 5:   LATEST EDITION OF TREASURE LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES by R.W. Grim.   Today it is important to know your rights as a treasure hunter.  This is the best book available to inform you.  State by state review of treasure-related regulations.  Actual letterheads are shown from each state, giving the reader ready access to appropriate addresses and phone numbers.  Large 206 page format.   $19.00

ITEM # 6:   TREASURE--BONANZAS WORTH A BILLION BUCKS by Xanthus Carson.  Once again back in print, this classic treasure book, with more than 25 treasure accounts of the West, is a prize for those interested in treasure hunting leads and treasure stories.  Most of the stories are not reported elsewhere.  182 pages, well illustrated and with authentic maps.   $12.00

ITEM # 7:   TREASURE RECOVERY FROM SAND AND SEA by Charles Garrett.   A fine how-to-do book.  409 pages of valuable and necessary information for those who want to learn the best methods of beach and shallow and deepwater recovery.  Filled with photos of just how experts find success.  Detailed information on just how to follow the best methods; what equipment to use; where to search; how to clean and preserve your finds; and other information.  One of the best instruction books of modern metal detecting.  Hundreds of photos.     $14.00

ITEM # 8:   DUST IN THE WIND by Gary Speck.  A Guide To American Ghost Towns.  If you are fascinated with ghost towns, then this guide book will lead you to many years of exploration and enjoyment.  8 1/2" X 5 1/2", 255 pages.  $19.00

ITEM # 9:   THE TREASURE DIVER'S GUIDE by Potter.  Once again in print, this classic is the Bible of the treasure divers.  It is one of the most essential tools a treasure hunter needs if he wants to be successful.  Included are locations of sunken treasures, techniques of research, and salvage wreck identifications, as well as submarine archaeology.  Included is a supplement by the author to update the information.  567 pages, well illustrated, soft cover---a real prize.     $19.00

ITEM # 10:   SPANISH MONUMENTS AND TRAIL MARKERS TO TREASURE IN THE UNITED STATES by Charles A. Kenworthy.   From the research files of this famous treasure hunter comes the description and photographs of some of the more than ten thousand trail markers still in existence in the United States.
   The Spanish had a very systematic method of trail marking to guide the movement of their people to their mines and exploration sites, and to guide their return.
   The King of Spain ordered all treasure/mine trails to be monumented according to Spain's drawing.  Exploration groups were instructed by the government on the basics of both monuments and map codes.  For the modern day explorer and treasure searcher this book will open your eyes.  You will be able to tell which is Mother Nature's  design and which rocks in the mountains have been cleverly arranged to guide you to the Spanish trails.  Dozens of clear photos with text to describe the meaning of each one.  8 1/2" X 11"----$13.00

ITEM # 11-----RELIC HUNTER--THE BOOK by Ed Fedory.  Softbound.  134 pages.  Keys to successful relic hunting techniques.  A digest of important tips and technologies used by professional relic hunters.  Over 50 photos.  10 chapters, relic identification, cleaning and preservation, plus much more.   $9.00

ITEM # 12:-----SUNKEN TREASURE--HOW TO FIND IT by Robert Marx.  This famous author tells it all in his latest book.  Modern salvage methods, lists of wrecks, research, locating shipwrecks, documenting a site, underwater excavation, cleaning and preservation, and a great deal more.  Giving away a lifetime's TH'ing secrets, this successful treasure hunter "tells it all" .  Softcover, 400 pages, beautiful color photos.   $14.00

ITEM # 13-----IN THE WAKE OF THE BUCCANEERS by Verrill.  Reprinted after almost 70 years, this illustrated account of buccaneers and dozens of lost treasures, worth countless millions, is based on actual records of their activities.
   So hazardous was their way of life that much of the loot they captured still lies buried and waiting for some adventurous soul to pick out the location from the clues in these writings.  374 pages, many photos, soft cover.   $15.00

ITEM # 14-----THE NEW SUCCESSFUL COIN HUNTING by Charles Garrett.  The main target object of most metal detector users is the coin.  This book explains in detail how to select and use three kinds of coin detectors;  the BFO, the TR, and the discriminator.  Many photos and tips on where to look for the best results.  A great amount of coin hunting and detector information that cannot be found anywhere else to make your searches more successful.  228 fact-filled pages.   $12.00

ITEM # 15-----THE BOOK OF PIRATE TREASURES by Ralph D. Paine.   A 1911 book just republished, this detailed and illustrated guide to the gold, jewels, and money of the pirate galleons contains a very lengthy and accurate index to help the reader find locations throughout the pirate domain.  Its 434 pages describe countless chests of gold, caskets of buried jewels, bags of coins, and rich plunder secreted in remote places or buried along unexplored sea coasts and rivers.   $15.00



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