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February 15, 2005   Volume 2, Number 24


FROM THE EDITOR (FLOYD MANN ):  Welcome to my 48th issue !!  Your next issue ( on March 1st ) will be the beginning of my third year !  I remember very clearly trying to put together my first issue, with my webmaster Lee Hinman.  I was in Florida and very new at this kind of stuff.  I'm STILL having fun---so I will continue on---and hope that the FUN gets even better !  Tara & I live in Utah, but we look forward to more traveling in our motorhome this year.  I have several trips planned---to some GOOD treasure hot-spots !!  I have sold ALL of my duplicate treasure magazines and about 300 of my "treasure" books.  NOW:  I have about 200 of my favorite treasure books and about 3,000 magazines left in my "reference library".  SO:  if you need help researching a treasure lead---just email me !  LostTreasureUSA1@AOL.COM .   In some of my issues ( including THIS one ) I insert news tidbits or FUN stuff that is not exactly related to "treasure hunting", but are of an interesting nature ANYWAY---in some way they "might" help you in enjoying your everyday life, etc.



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A new book:  http://www.innertraditions.com/isbn/1-59477-019-0
































































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My story is long.  It covers many decades, so please bear with me. :-)

In 1966, when my grandfather's land was being prepared for partition, two of my uncles (I'll refer to them as S and J) were grading a road and noticed a grid pattern of holes. They asked two friends with a metal detector to check the holes and it rang over each one. They then noticed patterns carved into trees and asked the friend to check around them. The detector rang over some spots. After the friends had left, they dug up one of the spots and found a body. It was a skeleton in old Spanish armor. The armor was very corroded. They also found an old wagon axle with three marks cut into it. All of this was kept secret to the rest of the family for many years.

One day in the mid 80's, my father paid a visit to J and found him drilling holes all over his property. When he asked why he was doing this, J became evasive until the driller urged him to tell the truth. He told my father about the body, the axle, and the marks. After learning of this, S and J's previous actions made more sense.

Shortly after my grandfather's land was partitioned, both S and J approached my father, and attempted to make deals involving his land. S wanted to lease it for fifteen years, and some of the terms of the lease were that he could dig holes wherever he wanted, and my father would be forbidden to be there. This of course, was rejected. J offered to trade the eight acres at the back of my father's tract (which contained the old oaks) in exchange for 5 acres of frontage. At the time, these were the only trees on my father's property, and so he refused that offer also. The more glaring thing that stands out regarding the partition of the land is this - in a supposed random drawing, S and J not only ended up with land right next to each other, they ended up with the land where the body and axle were found.

We wondered if our old oak trees had markings also, and after examining them we found they had quite a few. We wanted to learn more about what these meant but S and J were of no help. In fact, J would explode into hysterics and urge us to give up our search on our land. He even tried to run off people who tried to help us. It made it very difficult and ruined the fun of it, of just enjoying learning more about it. Still, we tried to learn more about what the markings meant and wrote to experts, who gave us some ideas.

The oaks are very old.  Until the 1950’s they were surrounded by a large rose hedge.  It was at least 3500 ft. long and 300 ft. wide.  Only the tops of the oaks could be seen within it, so it must have been at least 20 ft. tall.  It had been there for years.  When my great-great-grandfather settled here in 1858, he saw the hedge wall and asked how long it had been there, his wife’s family, who had settled here in the 1830’s, told him that it had been there for as long as they had known.  No one knew who had planted it.  There is a local legend of an old rancher named Shanghai Pierce bringing the roses to this area and using them for windbreaks, but this hedge obviously predates him.  In order get to that size it must have been here for decades before 1830.  So...who planted it, and why? 

Most of the markings are straght lines or dots, or curved lines. Sometimes there will be one mark, other times a series of them.  From what we have read, they have various meanings. One marking, that looks like a hook with a "t" next to it, looked similar to a hook with dots and other symbols that meant "treasure in a triangle of trees or rocks." We were not sure what "triangle" the marking referred to, except that an oak near the edge of our property had triangle-shaped markings on it.

After more rude behavior from J, including him inviting people to look at our trees without our knowledge, we decided to take pictures of the markings on his trees, and try to figure out what they meant. We found a set of dots that was arranged in the same pattern as our oaks - a square. As my dad put polish over them, in order to them stand out in a photo more clearly, I took a step back and noticed more dots above those. There were three dots, in the shape of a triangle. If the square of dots represented our trees, then the triangle, or part of it, would be across my dad's property.

