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Issue # 87    October 1, 2006   Volume 4, Number 15
Greetings from UTAH !  YES---I'm back home for a week or so !  My two-week "seminar" in Florida was a GREAT success !  We had 4 treasure hunting groups represented and learned about NEW technologies ( for SOME of us ! ).  Proto-types were introduced & tested and we even got to go out "treasure-hunting" for 5 days !  We will be going back in November to "finish-up" some of the sites that looked VERY promising !  We had a Fantastic condo to stay in & I was the Cook---so we ALL gained weight, I'm sure !
(1)   METAL DETECTING TOURS TO HUNGARY:  Within 6 months a friend of mine ( & myself ) will be guiding tours for metal detectorists to Hungary, for the purpose of recovering ancient pre-Roman, Roman, Vandal, Visigoth, Hun, Magyar, Medieval and Ottoman Turk empire coins and relics.  These tours will be cheaper than the successful trips to England and to a land relatively untouched by metal detectors, but very rich in history.  For one price ALL expenses will be covered:  airline, hotel, transportation, meals, guides and access to areas with the potential for the recovery of ancient coins and relics.  If you think you just "might" be interested in this adventure and trip of a life-time---please contact me ( Floyd ) at FRMPINK@AOL.COM  & I'll put you in contact with our Tour Guide, so that he may answer all of your questions.
(2)  AN INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY:  http://www.losttreasureusa.com/OurVisionQuest/   I am the President of a group of professional treasure hunters that is searching for treasure caches all over the United States.  Currently we have sites in 6 states that we are working on and MORE are being offered to us each week !    We are currently working on some VERY EXCITING digs that we are confident will produce BIG returns to our investors !  If you would like to be part of a TEAM effort, with a high chance of success---please contact me.  A $5,000.00 investment gets you a 1 % share of future recoveries.  FLOYD MANN:  (801)-969-3243
(3)   MY FIRST BOOK IS "OUT" IN NOVEMBER !!:  I am almost done with the manuscript of my first book.  I have been working on this for YEARS !  This book will be VERY different than any other book about treasure hunting that has ever been published !  I'm still undecided on the TITLE, but the book contents ( manual-style / binder ) will be:    ( in MY opinion )---due to 30+ years of research-- the 2,500 BEST places to search for treasure in the United States.  These leads will be my BEST research and I'll include a GPS co-ordinate of where I would go if I were to go after each of these treasure sites.  I'll give you a Map-Tech website and instructions on how to use it.  I'll also tell you the value ( in TODAY'S dollars ), of what I feel each cache might be worth !  MOST of my research is from my own personal home library of over 300 treasure-related books, 4,000+ older treasure magazines and about 20,000+ magazine articles.  I am not aware of anyone who has a more extensive research facility.  You will be AMAZED at the information this LIMITED EDITION contains !  I will only print 500 copies of my book---each will be numbered & autographed ( if you WANT my autograph ! ).  First Come--First Served !  Order NOW !  ONLY $30.00 ( postage included ! )---PLUS:  you will receive a list of the TEN closest sites to YOUR house that I think you should go to & check out with your metal detector !  PLUS:  You will be eligible to buy my SECOND book ( out in January )---AGAIN:  a Limited Edition of 500 copies, before anyone else is aware it is available.  You will receive a Special Certificate that puts you on a Reservation List.
If you want to be a "SERIOUS" treasure hunter---and not just an arm-chair treasure hunter---then you NEED to own these 2 books !
3751 Market Street
West Valley City, UTAH  84119
Send $30.00 Cash, Money Order, or Check ASAP.  Thank YOU !  If your order is post-marked BY September 20th---you can receive a discount of $5.00---& pay ONLY $25.00 !  PLUS I'll include a valuable FREE GIFT with that order !
