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May 15, 2004   Volume 2, Number 6
Treasure Hunter's Secret Manual


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FROM THE EDITOR:  Hello fellow treasure hunters !!  I sincerely hope that you are ALL enjoying this GREAT hobby of ours---and just MAYBE ?-------some of you are doing some GOOD recoveries ?   Enjoy this 30th Issue and if you would like to be a "contributor" of a Link or story---it would sure be appreciated !   Of about 4,000 readers, I can only recall about 10 different contributors !  Send ideas to: LostTreasureUSA1@AOL.COM     THANKS !!
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Article Submitted By NICK CURTIS
In LOST MINES AND HIDDEN TREASURE, by Leland Lovelace, there is a story of Judge Crater in Southern California prospecting.  Here are some links to stories about him.  Fascinating.  Did a successful New York Supreme Court judge "have enough" and just decide to get lost and end up prospecting in the deserts and mountains of Southern California?  Was he corrupt?  Did he leave of his own free will?  Or was he murdered?
A book to be released in October, 2004:
A Parody:
Judge Crater, "Call your office" :  http://www.aboutfacts.net/Mysterious1.htm
OK !   The results are in !   TEAM KGC has 55 members from 29 states & 1 foreign country.  We will be BUSY this summer ! 
An "advance group" of six TEAM KGC members will be in Oklahoma May 15-May 20th.  It should only take us 5 days to finish the code work needed on some sites we have permission from the landowners.  We will thoroughly cover the Atoka, Bromide and Wapanucka areas.  Once we wrap this up, we will have the rest of the TEAM involved, at a later date, for the recoveries.
We will be using my motorhome (& towing my car) for our headquarters.  We will be parked in a quiet location---away from prying eyes !  Wish us success !
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www.WWATS.org   This group of dedicated individuals work HARD to keep us informed of legislation that may involve our rights to access public lands and continue to enjoy our many associated hobbies like:  rock-hounding, prospecting, mining, treasure hunting, metal detecting, hiking, plus many other outdoor activities.  As I receive updates and notices from the various officers of this organization, I will present them in this newsletter.  You can do YOUR part in helping to promote our hobbies by practicing good public relations and being very careful when enjoying your activity.  Stay informed and contact your local, state and national representatives to voice your opinions on sensitive matters that concern our hobbies.  Below are just SOME of the issues that confront us each month:
These articles were submitted by LARRY ARMSTRONG:
BLM Closes Public Land In Nevada To Protect Fossils
Landmark Property Rights Case--Day To Day Trial Report
Gold Miners Could Face Suit
Defending Multiple Use Access To Public Lands  ( Read ALL of the Buttons & Links ! )
Americans For Responsible Recreational Access
The following three articles were submitted by WWATS President Keith Wills:
As I'm sure you have read on the forums and other places, I'm requesting help to raise funds for the Trial Case of Bob Sullivan and Edward Brown. As you may know, they were found guilty by jury in a magistrate court in Waco, TX. of "Intent Of" stealing artifacts from a archeological site the prosecutor could not prove where it's location truly is. A long list of bad defense attorney's and miss-leading evidence was offer the jury to the point our guys looked guilty, but in fact were very incident of any wrong doing. Both Bob and Ed are seeking an appeal of this decision and we are working very hard to help them raise the funding to hire an attorney instead of a court appointed attorney. Time is short for appeals and most attorneys want their payment up front. So we have asked the manufacturers if they wish to support Bob and Ed's appeal and stop the precedent that this case will set for future cases of "Intent Of" within our hobby. Thus far each has given generously and we now have 4 detectors and maybe one or two more on their way in behalf of this worthy fundraiser.
We need your support, not just Bob and Ed but the hobby itself needs your help. Thus far the  manufacturers have donated a detector in price ranges of $500. to $1000. for a short fundraiser via the Internet and club newsletters. The drawing will take place on June the 10th by several of the many handicap children we annually visit at the Texas Lions Camp of Cripple Children in Kerrville, Texas. We will be there as we are every year to teach the children of the camp the fun hobby of metal detecting. Before our visit has ended, we will ask several of the handicap children to draw the winners of this fundraiser for Bob and Ed's Defense Fund.  We will advertise the winners the next working day. The cost of these chances in this fundraiser is $20.00 per chance. You can buy as many chances as you wish and mail you check or money order to: Bob and Ed's Defense Fund  Please include a note "For Fundraiser"
                                                  c/o  David Glover
                                                         1207 San Juan Lane
                                                         White Oak, TX. 75693
Again, I remind you, your donation to this fundraiser must be received by David Glover no later than June 8th in order for me to have those names for the children to draw from. This is your chance to win and win BIG. For this will be a very short nationwide fundraiser due to the need for the funds is immediate. PLEASE support Bob, Ed and our hobby too!
( I have already received a Minelab Eureka Gold [$999.95 value} and a Garrett GTAx 1500 [$899.95 value] and more detectors are on the way.....don't miss this one.
PLEASE announce this to your club members and local dealers and on your Internet Forums to help us. We need your help to get the word out on this fundraiser as soon as possible.
 Thank you for your time, Keith Wills 
Folks, I remind you that you are responsible for your own state parks and the use of ethics when hunting those parks. It only takes one "bad apple" to destroy the hard work you and others have done to keep those state parks open to our hobby. For those of you that DO NOT have open state parks to metal detecting as of yet, maybe what you read below will assist you in opening those parks for you someday. There will be little or no help outside of your own people in your state to open these parks for you, so you must step up to the plate, so to speak, begin talks with your Parks and Recreation Department and /or introduce a Bill before your states legislator to open those parks. I will not kid you here, it is not an easy task to do this, however in America there is now some 37 states that enjoy some type of metal detecting within their state parks. So as you can see, it is not impossible to open those state parks. Also, remember since 1989 we have been privilege to enjoy Army Corps of Engineer designated public use areas within their lands for metal detecting (mostly swimming beaches and swimming areas). If you have a question as to if you can hunt a certain area of their "public use" areas, please be sure to ask a ranger or go to their project office to obtain that permission.  Thank You, Keith Wills, president   W.W.A.T.S.    www.wwats.org
Remember that a government big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take away everything you have. - Barry M. Goldwater
----- Original Message -----