Apparently S and J had seen those dots (much earlier), and had reached the same conclusion - there might be something buried here. I think that in recent years, they're belief has grown more certain. Since my father has owned his land, various seismograph crews have run tests across it, for oil exploration. Sonar can also be used to detect other features beneath the surface. Lines have been run across here at least three different times. and it was after a fourth pass (near our land), that a lot of pressure has been placed on my father financially - we think in an attempt to cause him to lose his land.

For example, we have tried several times to have my family's estate mineral interests (in a trust) produced for oil, but everytime we would almost have something ironed out, S and J would ruin it.  J has exhibited some exceedingly "boneheaded" behavior, so much so that it can't be just due to ineptness. Millions of dollars in revenue have been lost and they don't seem to care. What could be worth more than oil to them?

Recently, J's  behavior has grown even more erratic. For years he made claims that "someone" was stealing his treasure, and would often hint that he believed it was us. Last year he confronted me directly and I told him that he knew it was not true. I think the whole matter has driven them nuts - "gold fever" perhaps.

Another thing that makes us suspicious that something is buried here is this. Another uncle, who tried to help us in our search, used a dowsing device that reacted very strongly to a spot on our property. It was a rod with a canister at one end. It began to bend and swing wildly, until my uncle could no longer hold it. We didn't find out exactly where it was pointing to, just that it was something nearby. We didn't think much about it at the time, but with all that has happened since (finding the triangle markings, etc. etc.), it makes us take it more seriously.

Below are links to some of the markings.  Some of the photos were taken with a digital camera, and others are scans.  We added shoe polish to some of the markings, since they are difficult to see in a photograph.

I will add more photos later, as well as more details of the story...


















     South Carolina, the Palmetto State, is alive with rich pirate legends that stretches one's imagination and turns attention to the start of Little River down to Hilton Head Island. Along these stretches of beaches, lies a bounty of loot that many a pirate took the time to bury amid the surf and sand.  Buried chests have been unearthed on Hilton Head Island, Folly Beach, James Island, Murrells Inlet and Myrtle Beach.  Charleston is also included in this tour since much history about this city still remains a mystery and fuels the fire of imaginations run wild. Yes, South Carolina was a pirates haven and has held a secret for many years, the secret of this state can be found here at Palmetto Gate.

     Once upon a time, when pirates roamed the Atlantic Coast and land pirates terrorized the countryside, Edward Teach, aptly known as Blackbeard, made his way to Charleston Harbor. Charleston was founded in 1670 at Albemarle Point on the west bank of the Ashley River, about 4 miles from where the river joins the Cooper to form Oyster Point. Over time, Charleston became the fourth largest city in the colonies at the time of the Revolution and saw major action during that time. The city suffered a great deal during the Civil War and was heavily damaged during a devastating earthquake in 1886. Over 100 ships have been lost in the harbor and many Confederate blockade runners ran aground to avoid capture.

     During the height of his piratical forays, Blackbeard sailed into Charleston Harbor. He had a very devious plan. Under the shadow of a quarter moon, Blackbeard rushed his men through Charleston and spent the next few weeks building a large timbered fortress near a mosquito-infested swamp west of Charleston which offered a perfect hiding place for his many casks of seized treasure. It took his men two days to dig a hole, move the casks into it and then cover it up. It was a large haul to say the least. Blackbeard was very confident no one could rush his fortress and fight against his army of cutthroats. During this time, Blackbeard entertained many other pirates who visited his site and also deposited loot in his fortress. Major Stede Bonnet buried a large hoard here and later was captured and never returned. The lady pirate, Mary Ann Townsend used the fortress as well to bury her loot.  All in all, this swamp land held some of the biggest caches of the pirate era.

     Palmetto Gate, the fortress, was a name given by Blackbeard. The people of Charleston feared this man and his crew and no one attempted to gain entrance here. The swamps were filled with reptiles, alligators and mosquitos. It was a place where hell met the Earth and man lived on in the simmering heat.  Estimates have ranged from $2-$15 million in loot and I feel that number falls short.

     Once, upon a full moon night, a gang of pirates sneaked into Charleston and rounded up some pretty ladies and brought them back into the fortress. Blackbeard selected four for himself and the others were turned out to his waiting men. The women were raped with brutal force and rum was the igniter for this foray. Once used up, the women were tortured and some were beheaded. Blackbeard knew the ways of piracy and women were considered very low on his list of priorities. These acts brought about a dead zone where the living dead walked about in shadowed sequence.

