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Issue # 83   August 1, 2006    Volume 4, Number 11




Summer is two-thirds OVER ?  HOT ( here in Utah ! ).  Temps have been over a hundred degrees every day since my last Newsletter to you !  I've taken THAT "opportunity" to do a LOT of map-work, office work, research & correspondence.  Feels GOOD to be totally re-organized and ready for a few more field trips !






























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     The various Spanish groups that made forays into New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and Colorado were in search of one thing, wealth! The stories are well documented about crazed expeditions, enslaving and murdering Indian tribes in search of gold and silver. The Spanish were a ruthless band and the word mercy had no meaning to them. One such renegade group of Spaniards actually found the wealth they were looking for and lost it as quickly as they gained it. This is their story.

     On a crisp Autumn morning when the sky was painted blue with dotted white clouds, a group of Spaniards moved northward on a trail in New Mexico when they happened upon an Indian boy who was hunting. They captured the boy and asked him many questions about the tribes that were ahead. The boy told them about one tribe who wore ornaments of silver and gold. This perked up some of the Spaniards for they knew something was going to come out of this information. Instead of releasing the boy, the leader of the group simply ran his sword through the young boy and left him to die. Moving on, the group made their way in the direction of a canyon of chalk cliffs on the west side of a great valley. The valley was supposed to be located about 80 miles due north of the Rio Grande River before it bends to the west-northwest, in the vicinity of present day Alamosa, Colorado.

     Marching northward, the group found the valley and they kept to its west side where a large Indian village was discovered near what is known today as Mt. Princeton Hot Springs. The village nestled in what is now known as Chalk Creek Canyon. With this discovery, the crazed Spanish let wild thoughts of gold and silver images race throughout their minds, they were bent on having this wealth and would do anything to get their hands on it.

     The soldiers sat and watched the village activity but they mostly saw  women and children along with a few old men moving about. The Captain surmised that the braves were out hunting and this opportunity of a surprise with little risk would be worth taking. Just like a crazed mountain lion, the Spanish jumped down and attacked the village with a furious pace. The story the young Indian boy told them were true, they loaded up two muleskins of gold and silver in the form of ornaments and some ore was gathered and loaded on the horses. As the soldiers were preparing to leave, off in the distance dust clouds were seen coming from the east and they knew the hunting party was returning.

The only route of escape was through the westward canyon since they knew it wasn't a box canyon. Racing through the canyon, it became apparent they were being slowed down by the muleskins of gold and silver and the only logical choice they had was to stop and bury the treasure and return for it at a later time. Stopping near a large rock cropping, they dug into the soil and placed the muleskins safely into the hole. One of the men took out a knife and etched a horseshoe design upon a rock directly overhead. Surely, this marker could be found again when they returned. As they started mounting their horses, the Indians suddenly appeared and swooped down upon them in a furious rage. The fighting was long, bloody and only one Spaniard managed to escape. The rest of the soldiers met their fate and the Indians were very brutal in their methods of death for the remaining. Riding fast out of the canyon, the Spaniard made his way back to New Mexico and joined up with another group heading south down towards old Mexico. Before he died, he drew a rough map of the location of the treasure and the map was lost upon his death. No reports of this treasure being found has ever been reported.

     Chalk Creek Canyon is home to several ghost towns, nice places to camp and also several abandoned gold and silver mines in the far west end of the canyon. Maybe, with a little luck, a keen eye and a sense of getting out there and looking, maybe you'll be the one who finds the carved horseshoe symbol on the old rock in Chalk Creek Canyon and the treasure that lies below in the soil.






      Everyone wants what you have and before you take that last breath you'll hear the faint sound of the pistol firing and then the metal pierces your body giving you the final release as death finally casts its darkened shadow. Zach Melvin stood over the slain body and laughed out loudly. Looking down at his former partner he knew he gained everything this man owned and nobody would stand in his way. With a final laugh echoing throughout the empty rock corral, Zach turned and mounted his steed as a coyote howled far off in the distance.