This is the latest info we have received from  Harold Herta about hunting in our Michigan State Parks.

Might be redundant to what you have.


"Finally got a response to the above. Here is what was sent verbatim to me in email:

"Attached is the Metal Detecting policy for State Park Lands. There is, as yet, no Department-Wide policy regarding the use of metal detectors. Harold Herta Operations Unit Supervisor Parks and Recreation Bureau"


Phone (517) 335-5695 FAX (517) 373-4625

"Parks and Recreation Policy #8.18 Revised May, 2002
The use of electronic metal detectors to find lost coins, rings, watches, or other valuables is a popular activity. Favorite search areas are intensive use areas, especially beaches. Parks and Recreation Bureau (PRB) has long recognized this as a recreational activity at appropriate locales. However, there is increasing concern that metal detectors are facilitating illegal removal of archaeological and historic resources from Bureau-administered lands. Public Act 451, 324.74102 mandates the protection of historic resources within State Parks. Public Act 238 of 1957 provides a means of disposing of personal property lost or abandoned on state property and this is included in the Park Field Manual, Ranger Guide, and Parks and Recreation Policy #1.10. Public Act 451 of 1994, Part 761 Aboriginal Records and Antiquities, prohibits a person from removing, exploring or excavating any relic or aboriginal antiquities and abandoned property of historical or recreational value found upon or within the lands owned by or under the control of the state. In addition to the concerns regarding the unauthorized removal of historical artifacts, there is a concern related to the potential damage to lands resulting from the act of "digging up" items identified by various metal detectors. Public Act 451 of 1994, Part 324.74121, State parks; prohibited conduct, in section 74121 states: "A person shall not do the following in a state park: (a) Destroy, damage or remove any tree, shrub, wildflower or other vegetation or property without the permission of the department." Metal detectors may provide the public with a chance of recovering some lost possessions in intensively used areas. Items of historic value may not be removed. For the foregoing reasons, it shall be the policy of the Parks and Recreation Bureau to prohibit the use of metal detectors on all Bureau-administered lands except: 1. Designated swimming beaches 2. Designated day use areas 3. Campgrounds 4. Parking lots 5. Boating access site parking lots Exceptions to the areas listed above may be given in specific instances based upon new information that was unknown on the approval date of this policy. It shall be the responsibility of the individual field unit to provide a map specifically designating areas in which this activity is allowed. For requests to conduct archaeological research, refer to Parks and Recreation Policy #8.7, Use Permits. Archaeological research requires a permit jointly issued by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and the Department of History, Arts and Libraries. The following conditions apply to the use of metal detectors in state parks: 1. All recovered items must be checked by a park employee before being removed from the park. 2. Any items the park has recorded lost and that can be returned to the rightful owner will be turned in to the park, or the park will notify the owner of the name and address of the finder. 3. Coins may be retained by the finder unless rare and historic. If coins are turned in, PRB staff should contact the Michigan Historical Center, Department of History, Arts and Libraries to determine historic value and disposition instructions. 4. Any artifacts found will be retained by the State. 5. The use of probes or small hand trowels to retrieve objects discovered beneath the surface shall be allowed if the land is not unduly disturbed. Disturbed material must be replaced. 6. Large-scale digging to retrieve objects shall not be allowed unless being done as part of a Department authorized archaeological research project. Metal detectors are prohibited from: 1. Fayette State Park and Fort Wilkins State Park 2. Beaches, day use areas, boating access sites or campgrounds known to have artifacts. 3. Designated historic or archaeological sites. Designated includes sites listed on the State or National registers of historic places, or indicated by the Michigan Department of History, Arts and Libraries as eligible for listing on the State or Federal register. 4. Areas specifically closed to the use of metal detectors by a Land Use Order of the Director."