OK !!  Here are some GREAT prizes you might win !:
(1)   METAL DETECTING TOUR TO HUNGARY ( as detailed in #1 above):  VALUE: $3,000.00
(2)   Trip for 2 ( ALL expenses paid ) to Utah to go on a week-long trip with me in my motorhome to check out all of the best scenery in Utah ( 5 National Parks, etc ) AND we will do a LOT of "treasure-hunting" in other locations.  VALUE:  PRICELESS !  ($2,500.00)
(3)  A $2,500.00 Investment in OUR VISION QUEST, LLC  ( Paid by ME---in YOUR name ), so that you can be a part of our future treasure recoveries.
(4)   $1,000.00 Metal Detector & Accessories---YOUR choice of Brand Name Detector
(5)   I will also have 50 --5th Place prizes of my new book ( Out in November )
(6)   I will also have 50---6th Place prizes of my new book ( Out in January )
Drawing to be held on Christmas Day, 2006.  Details on the drawing procedure will be in the Newsletter.
Tickets are $5.00 each---6 for $25.00---14 for $50.00 !!
ACT FAST !  Send inquiries, comments & MONEY to:
This is one of MY  ( Floyd Mann ) current projects.  I have "partnered-up" with Frank Edwards to help him get this treasure out of the ground.  Investors are needed !  Contact me at:  FRMPINK@AOL.COM

The Lost Treasures of Padre Benevidies

  I donít know if this story should be told or not. It may seem too fantastic, or hard to believe but it is true. Iíve held the secret to a fabulous Lost Treasure and the hunt for that Treasure that took place back in the 1980ís. The timing had to be just right if I was to go back and fulfill this goal this quest. This is My story my curse you could say. Back when I was in the Navy I must have been 18 or so, I was able to travel the world. I would spend my shore time metal detecting the beaches and diving for Treasure as a hobby. I read everything I could on Pirates, the Conquistadors, the Outlaws and the 49ers. By the time I was 23 I had a pretty good idea of what was out there to be had. I ended up in El Paso Tx., my mom was ill and needed my help, and my stepfather was stationed there in the military. I had read about the Southwest for years and was looking forward to moving there. My mom had some medical problems and I helped out the best I could. I attended business school during the week, and on the weekends I would be off roading Treasure Hunting and Mining all over the Southwest. Iíve always loved the outdoors, and I soon fell in love with the desert and all its history. By the time I finished Business school I had degree and a degree in Desertology. I read every piece of history I could get a hold of, and had amassed an incredible amount of knowledge at a young age. I was having a pretty good time back then, but I had no idea how my life was about to change. It was a beautiful sunny day I remember it very well. We were having a garage sale trying to get rid of some junk, most of the customers had come and gone. I was relaxing in the shade and watched as an old man drove up in a Chevy truck. I said take a load off old timer and we sat in the shade drinking some iced tea.  He introduced himself as well weíll call him Bill and I introduced myself. As he looked around the garage he noticed the metal detectors, backpacks, and shovels and asked Frank what kind of work do you do? Well Bill Iíve just received my business degree and during the weekends Iím out Treasure Hunting and Mining all over the place. His whole demeaner and tone changed he was a little excited to say the least. He started telling me about the Conquistadors, and a certain Padre that was in charge of a number of Missions. He was anxious to talk about what he knew. He rambled  about Lost Treasure, gold, silver and other things, but it seemed a little confusing then  he remembered he had to be North of Las Cruces NM in a couple hours, so he left but promised he would return. Later on he said he had no idea why he drove down my road that day, but was glad he did. For the next couple months he came by off and on and we became pretty good friends. My family being from the South and half Cajun love to cook, and Bill really loved to eat. We would sit around the dinner table for hours and he would tell us many stories and legends of old. But I always felt he was holding something back, something he just couldnít say. One day I was getting ready to go off roading and Bill drove up. I asked if he wanted to tag along and he said shure. He grabbed his backpack , which looked a little heavy and we headed out to the Franklin Mountains in El Paso. We were having a pretty good time, and we headed for some old ruins of a Copper mining operation. We were sitting on the tailgate of my Chevy a little later and old Bill looked at me and said Frank I feel I can trust you. Iíve gotten to know you and your family and you seem like good people. I said thanks of course and as we sat