     Growing tired of his land antics, Blackbeard gathered together his men and torched the fortress. Stakes were driven into the ground near the entrance to this swamp and heads were displayed there warning others never to enter. Under the cloak of a darkened sky, Blackbeard led his men back to his ship and left Charleston harbor for good. The swamp became silent and the fabulous wealth from many pirates stayed in the ground with a few dead corpses guarding them. Shortly after, Blackbeard met his fate up in North Carolina and lost his head to his captors.

     Once upon a time at Palmetto Gate much pirate loot was secreted away for better days that never came about for those who did the hiding. The spirits of those who met a brutal fate still roam about the ground in this swamp area in search of an eternal life that never seems to greet them. They are the lost souls of Palmetto Gate, a place where hell once greeted the Earth and the darkened images of pirates roamed wildly.



February 2005 Newsletter
Gold Prospecting and Treasure Hunting Adventures

Introduction to Dowsing-Part One
A Treasure Hunting Experience
Dowsing-Part One
Many people who are new to dowsing believe that dowsing is synonymous with psychic ability. In actuality, dowsing is a separate phenomenon, and only requires basic understanding and practice. Although some dowsers do possess the “Psychic Gift”, most do not.
The important difference between a psychic and a dowser is: A psychic is said to have the ability to see into, and predict the future, a dowser cannot. A dowser can simply ask a question that can be answered with a yes or no, and expect a truthful answer if the question is phrased properly, relates to that which exists at the moment the question is asked, and the dowser has a legitimate, moral right to know the answer.
There are many excellent books that have been written on the subject of dowsing. Most of these books, however, concentrate on teaching how to dowse. This subject will be covered in future Newsletters. For now, in order to help establish a solid foundation for those just entering the dowsing environment, I am going to discuss my beliefs concerning why dowsing works, rather than how it works. These beliefs have served me well in my thirty-two year dowsing career, and I attribute my success in dowsing to these beliefs.
In the mid 1960's, before I ever heard the word dowsing, and only race cars were equipped with safety belts, I was involved in a serious accident that should have taken my life. Instead, defying the laws of physics, I survived without injury, or even a scratch.
While driving on a one-lane highway about midnight, going 65 miles an hour, a drunk driver attempting to cross the highway slammed on his breaks directly in front of me. Not even having time to touch the brake pedal, I hit him broadside at full speed. Rather then going through the wind shield, I found myself sailing through the air feet first, watching the stars and lights of opposing traffic that seemed close enough to reach out and touch, then ultimately landing in my own lane about eighty feet from the point of impact.
The reason for telling this story is this: During my entire flight I literally felt the sensation that my body was being supported and held, and let down easy, just as one would gently lay an infant in a crib. Needless to say, the experience made me a true believer in Super Natural Forces, and the existence of guardian angels.
Now, what does all this have to do with dowsing? As others have speculated, I too believe that our creator has provided us with an ability to communicate with an all-knowing place in the Spirit World through the medium of dowsing. This could very well explain why we sometimes get false answers to our questions, and, why some of those who enter into scientific proof experiments fail to achieve the results they expect. It is apparently not up to us to decide what question merits a serious and truthful response. Our right to know the answer to some of the questions we ask can be subjective, and we have no choice but to accept the discretion of our benefactors. I suspect that superfluous, insignificant questions could prove annoying to our supernatural friends, and reduce the quality of their response. Supporting this reasoning, I have read that some dowsers have lost their dowsing ability entirely after attempting to use dowsing for harmful or evil purposes.