Treasure Hunter's Secret Manual


Mike Hardiman is one of W.W.A.T.S board members and we are proud he represents us and our concerns in Washington D.C. Please take the time to read over his "Washington Watch" and act on those Bills of most importance to you. Much of what is listed below does concern you and your children's future to enjoy our public and private lands.                                     Thank You, Keith Wills, president

Washington Watch

May 1, 2004

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Michael Hardiman

More info on these bills we are watching

To Write your Congressman

Enter Your Zip Code here


Congressional e-mail addresses

Hardiman on new assignment

Mike Hardiman has accepted a position with the Coalition Provisional Authority, which is the American-led multinational organization responsible for reconstruction in Iraq.

He will be stationed in Baghdad, but will be traveling throughout Iraq. He will be overseas for an undetermined period of time. We wish him Godspeed and a safe adventure.

Bills we are watching


Good Bills - House:

HR 7 (Blunt, R-MO) Faith Based Initiative. HR 7 is a GOOD BILL, which has no provisions for Tax Favoritism for Land Trusts. Congressman Blunt has inserted NO special tax loopholes, NO Tax Favoritism for mulitbillion dollar corporations like The Nature Conservancy (TNC). TNC calls itself a "non-profit" but profited over $700 million last year alone from grant money from taxpayers, selling land to government agencies paid by taxpayers, and insider trading deals underwritten by tax breaks financed by taxpayers.

Congressman Blunt needs to know that he has backing from conservatives across the country in order to keep this special interest provision - Land Trust Tax Favoritism - out of the legislation, and carry the battle all the way to the end. Please address faxes and emails to his staff aide, Ms. April Ponnuru.

ALSO - OUR HERO on this issue is Congressman Wally Herger (R-CA), who has stood up to the powerful Land Trusts and defeated their efforts to carve themselves out a billion dollar tax break. THANK Herger by contacting his staff person Derek Harley: derek.harley@mail.house.gov TELL Herger to keep up the great work! Herger is a senior member of the powerful tax-writing committee, the Ways and Means Committee.

ALSO - Contact your own member of the House of Representatives, no matter who it is, in support of HR 7 - NO Land Trust Tax Favoritism. This issue has mixed up the usual "conservatives" and "liberals" into an unpredictable mix, so ANY House member is fair game to possibly side with us and Roy Blunt in support of private property rights.


    Tell Congressman Blunt THANK YOU for no more special preferences for land trusts. S. 476 (see below) is the Faith Based Intitiative's BAD BILL - it includes a special loophole to discount 25% off of capital gains taxes for a seller of land - but only if land is sold to a land trust or government agency! This places churches, private schools and private property owners at a comparative disadvantage when attempting to purchase land. This allows the land trust to cut its offering price by nearly the amount of the tax cut, so effectively the only beneficiary is the land trust.

H.R.8 (Dunn, R-WA) Permanent repeal of the estate tax, also known as the Death Tax. The Death Tax is a major factor in breaking up family businesses. The Nature Conservancy and the other multibillion dollar Land Trusts just love the Death Tax, because it allows them to hover like buzzards over family ranches and farms. They dangle conservation easement tax breaks in front of families when they have their backs against the wall financially, due to owing the Death Tax because of a death in the family. Think twice, and look very carefully at the fine print before making a land trust a co-owner of your land!

THIS BILL has just been approved by the House of Representatives - the Senate will consider it now.


    Please contact your Senator in SUPPORT of HR 8!

HR 67 (Flake, R-AZ) Disaster Area Exemption Act. Temporarily exempts federally declared disaster areas from the endless environmental regulations and appeals which hold up aid for families and cleanup.

HR 353 (Duncan, R - TN) Dispose of all Bureau of Land Management lands recommended for sale back to private property by the Department of the Interior.