there Bill told me an amazing story. Frank when I was about 10 years older than you are now about 34 Iím 78 now, I was a lot like you. I loved the outdoors too, and loved reading about Adventure and Treasure Hunting. One day I was in a library in Sante Fe NM, I was in the archive section reading a book on Spanish Missions of the Southwest. The book appeared to be very old middle 1800ís and as I turned a page an old folded paper fell into my lap. I put down the book and examined the old document, it was written in some kind of Spanish and had dates from the 1600 to 1700ís. I felt it was an important piece of paper, and I know I shouldnít have but I took it. I kept it for ten years trying to get someone to translate it, but knowone would help me. Then I met a lady from New Mexico State Univ. she said she could translate it, but it would take her about a month. Well a few weeks later she called me sounding very excited. Bill you have to come and see meĒ Iíve finished translating the document, you have a Treasure MapĒ! Well I was pretty excited and the next day went to see her. She explained the document was written in an old dialect of Castillian Spanish and Aztec this is truly amazing. It tells of a certain Fransiscan Priest by the name of Benividies, and how he was in charge of a number of Spanish Missions. Apparently he used a certain Mission as a base of operations, and they hid buried and warehoused Gold and Silver to transport overland and then on to Spain. Their Mining operations were vast and they brought Treasures from all over the country to be stored. The Indians showed the Padre a massive Cavern system with seven entrances, where they stored the bulk of the Treasure, and hid the rest in the foothills and desert areas around the mountains. Bill you have the directions to the cavern and it tells where to find the signs and symbols that lead to the Treasure Cavern and in the desert areas where they buried tons more. Well Frank I found the mission and searched the mountains to the North for many years searching for the clues that would lead me to a great Treasure Trove. I found many of the signs and symbols which would be accompanied by an arrow pointing in a certain direction.Ē I would follow the arrows but would end up lost, those Spaniards were tricky BastardsĒ. Finially I got smart and started using USGS government topo maps. I retraced my steps and found even more signs and symbols. Using a compass and my maps I drew a line on the map from all the arrows and all the lines came to a point, one place. So thatís where I went. It was in a big canyon on top of the mountains, it took a while to get there, but we eventually found a road going right to it. I found a large cross on a rock as big as a house in the canyon. After examining the area I started digging a tunnel behind the rock. I had an old couple, some friends of mine help dig and together we dug a twenty foot tunnel, but found nothing. Well I gave up for a month or so, and decided to go back one day to see what I could do. I was shoring up the tunnel and digging inside when I came across a rock in the back of the tunnel that was pretty big. I was finially able to pry it out, and when it was removed cool air hit my face, I had found the cavern. After widening the hole I grabbed my lantern and entered a winding cave, I kept moving forward and the cave started to widen up a little. On the left I saw a pile of bodies now skeletons stacked like cordwood, I could still see hair on one of the bodies. I moved foreward and noticed what looked like powder kegs, I examined one that was busted and Gold coins spilled out everywhere. As I shined my lantern I could see the floor was littered with gold and silver coins literally carpeting the floor, there were several hundred kegs. As I walked past the kegs the room opened up to a larger cavern. To my left was a wall about 5-6 feet high by 5-6 feet wide of Gold and Silver bars as far as I could see, I peed my pants right there. I noticed other things like rotten old furs, more kegs filled with gemstones, crates of old documents, chunks of jade and other minerals and many other things. Was this a dream, am I awake I wasnít shure. By then my lantern was going out so I grabbed a gold bar and some coins and headed out of the tunnel. I sat in my truck contemplating what I had just seen, I cried and kept thinking this was just too big, too much gold. People would kill for a whole lot less, if people found out theres no telling what would happen. So I went back in and took out seven more bars of Gold and filled my pockets with more coins and a gems. I took eight sticks of dynamite lit the fuse and destroyed the entrance Later I would regret that, but hey we make a lot of mistakes in life hopefully we learn from them. Later on Bill said the government took