A Treasure Hunting Experience
While living in the Ojai Valley in Ventura County, California, I developed a keen interest in the many treasure stories relating to the area. One story was particularly interesting because it centered in an area a short distance from my home.
After their robberies and looting down South, Joaquin Murrieta and his gang would return to there home base in the North by riding through, and sometimes camping in an area that is known today as Murrieta Canyon near the Wheeler Hot Springs Resort. As the story goes, Three Finger Jack, a lieutenant of Joaquin Murrieta, while traveling alone and fearing that the law was catching up with him, decided to bury his loot, estimated to be worth $20,000 at that time. He never had a chance to recover the treasure, as he and Murrieta were killed shortly after in 1853.
I map dowsed the location before I went searching, and the (x) I put on the map placed me within 150 feet of the treasure. The Anderson mineral rod I use, then directed me to the exact spot where the treasure was buried. I dowsed the treasure to be 17 inches below the surface. Knowing that my metal detector only had a depth range to 12 inches, I tried it anyway, with negative results. I then connected the drop coil attachment that came with the Anderson rod to the sample chamber, and as I lowered it, from its reaction I instantly knew that I had hit the Jackpot!
Unfortunately, I was not able to recover the treasure. It was buried under the road entering Murrieta Canyon. Although at the time, it was just a well maintained, dirt Forest Service road used only by the Forest Service and a couple of ranchers, it was also used day and night by large numbers of on foot campers and hikers. After many trips to the location at various hours and different times of the year, I concluded that it was not possible to recover the treasure without being seen.
Since I no longer live in California, and have no intentions of returning, the opportunity is yours.
Upon entering Murrieta Canyon, the treasure is located about 2,600 feet beyond the Forest Service gate on the North side of the road 18 inches in from the edge. Keep in mind, over 16 years have passed since my search, and conditions could have changed dramatically.
Jerry Nokes
Tips and Bits
A friend recently emailed the following information to me. I think it is important enough to pass on.
According to the release of a Johns Hopkins Hospital Report, and information from the manager of the Wellness Program at Castle Hospital, Dr. Edward Fujimoto, freezing bottled water, or such things as Gatorade, causes Dioxin, a cancer-causing Carcinogen to be released from the plastic.
In addition, heating food in a microwave oven in a plastic container or covering food with Saran Rap causes Dioxin to drip into the food. The same holds true with TV dinners, Instant Ramen and soups etc. The safest way to heat food is in a glass container, and if you need to cover it, use a paper towel. They sited this as the reason many restaurants stopped using foam containers.
Topics for the March 2005 Newsletter
Dowsing-Part Two
A Treasure Hunting Experience
If you are interested in meeting fellow Treasure Hunters and Prospectors in your area, send me your name and email address (subject: Buddy List), and I will post your invitation for contact in the newsletter.
You have received this Newsletter because you or someone else using your email address has subscribed you to the Newsletter list.
If you wish to unsubscribe, please contact me at barbjl1944@aol.com
Jerry Nokes

EDITOR'S NOTE:  I get 5-10 Nigerian "scam" emails each week.  How they get past my SPAM filters---I do NOT know !  My friend, Karl Backus of Florida, just LOVES for me to forward them to him---so he can respond back to them !  NEXT:  an article on how to deal with these criminals.


By KARL BACKUS--Copyright 2005

Are you tired of winning the big Euro lottery every week? You know the one where your email address was randomly selected because the lucky numbers just happened to attach to your email address. Are you sick and tired of hearing from Marian Abacha, widow to the late king Abacha, General Abacha, Prime Minister Abacha or what ever else he happened to have been and now dead has left $25.7 Million (25.7 million US Dollars Only)? All you have to do is keep your mouth shut and either present yourself as next of kin to the dead guy or provide all of your banking information so that the $25.7 Million can be directly deposited to your account. Of course you’ll be entitled to anywhere from 25%-50% of the money for your part in moving it out of the hands of the corrupt Nigerian government officials. Now come on folks I mean really, if you’ve fallen for this please don’t raise your hand and confess. Variations of this scam known as “Advance Fee Scams“, “Nigerian Scams” or the “419 Scam“, named after the legal code number that addresses such scams in Nigeria” have been around for years and folks are still falling for this stuff.

Most of us just simply delete these obvious attempts to scam and defraud while sadly others let greed get the best of them and just as quick as you can say “kiss my money goodbye” and at the speed of an electronic withdrawal your bank account can be emptied completely and you are out of luck because you gave them the information needed to clean you out. Don’t expect our government to help either. I received an email the other day by a government agency that had been intercepting my email responses to these guys and they informed me that I was communicating with a known criminal in Africa and issued warnings to me about harassing these guys. My response was simply to say “no sh-t Sherlock” and asked why they didn’t get more active in stopping those guys from harassing and preying upon American citizens. I got no response back and didn’t expect any.

What if you have a bunch of these and like myself you have problems sleeping at night even after a powerful adult beverage that should have killed an elephant but still you’re restless? Might I suggest that you spend your time and talents in responding to these guys in such a way that keeps them tied up and frustrates their efforts at scamming someone else? How would I do that you might ask? First I would like to invite you to visit a Website called www.419eater.com. These guys are professionals and you can get a lot of ideas on how to tie up and frustrate these scammers by following a few cases on this Website. Below is my most recent attempt at messing with a scammer. By the way, these guys are criminals and though their stories are touching at times, do not feel sorry for them and treat them at all times as criminals. The scammer’s original message will be followed by a short comment from me and then my response in red.