     The early morning sun peaked over Davidson's Peak as Zach rode into Morningstar with a signed will from Tanner Hanson. Tanner's business was cattle, he also owned some shares in a railroad that would soon run through the desert town. Zach stopped his horse in front of the sheriff's office and slowly walked in. Sheriff Frank Jackson greeted Zach with a nod while he strolled over and poured himself a cup of half-warm coffee. "This shit stinks, makes me sick everytime I drink it", said Zach.  Frank just turned and spoke, "maybe you shouldn't drink it at all." With a laugh, Zach pulled out the will and threw it on Frank's old wooden desk. "Tanner signed this last night before he died," said Zach. The sheriff looked at the will and asked how Tanner had died. Zach replied, "a rattler bit him in the neck while he was reigning in his horses, I killed the snake with one shot but it went through the snake and hit Tanner in the chest". Frank looked up and said, so, this is how it happened"? That's my statement Sheriff and I'm not backing off it a bit", Zach replied. The Sheriff stared into Zach's eyes for a moment and the shadow of doubt crossed his mind since he knew Zach had always wanted Tanner's property. "I'll write it up and you sign it Zach but make damn sure you are positive in what you are stating here since Tanner was a true Confederate and had many friends". Zach turned and with a smirk on his hardened face, signed the statement and walked out of the Sheriff's office. Mounting his horse, Zach headed back out to the ranch that he now owned with plans of making a fortune with it in the coming years. Sheriff Frank Jackson walked over to the telegraph office and sent a few scribbled lines of information out to a small Oklahoma town. Turning away from the telegraph, Frank spoke, " I just hope Zach Melvin knows what he has gotten himself into this time". A small grin crossed the Sheriff's face as he walked out of the office and went to the saloon for a quick morning drink. The past has a way of catching up since it can run after you even while you rest. The past never rests, it only comes forward until it reaches its destination and the stage was now being prepared for the past to come marching in.

     Jesse James walked into the telegraph office and read what Sheriff Frank Jackson had sent him. He couldn't believe his eyes as he read each word. Turning, he walked out and mounted his dark horse and turned its head westward. Down the dusty trail, Jesse met up with three other men who was once part of Quantrill's Raiders. With a quick glance from Jesse's eyes, the mounted men formed a line behind him and started on a long journey into the hot desert regions of New Mexico and then Arizona. This journey would be different, someone was going to pay a heavy price for the act of greed that brought on Tanner Hanson's death. The eye of the wolf would soon be on the land Zach Melvin stole and hell was a darkened horse riding that way.

     Sheriff Frank Jackson was once an outlaw himself. He rode with Quantrill's Raiders when they sacked Lawrence, Kansas. He once offered to kill Bloody Bill Anderson since Quantrill didin't trust him. Frank was no stranger to Jesse James since Frank was his brother. After serving time in prison, Frank gathered up some money Jesse had left him in the frontier areas of Oklahoma and arrived in this Arizona town of MorningStar where he was elected Sheriff since old Ben Hardin was killed by a Mexican Bandit who finally fled the region and headed back to old Mexico. Frank liked this town since he was seeing a dark haired vixen who took care of his cravings and gave him company. The towns people trusted Frank and this life suited him well. His tenure here was punctuated by the crackle of his Colt 45 and the various thuds of some very surprised corpses. All in all, life was good but Zach Melvin was now a marked man and had no idea what the future held. With this in mind, Frank walked back into his office and poured a shooter knowing full well Jesse was on the trail and business would surely pick up soon enough.

     Zach unbridled his horse and headed into his new found house. He went through all of his former partners papers and found the old iron chest below the wooden floor which contained the gold coins given to him by Quantrill years ago. Zach screamed out in delight fully knowing he was now a rich man and could do whatever he wanted. He even thought about killing the Sheriff since he could set up his own gang in Morningstar and control the whole area. Laughing wildly, he uncorked a bottle of whiskey and started getting himself drunk and this would continue into the night. It was around midnight when twelve riders appeared atop Sandy Mesa overlooking the Tanner property. Slowly pulling on their horses reigns, they moved down the mesa and made their way to the corral where Tanner Hanson body was still exposed. One rider stepped down and looked at the corpse and let out a loud yell that echoed across the barren landscape. Zach jumped up from his bed and ran outside with two six-shooters in his hands. Approaching the rock corral, Zach let out a scream of delight and looked at his friends who was now unmounting their horses. "It's about time you crazies arrived, come on in, we have much to talk about," Zach said. The men followed Zach inside the house and drinking went on well into the night.

     William Bonney, better known as Billy The Kid walked into Frank's office and told Frank about the Barringer outlaw gang that rode on Tanner's property the night before. The Barringer's

were a wild bunch, responsible for killing over 200 men, women and children during their ten years reign in Arizona. They were responsible for the shootout at Commanche Wells where they overtook a wagon train and killed 46 men, women and children and then looted everythng those westerners had.They had no concious, ice water ran through their veins and whenever they showed up in any given area, action was the norm and killing was the sprinkled spice that would decorate their cake of death. Frank knew, there was going to be problems like none he had ever faced before. Billy The Kid offered his help and Frank told Billy that Jesse was on his way to avenge the death of Tanner. Each man made a promise to back Jesse and his group all the way no matter the odds nor the bloodshed that would soon unravel.