seven of the bars of gold and literally ripped me off, itís hard for me to trust anyone now, Iíve had to keep this secret for years. So Bill what happened to the eigth gold bar? Well he grabbed is backpack, struggling a little and pulled out a two inch thick by three by nine inch gold bar and sat it in my lap. You could see it was authentic it was very weathered and had been stamped with various Spanish symbols, it was very very heavy. Frank he said IĎm getting old and I just want to retire, I want to go back and get more, but I need help. Iíll tell you everything I know and weíll split it 50/50 what do you say? Well at that moment my life would change forever, so the adventure began. The next week old Bill took me on a tour of the mission and the mountains where the Treasure was buried. He really did blow up the entrance, but in the old document it said there were seven entrances into the cavern.. Man we dug hole after hole after hole without any success. I sat one day watching an eagle fly by one day and wishing I could see underground. Well I started learning everything I could on GPR (ground penetrating radar) and other technologies. I got involved with some professionals in the business and over the next year began mapping the area underground with some advanced technology. We began to see that there was a cavern system and began trying to locate the other entrances. By this time old Bill had gotten some other people involved and the whole thing got really crazy, man what Gold fever will do to men. I was pushed out of the game altogether, Bill didnít really want that and he could see that it was getting out of hand. So instead of leading them in and to the left he led them to the right, they didnít find a thing, a short time later they gave up and havenít been back since. Well over the next six months Bill would give me clues about how to enter the cavern, he knew a whole lot more than I thought, he told me how to enter two other ways. One way under a bedrock waterfall or overhang and the other a two inch by 75 inch crack with a constant flow of air coming from inside he showed me exactly where these two spots are. He took me to the desert and showed me where they buried tons of stuff, there are turtle signs with diamonds on there backs, arrows and crosses of different types. There are multiple locations 16 in all and I know where there all at, I ended up spending four years altogether with old Bill tracking down all of the signs and symbols he found. I first met Bill when I was 24 and now Iím 40, old Bill and my Mom have passed on, they are in a much better place, I know there looking down on us and guiding us. Since that time Iíve become an expert in Mining, Geology, and Treasure Hunting enough to call myself a professional I have the knowledge to make this happen and have trained my whole life for this moment. I feel it is time to go after these Treasures and I can be ready to go asap. I would like to do this legally and there is a way to do that, I donít like breaking the law and donít care for people who do. I havenít been looking for investors until now Iím not looking to get a bunch of people involved, just a couple of people. And I would need to relocate to either New Mexico Or West Tx. Total investment I would need would be between $15,000 and $50,000. I have a lot of time and research involved plus many years of research and can prove EVERYTHING I have said, I only deal in facts no fantasy here folks. Anyone involved in the recovery effort will receive an equal share, someone has a problem with, bad attitude, or negative individuals will have to go. I am putting my team together including Mr. Floyd Mann Treasure Adventurer and can be ready go anytime. I have access to the most advanced technology on the market at the best price and state of the art gear. I am ex-Special Forces and highly trained in outdoor and desert survival. The timing is right, any people involved there have been gone for 15 years or are dead, the gold price is near $650. an ounce and Iím almost ready to go.  So there you have it The Lost Treasures Of Padre Benavidies. Donít really care who believes this story or doesnít it doesnít matter I know without a doubt its there, and Iíll probably get the chance to go after it sooner or later, but sooner sounds better anyone interested? God bless and may all your dreams come true, I KNOW MINE WILL! 

Frank Edwards, Treasure Hunter, Adventurer, Mining Consultant



The following 15 articles were submitted by HERB KEISTER ( UTAH ):
Investment opportunities abound !  Contact ME---if you want more info !  I'm looking forward to the Camping Trip :  Oct. 6-9th !!  I'll see you in 2 weeks ( October 15th ! )
To my wonderful wife & "supporter" !   Thanks AGAIN to TARA !


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