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June 15, 2004     Volume 2, Number 8
Treasure Hunter's Secret Manual

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As most of you know, I have had a very long and good history with the chiefs of the Army Corps of Engineers in Washington D.C., where we were able to get the FIRST national policy with a government agency for the use of metal detecting on their controlled lands in America back in 1989. As I have stated many times in the past with my official reports of visits with the Corps in Washington D.C., the chiefs feel very strongly about keeping their end of the national policy in tact. I can tell you that it is not an easy job to oversee the detectorist in America that use this national policy with the Corps, there has been a number of conflicts over the years. All of which have been solved satisfactorily by the Corps chiefs and myself setting down at the table and addressing these problems one by one. Many times it has been found to be the fault of one of their staff as well as it has been found to be the fault of one of our own. I can not tell you how much I do appreciate all of you out there working to keep our end of the bargain up of the national policy, I do thank you all.

However, now we face a different and difficult problem as to the Bob and Ed case and them on Corps controlled land. I'm sure many of you have been following the case and know what has been happening, but I can not sit by and watch illegal actions taken by any government agency or it's law enforcement and do nothing; those of you that know me know that. In this case, it is my belief that the fault of any wrong doing is that of the Ranger of the Corps. It is also my belief that action should be taken against any law enforcement officer or park ranger that would knowing lie or mislead the facts of an incident or violation in order to get more credit for himself or notoriety. This is not what Americans want overseeing their public lands and I'm sure knowing the Corps chiefs as I do, they also will agree with me. So please know that action will be taken when the time is right and legal process is done. Win or loose in this case, no one in this country needs a ranger overseeing our public lands that is anything but truthful. I will not go into details, for it has already been proven that the ranger and Corps are monitoring our communications here on the Internet daily. I do believe this will not affect a binding contract (our "national policy") we have with the Corps of Engineers in anyway. For both chief's at the Corps impressed me of being very intelligent and fair. Please do not fear enjoying our national policy we have with the Army Corps of Engineers. Please abide by that policy in everyway as it is written. A copy of the policy is on my website www.brokendetector.com and you may copy it and take it with you if you are detecting on Corps controlled properties. It is the safe thing to do and as any large agency, they do hire summer help that might not be informed of the national policy.

As I have been mis-quoted on this statement before (especially by the ranger mention above in the trial with Bob and Ed)  "Please do not put yourself in a conflict with a ranger if he or she is not willing to listen to you. Simply go to that local district office of the Corps and explain what happen and that you were following the national policy set by them in 1989". Every Corps district office has received a copy of the national policy and I'm sure the Corps District Manager or Commander will correct the problem. If not, please give me a call and I'll see if I can help. Just remember to be ONLY on designated areas of Corps properties (most swimming beaches and swimming areas) and if your not sure, ask a ranger or the local Corps district office. Let us all be good ambassadors of our hobby, help me to keep others out of harms way and educate them to our national policy if they are unaware of it. Thanks so much, Keith R. Wills

By Keith R. Wills

Boy Oh Boy, if the Corps is not trying to blow this case up!  If you follow Don's suggestions below you'll see what I mean. Pay special attention to where Don tells you to click to read the Fact Sheet (a real false title) written by the Corps of Engineers about this case and sent through all the Corps offices for publication. You wil see how the Corps has made up their own "Fact Sheet" which does not match the transcript of the trial that took place with Bob and Ed. Also the government own archeologist testified to the court he could not find any evidence of destruction or defacing the property that Bob and Ed were on (again stated in the trial transcript), yet the Corps "Fact Sheet" under "Case Specifics" is stating these guys were prosecuted and found guilty of that very thing. Also, if you follow Don's instruction to the GPS plotted map he now has on-line for you to view, it shows the guys WERE NOT on an archeological site as stated on the Corps "Fact Sheet" and also not proven in the trial according to the transcript and the archeologist testified he did not know where the site was either. Thus we have a government agency (the Corps of Engineers) here that has actually made up a "False Fact Sheet" instead of using the actual facts of the trial and case and now have the ranger has been given an award for his capture of Bob and Ed, when the Judge proved he lied in his testimony to the court on his offical report of the incident, again in the transcript of the trial.

Link Submitted by Keith R. Wills
The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site:  http://www.geocaching.com/
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( Sidewalks & Vacant Lots )

We would all like to be able to live the life of danger and high adventure while pursuing our hobby; but how many of us have the time or the resources required to head out on such an adventure? I think if you look around you will find a type of hunting that does have a certain amount of excitement and danger and can provide quite an adrenaline rush or just a sense of satisfaction at having successfully pulled off a hunt. Where in the world am I talking about? Have you ever noticed that the oldest and most tempting areas to hunt in your town are right smack dab in the middle of the “wrong side of the tracks”? These old run down buildings and neighborhoods are rich with the older and better finds but quite hazardous due to the nature of the inhabitants. Many of the houses and apartments are now government funded or subsidized and are home to the worst of the worst. Your tax money at work housing and feeding a population that will not lift a hand to help themselves. The very ones being taken care off are normally up all night selling crack and engaging in other activities that are best performed under the cover of darkness. This busy schedule of theirs is what gives you a window of opportunity in which to work the vacant lots and sidewalks throughout your target area.