     Jesse's bunch had now swollen to nine men as they crossed into the old Arizona territory. They still had another seven day's ride to reach Morningstar. At a small town, Jesse sent a telegraph to Frank telling him who he was bringing and how to prepare. Frank wanted to send a reply but he knew Jesse wasn't hanging around for one. As the evening sun began it's downward slide behind Davidson's Peak, Frank looked out and remembered another time when Jesse and he helped the KGC bury all that gold and weapons inside a cave near the summit. Tanner had been a good Sentinel and lived a decent life waiting for the second coming of the Civil War that never happened. It bothered Frank a lot about the promises that was made and broken by those who let power eat them alive. Thinking about it now, there was a time when a Confederate State was going to be set up in old Mexico and everyone dedicated to the cause was going to be given land, money, horses and much more. That great idea vanished like a ghost on a gloomy night when darkness finally let go and melted into light with the rising of the eastern sun. So many men had lost their lives for a cause they believed in that somehow got detoured down a dead end road. Billy broke the silence and asked Frank if he wanted a drink Starring at the Peak Frank replied yes and they both turned and walked over to the saloon to salute once more a tattered star upon a flag that once was the banner of the promised land that would follow. The bitterness of that promised land still caused a sour stomach for both since the war was lost many years before and all that money and supplies up on Davidson's Peak rested in solemn glory of what was once a great nation and those who expelled their lives watching it's secret resting place. Dixie had fallen and there wasn't anything any of them could do to make it rise again.

     Zach Melvin knew the Barringer Gang well enough. Ed Hawke, the leader was Zach's cousin and they both enjoyed killing. Zach laid out his plan about taking out the Sheriff, taking control of Morningstar and then spreading out to other towns and controlling the whole area. Ed liked the idea since he knew many killing's would be happening and this crazed thought made him sip more and more of the old whiskey he was consuming. His men were killer's and they did what they wanted to do. Nobody could stand in their way since each was considered a gunslinger and many a man had died facing down these men. Zach pulled out the old iron chest and gave each man a handful of gold coins just to

wet their appetite a bit. Each knew, more was to follow since Zach would go to any ends possible to make it happen. The whiskey poured like water through the night as the outlaw gang went wild with thoughts of killing, rape and whatever else they wanted to do. Those of the self proclaimed Invincible Elite never expect they will fall upon the ground with dust in their mouths and a hot piece of lead in their bodies drifting them down a lonely river to the obvious point of death brought on by another. That thought becomes elusive for those who have smelled death, eaten its might and have been the bringers of death to those other than themselves. They feel the power, they ride the wind death provides and somewhere along the way, they see themselves as the instrument of death and mankind is their single most prey. It's hell, lying there waiting for that last breath of air to escape you knowing full well life and everything connected to it has passed away as you pass on to an unknown destination. It's scary, being that alone at the mercy of another more ruthless than you. The Barringer Outlaw Gang was going to find out what it was all about and the experiences would be felt by all. Off in the silenced distance, the moon was slowly rising casting eerie shadows over the landscape and normal things taken for granted was about to change in such a way that only crazies can identify with, a darkened horse was getting closer and hell was about to open its gates to receive those who had made prior reservations without consent. The Devil was smiling as the moon crested along with the stars in a partial blackened sky. This was his playground, his men of death, and he wondered how those who were coming were going to react to the most ruthless creatures he ever had the pleasure of invading their minds and warping the sane into the insane. This spectacle would be worth watching the Devil thought, for he enjoyed the idea of all hell breaking loose.

