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We are a group of individuals who have over 75 years of combined treasure hunting experience.  We have State of the Art technology... Underground Surveyor Apparatus... Resistance Radar... Density Radar... Gradometers... Ground penetrating locators...Top of the line Metal detectors... Long range Locators... Magnetometers... In-Fared... Map Dowsing ...Remote Viewers and The best Indian and Spanish sign readers on the planet! with heavy Moving Equipment at our disposalWhat separates us from other Treasure hunters is our Technology and Land Contracts. We have over 75 years of research into the readings, documentation, conversations and exploration regarding the myths, lore and realities on the Spanish Treasure..... Outlaw Gold... Bank Robberies ..Train Robberies and much more.

Find Buried Treasures


Today, the term treasure hunter is usually grouped into two basic areas.  First, there are those who use metal detectors and are looking for coins, rings and other souvenirs in high traffic areas, ghost towns and old mines.  These hunters typically are looking only a few inches down.  Next, are the off shore salvage hunters like the Fisher group who found the "Atocha and Margurite" in the Atlantic Ocean.  They are the underwater experts looking for sunken ships and wreckage.  We on the other hand are "The Land Lovers".  With our equipment, we can locate treasure with our equipment that picks up the frequency resonating  off the treasure! With our technology we are able to find "caves", "voids" and "metals" buried sometimes deep underground.  We are not afraid to dig.  Early on, we dug a 51 foot hole straight down by "hand".  Yes, we have come a long way since then with technology, experience and common sense.  But the truth is that this makes us somewhat unique in the treasure hunting world. The costs associated with hunting this way are large.  The use of dozers, track hoes and loaders account for about 70% of our expenses, not counting the Huge cost of our technology.  This is why we are seeking investors.  This a highly speculative business but your Contract will have a % of the net profit of that site..   A ton of Gold is a little over  1 cubic foot... that's over $14,000,000.  And that is considered a small "cache"... the Southwest United States and Mexico is absolutely litered with multiple tonage "cache's".. High Risk-High Reward... Its not out of the question to get a return of 50 to 1 or Higher... It all depends on the site... We have the Technology and the skill to bring Treasure out of the ground... You are more than welcome to join Our team as an Investor.


The love, adventure and excitement of treasure hunting has got into our blood.  This band of experts come from all walks of life, educational backgrounds, income levels, geographic regions and occupational histories.  It wasn't an accident that we all met and united.  Each individual brings his own assets to the group and we have a common bond, the love of Treasure Hunting.

T E A M - V I S I O N Q U E S T
  • Floyd Mann - Is our  research man, Has over 35yrs in research and documentation on Spanish Gold and Outlaw Gold.. He has a database of over 20,000 stories, legends and maps. And is the "Moderator" of two of the best Treasure Hunting web pages on the Internet.  The Big Man on Campus


  • Marley Green - Has over 50 years of research on Spanish and Indian writings also has numerous connections in the treasure hunting community.  The Patriarch.


  • Jeff Jensen He has one of only three long range locators produced worldwide, extremely accurate and reliable.  It has a range of 7 to 10 miles depending on the terrain, picking up the gold and silver frequency or resonating frequency that all matter produces. It's a signature that is tuned into the precious metals.     The Silent One. 


  • Eddie Krienke - The marketing expert in our group, "The Deal Maker" with 20 years in marketing and research, the past 2 years focusing on treasure hunting.  Lives with a phone in his ear.  Fast Eddie 


  • Doug Vawter - 35 years in accounting handling all the financial aspects of the operations, registrations, insurance, Investors monies and permits.  He also has a strong back for digging.  Mr. Analytical.


  • Duncan Brewer - Bi-lingual, speaks Spanish fluently. Our  interperter for Mexico. Former stock broker and investor.  Mr Spanglish.


  • Chris LeLouis - Our heavy equipment operator and mechanic, can operate anything on wheels." Mr. Chews"! He has a low center of gravity great for shoveling.


  • Richard Day - Technology expert bringing (Accurate Locator) "USA" Underground Surveyor Apparatus, Magnetometer on site, finding caves, voids and metals through electromagnetic measurements.  The Calculated One.   Security Monitor


  • Steve Orton - Over 20 years of mining, He's an explosive expert,  done every type of Mine drilling and has 25 years of treasure hunting experience.  Our on site "McGyver" who can fix or make anything.


  • Ferl Chamberlain - Technology expert, using German technology (OKM) Rover C -  Ground penetrating radar -  measures the resisitance of  soil material content   Our Mole In The Hole.





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