First thing to do is to scout the area. Travel through at various times of the day to see when no one is “porching”, hanging out on the corner or under the ever present tree with the burn barrel under it. Take notice of the time of day with the least amount of natives hanging about. Normally like the vampire these folks are up all night and as soon as the sun starts to rise they are inside resting up for the next busy night. This should give you a window of several hours to take advantage of what you will discover to be virgin territory for metal detecting. Try to pass through the main streets and if there are no crowds standing around on some of the side streets then by all means head on back to make notes of possible locations. I find that a pair of magnetic signs on the side of the vehicle will help justify your presence in the area. RAC, (Rent A Center), Children and families services, any group of big yellow letters with a 1-800 number under it or my personal favorite, a sign for home oxygen supplies and powered wheel chairs. Let your creative juices flow and get with it. Also have some business cards made up on your computer with a bogus phone number and address on it.

Take note of any police substations in the area, churches or fraternal organizations such as the moose or elks lodge. Try to center you operations around these areas and attempt stay away from liquor stores, lounges or clubs of any kind and especially anywhere cars are pulling up to the curb and purchasing pharmaceuticals from a street vendor. Not all folks in these areas are bad and you can make some good contacts and get some great leads if you engage the right people in conversation. Learn which are the right ones and learn how to steer the wrong ones away from your operation.

Never search alone and always dress in some form of official looking clothing. The solid color Dickie style clothes or any other work clothes or coveralls are just fine. I find that three people are the ideal size group with one carrying a clipboard along with the detector and obviously in charge of the group. For less than $10.00 you can purchase a package of 100 surveyor flags to add a more realistic look to your ensemble. Have the supervisor line up a few of the flags along the sidewalk or into a vacant lot and everyone start searching like you are following the line looking for, for what? What the heck could you possibly be looking for?

You can bet that within a few minutes of setting up and starting your operation someone will be by to check you out. A kid on a bicycle, a man on foot or in a car and you can bet that when they are done talking they will report back to someone on what you are doing. Depending on how you want to play it out, you could be trying to locate a water line, underground cable or my favorite to use when approached by an obvious low life is the old gas line that the computer says is leaking under ground in the area. I always remind the individual not to smoke within 50 feet of our operation and always ask if they have ever noticed the location of an old gas meter in the area and usually describe it as a metal pipe with a gauge on top. I then motion for him to get back and while the supervisor keeps an eye on the situation the other two can search in relative peace. Always use exaggerated hand motions with big sweeping motions to cover large areas and the old stand by of placing your hand up by your eye and chopping back and forth like you are trying to site something or line up the surveyor flags The role of supervisor can be swapped out on the next site to allow everyone a fair crack at the goods.

The key is to convince the good folks down in the boondocks that you are there on an official capacity, and there to help them by elimination of a perceived hazard whether a leaking gas line, toxic waste or radiation. It’s your story and you can weave it as you see fit. Always maintain an official air about you and speak as if you were the utmost authority in the world on leaking gas lines or whatever your comfortable with. A hand up towards a person with pushing motion and then a tap at the side of the headphones is usually enough to break off any conversation before it gets too in depth. Never at any time display a coin or other good find. If you have to explain why you are digging, always show some recovered trash and explain how that blocks the signal to what you are looking for and that it must be removed. You may be asked if the machine can find money. No way will it ever find money; you only wished that it would. Never give the impression that you are benefiting in any way from the operation. Let it be known also that you may have to come back to finish the job. If things do get out of hand the supervisor should make like he got a call from headquarters and loudly state that the leak has been located and you all are to report immediately to #56 on the grid, or to the red zone or what ever code you work out to sound official and extract yourselves from a tricky situation. It is kind of fun and exciting because you are flying by the seat of your pants and making up the stuff as the situation develops.

My collection has really taken off since I started hunting these areas and as a result I have been able to locate two large cents, (1834 and 1851) several half reale coins, a half dime dated 1835 and an 1821 10 cent piece, a 1792 two real piece, loads of Indian head pennies, wheaties and mercury head dimes, silver quarters, buffalo nickels, many different tokens, an assortment of rings and jewelry and a pair of sterling silver flight wings from WWII.

Good luck! Stay in a group. Be aware of your surroundings and never put yourself in obvious bad situations. Watch as the good stuff comes out of the ground and let us know how you do. I will be sharing ways to get into some yards around old homes in these neighborhoods in a future article. Stay safe and happy hunting.

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