     The cool crisp air of a silent Sunday morning found Frank James lying in bed with Leila next to his side. The other 230 residents of Morningstar were also asleep as the rays of light from the sun toppled over Davidson's Peak. Zach Melvin and his cousin Ed Hawke stood at the entrance of the old saloon in the dusty street tanked up with the odor of rot gut whiskey filling the air. Ed looked over his men as they formed a line facing the house Frank was sleeping in one hundred feet away. There was the six brothers from Texas who had ridden with Ed for ten years. The Lawton boys wouldn't back down no matter the odds. Harold Fairley was a shotgun  tootin cowboy who enjoyed raping women and then cutting their throats while he licked their blood from his fingers. George Townly was a bounty hunter when he joined Ed's gang and every man he ever went after was brought in dead since he didn't believe in keeping them alive. The twins, Jack and Johnny Bell was from New Mexico and they were former bank robber's who would never leave a person alive in any bank. And finally, we have Terence Johnson, the most notorious outlaw and pirate who ravaged California coastal towns murdering and killing at will. These twelve outlaws along with Zach Melvin were out for blood and Sunday morning was just as good a time as any to extract that blood. The sunlight closed the Devil's eyes and his mind went wild with thoughts of the carnage that was about to

happen. Being the day of the Sabbath had no meaning nor purpose for the Devil since he was the ruler of this domain and his band of killer's was ready for action and no one would escape their wrath.

     Zach yelled out Frank's name as the silence was broken  Frank got out of bed and looked out the window and saw the line down the street. He put on his clothes and boots and strapped on his gun. Before walking out the door, he placed his black hat on his head and shut the door behind him. Billy The Kid had been watching this formation form from his room and he and Frank met halfway down the street where the men waited. Getting within twenty five feet of the group, Zach Melvin yelled out at Billy and told him this was not his fight and he wouldn't be harmed if he simply rode away. Billy nodded at Zach and told him he liked killing people on Sunday since it lifted his spirits. The two men were now in range and Ed Hawke told them to stop their advancement. Ed wanted Billy really bad ever since Billy shot Ed's right ear off in a shootout many years ago. The men starred at each other and the action was ready to begin when a black horse rounded the corner by the saloon without a rider on it. The men looked at the horse and a smile crossed Frank's face. A voice yelled out behind the Barringer Gang telling them to turn around. Zach and Ed turned and looked on as Jesse James and his nine riders stood behind them facing them down. Zach knew Jesse and his reputation for killing. Ed wanted Jesse dead so he could go about bragging to everyone about how he killed this notorious outlaw with just one shot.

     Jesse told Zach he was going to die since no rattler ever bit Tanner Hanson and he was here to avenge his friends death. The morning sun was now painting a slight glow on each man's face as the air started becoming hot. Ed didn't like this situation since he knew he had Billy The Kid and Frank James behind them and Jesse and his gang facing them head on. The odds didn't feel right but there couldn't be any backing down at this point since all was in the Devil's playground and the stage was set for the most fieriest shootout ever to take place. Men were going to die and the Devil knew, there were more than just one reservation arriving later that day to his fiery pits.

     "What's the matter boys, are you afraid you are going to die today, asked the older man standing on the balcony of the saloon?" Zach and Ed looked up and couldn't believe their eyes, there stood William Clarke Quantrill dressed in his southern gard holding a pistol pointing down at Ed Hawke. The sweat started forming on Ed's brow as he realized how the situation just turned from bad to worse. Ed Hawke deserted from Quantrill's Raiders years ago and never in his wildest imagination did he think Quantrill was still alive. In fact, Ed heard he was dead somewhere up near Indiana. Terence Johnson was another deserter and along with the Lawton brother's he was getting an itchy palm and this usually told him it was about time to stop talking and start shooting. He was going to turn and kill Billy The Kid first and then shoot Frank while the Lawton brother's were going to focus on Jesse James. Tensions were mounting and with the hot air

working itself around this group, the moment of action had arrived.

     Jack and Johnny Bell along with George Townly pulled first aiming their shots at the James Gang, Billy and Frank pulled and so did Terence Johnson turning slowly around aiming first at Billy. Zach Melvin pulled his pistol and pointed it up at Quantrill while Ed Hawke pulled his sidearm and pointed it at Jesse. The Lawton brother's were quick as lightning and each pointed their weapons at the group ahead of them. Harold Fairley pulled both triggers on his double-barrel shotgun and was hit first by one of Jesse's men. Jesse fell to the ground and started pumping lead into the Lawton boys and then turned his attention to Ed Hawke. Quantrill shot Zach Melvin in the face and blasted Ed Hawke's head which resulted in both Zach and Ed falling next. Billy and Frank took out Terence Johnson and both shot Jack and Johnny Bell in their backs. Three of Jesse's men fell from wounds from the Lawton boys and within 20 seconds or less, the shooting was over and the cries started. Out of the original twelve men of the Barringer Gang only two Lawton brothers were still alive and Terence Johnson was barely breathing. George Townly and Harold Fairly laid dead along with four Lawton brother's, Ed Hawke and Jack and Johnny Bell. Zach Melvin was lying face down in the dirt screaming out in pain simply because Quantrill's first shot went through his left cheek and out his right jaw bone. This was intentional on Quantrill's part since Jesse wanted it that way. Three of Jesse's men were dead but everyone else was unharmed. Jesse yelled out to Frank and told him and Billy to drag the remaining two Lawton brother's that were still alive over to him. As Billy walked by Terence Johnson, he shot Terence right in the forehead and closed his life for good.