----- Original . ssage -----


To: ibrahim_abuya1@web.de

Sent: Sunday, February 06, 2005 7:50 AM




I am DR.IBRAHIM ABUYA, the director in charge of Auditing and accounting section of Continental Trust Bank,Cotonou-Benin Republic in west Africa with due respect and regard.

I have decided to contact you on a business transaction that will be very beneficial to both of us at the end of the transaction .

During our investigation and auditing in this bank,my department came across a very huge sum of money belonging to a deceased person who died on november 1999 in a plane crash and the fund has been dormant in his account with this Bank without any claim of the fund in our custody either from his family or relation before ou! r discovery to this development.

Although personally, I kept this information secret within myself and my partners to enable the whole plans and idea be Profitable and successful during the time of execution. The said amount was us$15M (Fifteen Million United States Dollars).

As it may interest you to know, I got your impressive information at the business net when i was browsing and searching for a reliable person to transact this GOD'S giving opportunity with.And i believe that you will be capable to champion a business of such magnitude without any problem Meanwhile all the whole arrangement to put claim over this fund as the bonafide next of kin to the deceased,and to get the required approval and transfer this money to a foreign account has been put in place and directives and needed information will be relayed to you as soon as you indicate your interest and willingness to assist us and also benefit your self to this great business opportunity.

In! fact I could have done this deal alone but because of my position in this country as a civil servant, we are not allowed to operate a foreign account and would eventually raise an eye brow on my side during the time of transfer because I work in this bank. This is the actual reason why it will require a second party or fellow who will forward claims as the next of kin with affidavit of trust to the Bank and also present a foreign account where he will need the money to be re-transferred into on his request as it may be after due verification and clarification by the correspondent branch of the bank where the whole moneywill be remitted from to your own designated bank account.

I will not fail to inform you that this transaction is 100% risk free.

On smooth conclusion of this transaction, you will be entitled to 30% of the total sum as gratification, while 10% will be set aside to take care of expenses that may arise during the time of transfer and also telephone bills, while 60% will be for me and my partners.

Please, you! have been adviced to keep top secret as we are still in service and intend to retire from service after we conclude this deal with you. I will be monitoring the whole situation here in this bank until you confirm the money in your account. and ask us to come down to your country for subsequent sharing of the fund according to percentages previously indicated and further investment, either in your country or any country you advice us to invest in.

All other necessary information will be sent to you
when I hear from you.

I suggest you get back to me as soon as possible

stating your wish in this deal.

alternative e-mail:

Yours faithfully,


One thing these guys cannot comprehend is that you could possibly be devious enough to screw with them right back and since in their primitive minds they put a lot of stock into dreams and visions and things like that if you really want to shut one off and never hear from him or her again try something like this as a response. By the way I get no response from this guy as I’m sure he has repented and has changed his ways.

Dear Dr. Ibrahim Abuya

I fear that I must warn you that last evening as I was facing Mecca and performing my daily prayers upon a virgin wool, beet juice dyed and hand washed prayer rug that I fell into a deep trance and while in the trance I had a vision that was a clear as if I was experiencing this vision in real life. Everything was in slow motion and as I looked to the east, behold a large caravan of Dromedary (that is to say one-humper) camels was headed my way but in the back of the caravan was a large ill tempered and evil smelling Bactrian (that is to say two-humper) upon which sat a tall man with glowing skin all dressed in black with most of his face covered in a black veil. This tall man held in his right hand a large curvy sword with a jeweled encrusted gold handle that looked sort of like a scimitar. The man motioned for me to come forward and to hear his words and his words were as the sound of many waters rushing down a mountain and the man spoke to me these words. "You will be contacted by a stranger from the east, a stranger that bears the name of the father of all living, the father of all great nations that follow me, the Prophet" You must know that his words are false and that his name shall not be found in the book of believers no not this Ibrahim, for he is false and his words are as a snare unto the unsuspecting." Dr. Ibrahim I must tell you that as he turned to look at me that my knees smote together and my bowels loosed and ran upon the ground and I was helpless as he reached forward and struck me 3 times with the large curvy sword with a jeweled encrusted gold handle that looked sort of like a scimitar right on top of my head where the soft spot would be for a baby. Strangely I felt no pain, only a sense of enlightenment and peace. What he told me next made my blood run like ice water through my veins. He said that he would afflict you, Dr. Ibrahim Abuya with the twelve plagues of Egypt and that you would rot like the carcass of a dead dog in the hot African sun and that when 12 weeks and 12 plagues had passed over you that you would be a different person and unable in your conscious to ever perpetrate such a scam upon your fellow man ever again and that you would always remember why you suffered as you did. The camel then belched loudly and farted, waking me from the trance and I sat for hours wondering at the meaning of this and why and this day I receive this Email from you and all is clear now. It is with great hesitation and sorrow that I bear this news to you Dr. Ibrahim Abuya but I feel that you have toyed too long in the arena of criminal activity and now your number has been called and your name brought before the Prophet himself to give account of yourself. You have been weighed in the balances and lo you have come up short. Amen