     Jesse called out for Indian Joe to bring in the burlap bag. Walking over to Zach Melvin, Jesse reached down and grabbed Zach's black hair and dragged him over to where the Lawton brother's were. Zach was yelling out in pain and the more he yelled, the more blood spilled out from his face wound. The Lawton brother's started pleading with Jesse and he told them to shut up and remember those who the brother's had killed in their pasts who asked for mercy and received none. Indian Joe brought the heavy burlap bag to Jesse and smiled as Jesse held the top of it. Frank and Billy along with Quantrill stood near Jesse as he slowly opened the bag and Zach Melvin heard the familiar sound of a rattler hissing and wagging its tail. He looked up at Jesse and told him he was out of his mind for what he was going to do. Jesse simply smiled and told Zach he would meet the Devil very soon.

     Jesse spoke, "before I let you meet the Devil himself I'm going to tell you a little story about the man you murdered. You knew him as Tanner Hanson but his real name was Ike Flannery, a member of my gang who rode with me many years ago. Unlike you Zach, I value my friendships and won't allow greed to come between that bond. Ike was also a Sentinel for the Confederancy and our group, the KGC. Little do you know Zach, up at the summit of Davidson's Peak is over five million in gold and many supplies Ike watched over. When you told Sheriff Frank Jackson

that a rattler had bitten Tanner and then you shot the rattler but the bullet went through the serpent and went into Tanner's body you made a big mistake. Signing that statement signed your death warrant since the Sheriff is really my brother Frank James. Indian Joe examined the body and found no snake bite anywhere just a hole where you shot Tanner. Your lies and your greed brought about this wrath and I have one final act to complete to end this episode." With this, Jesse pulled his gun, loaded it with four bullets and shot a water trough filling it with holes and waited for the water to run free. Frank and Billy lifted up Zach Melvin and placed him in the trough face up. Jesse walked over and held the burlap bag over Zach's body and opened it up. The bag was filled with rattler's and Jesse tilted the bag down and the venomous snakes fell upon Zach's body and screams could be heard filling the now hot air around Morningstar. Residents of the town looked on with horror as the man in the water trough writhed back and forth as the snakes bit him. Jesse turned, dropped the burlap bag and walked over to the remaining two brother's who were still alive and loaded his gun once more and shot each brother dead. The job was now complete and the Devil could claim his due. The three men of Jesse's group was given a proper burial and the whole town turned out to pay tribute.

     Before Jesse left Morningstar, Frank, Quantrill, Billy and Jesse himself went up Davidson's Peak and buried the now decomposing body of Ike Flannery inside the cave where all the hopes of the south rested in glory in the form of gold coins and military supplies. Jesse knew the cause was lost and he felt it was fitting for his old friend to be buried in a place of honor that never really materialized for the forgotten second Civil War. Billy The Kid promised Jesse he would stay in Morningstar along with Frank and keep an eye on Davidson's Peak like Ike had done for many years. Jesse mounted his horse and turned to Frank and wished him luck and he told Billy that he had a good name for him, Billy kind of smiled and said even old Pat Garrett tried to give him a name down in Mexico when he faked his death there. Jesse just smiled and said, "how about Brushy Bill Roberts?" Billy again smiled and said, "how about I call you J. Frank Dalton?" Jesse spoke, "hell Billy, you can call me whatever you want, I've been called a hell of a lot worse than that." With that spoken, Jesse, Quantrill and the rest of Jesse's Gang headed East with the setting sun at their backs and the shadow of Davidson's Peak casting a pointer showing the trail where a darkened horse was heading another way carrying the man Billy the Kid now called, J. Frank Dalton.


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Thank You Randy for those two stories !  GOOD stuff, As Always !  OK, Folks< that is all for 2 weeks !  I'll see you again on the 15th.  NOW:  I get to go plan me & Tara's vacation to Hawaii ( 12 days ! )---leaving on the 20th ! 



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