I normally take this approach or come to them like I am a space alien that has the capability of watching their every move when I have too many to respond to and must cut the communication short. Seeing them and the truth about them in a vision or the space alien scene with an invitation to just take the money to a certain spot and wait for me to beam them aboard the mother ship normally scares the stuffing out of them to the point they don’t write back. If I have time to toy with them my first response actually feigns an interest in the whole affair but I always misunderstand exactly what they want. Again the 419 Eaters Website is a good place to get basic ideas and then use your own style to string them along.

Normally very early on in the game they will want your phone number and address along with pertinent banking account information. I once worked for a place where I had to leave for health reasons and the management saw fit to screw me out of 114 hours of PTO (Paid Time Off) knowing that I was too ill to even challenge the issue. Well guess what? I sign my responses with the manager’s name and give his phone number and FAX numbers along with the address of the business. I have an insider that keeps me informed on how it is going and they are going out of their minds at the management level answering phone calls from Nigeria as well as getting letter after letter from the scammers that know their names. I’m sure you all have someone out there you’d love to vex but if you don’t just email me at palmermedical@excite.com and I’ll be glad to give you some contact information to pass along on your own 419 Scambaiter project.

This particular article is getting a little long so I’ll leave you with just enough information to get you started and maybe do a follow up article if Floyd will let me. True story before I forget. Just so you get an idea of whom you’re dealing with. Not long ago here in the Panhandle of Florida two Nigerians in a rented moving truck approached some gentlemen with a proposal. They showed a couple of guys that the back of the rented truck was full of 55 Gallon containers filled with black pieces of paper all cut suspiciously the same size as US currency. One of the Nigerians reached into a container at random, pulled out one of the pieces of paper and right in front of the gentlemen mixed up two unknown chemicals from two small bottles and washed the black ink off of a $100 bill. They stated that the bills were covered with special ink in order to disguise them for transport out of Nigeria and that with a mix of the two chemicals the ink could be removed without harming the $100 bills. Greed is a strange thing, these guys saw barrels full of disguised $100 bills and were even allowed to take the bill that had been cleaned to the bank to verify that it was real. It was! What do you think happened next? The chemicals could only be purchased in one place and they were expensive. How expensive? It would take $60,000.00 to buy enough of the chemicals to clean all of the bills. There were millions of dollars worth of bills in the back of the rented truck. The Nigerians made the offer that these poor, greed struck individuals couldn’t resist. Get us the money for the chemicals and we will trust you to stay here with the money while we go and get the chemicals and when we clean the money you get half. These poor guys borrowed from friends and family, cleaned out accounts and even took home equity loans in order to purchase the chemicals. The two Nigerians used a stolen credit card to rent a hotel room for the guys to wait in. They parked the truck in the hotel parking lot and left the keys with our greedy friends and rode off in another rented vehicle with the money to get the chemicals in Jacksonville, Florida. My guess is that these two Nigerians still break out in fits of laughter every time they think about it and our poor friends in the hotel room break down in tears every time they think about the 55 gallon containers filled to about ¾ with rags and topped off with pieces of black paper cut to the size of US currency. True story and the sad part is that they were too embarrassed to even report it to the police.

Now if you have any qualms about messing with the scammers then by all means delete the message and let them continue unhindered preying upon US citizens or get with the program and by all means educate your friends and family as to what a 419 Scam is. It is up to you, as our government won’t do anything about it. Keep me posted on how it goes at palmermedical@excite.com ..Happy Hunting.


This is just for FUN !  If you figure out HOW this works---please let me know !   Otherwise I'll send the guy 3 bucks to tell me HOW it works.



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