HR 460 (Hayworth, R-AZ) Study the prevention of wildfires. Senate companion is S 32.

HR 701 (Paul, R-TX) Will restore to the original owners certain lands that were seized by the federal government in 1940 for military use, and not returned even though they have not been used by the feds for many years. NOTE: You may recall that HR 701 was, in the previous two congresses, previously the bill number of the "CARA" multi-billion dollar land grab bill. Now in the 108th Congress, thanks to Ron Paul, it stands for citizens getting their land back!

HR 849 (Shadegg R-AZ) To authorize the Regional Foresters to exempt tree-thinning projects, which are necessary to prevent the occurrence of wildfire likely to cause extreme harm to the forest ecosystem, from laws that give rise to legal causes of action that delay or prevent such projects.

HR 1005 (McInnis, R-CO and Gibbons, R-NV) PILT and Refuge Revenue Sharing Permanent Funding Act. Will fully compensate counties for losses in tax revenue due to federal government ownership of land (the federal government does not pay taxes to localities).

HR 1014 (Radanovich R-CA) Requires Federal land managers to communicate and cooperate with designated gateway communities, to improve these small communities' ability to participate in Federal land management planning conducted by the Forest Service and agencies of the Department of the Interior.

H.R. 1153 (Otter, R-ID) Limits to ten years the amount of time that Wilderness Study Areas can be studied. If nothing is done in ten years, then the land reverts back to previous levels of multiple use. This would close one of the loopholes that is most abused by the leftwing enviros. Right now, there is NO TIME LIMIT to how long an area can be "studied" for possible wilderness designation!

HR 1517 (Graves R-MO) Amends the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) to limit the use of funds available for maintenance purposes, and prohibits land acquisition. This is an excellent bill that would use all LWCF funds for upkeep and improvement of campgrounds, bathrooms, trails, roads, headquarters and interpretive centers. It would prohibit use of the funds for land acquisition, because federal and state governments already own nearly 40% of the land in the United States.

HR 1629 (Rehberg, R-MT) Removes private land from the boundaries of the Missouri Breaks National Monument, which was one of the Midnite Land Grabs in the closing days of the Clinton Administration.

HR 1662 (Walden, R-OR) Endangered Species Act revisions. Will add a greater role for the states and require more thorough biological evidence of a species being endangered before it can be listed as endangered. Companion bill to S 369.


    This bill needs more cosponsors! Contact your House of Representatives member and ask them to COSPONSOR HR 1517!

HR 1831 (Renzi, R-AZ) Legislation to keep open Glen Canyon Recreation Area and Lake Powell for use by personal watercraft.

HR 1965 (Gibbons, R-NV) Proposes to amend the Endangered Species Act to limit its application on military land or private land and to provide incentives for voluntary habitat maintenance.

HR 2386 (Simpson, R-ID) Requires congressional approval of any national monuments over 50,000 acres. This a long-needed response to the Clinton midnite monument land grabs.

HR 2715 (Radanovich, R-CA) A bill to open up Yosemite National Park to more camping and public access, and end the Sierra Club's special favored status within the Park.

Good Bills - Senate:

S 32 (Kyl, R-AZ) Study the prevention of wildfires. House companion is HR 460.

S 96, S 169 (both Kyl, R-AZ) The bills differ slightly, but both propose permanent repeal of the estate tax, also known as the Death Tax. House companion bills are HR 51, HR 57. Death should NOT be a taxable event!

S 369 (Thomas, R-WY) Endangered Species Act revisions. Will add a greater role for the states and require more thorough biological evidence of a species being endangered before it can be claimed as endangered. Cosponsors so far, include Sen. Hagel (R-NE) and Sen. Craig (R-ID).

S. 372 (Thomas, R-WY) Requires federal agencies to grant state and local governments "cooperating agency" status in the preparation of Environmental Impact Statements or other environmental analysis.

S 511 (Binghaman, D-NM) and Ensign, R-NV) Full payment of PILT funds. Companion bill to HR 1005.


Bad Bills - House:

HR 37 (Boehlert R-NY) Elevate the Environmental Protection Agency to Cabinet status. This bill rewards bad behavior! It elevates the EPA when the EPA dedicates far more effort to protecting its power than protecting the environment.

HR 119 (Hefley, R-CO) The Invasive Species Act. If you think the Endangered Species Act is a dangerous attack on private property rights, wait till you see this one! There is a problem with some harmful plants and animals in many areas of the United States. The federal government already has the authority to deal with them, when there is enough funding. However, HR 119 proposes a massive new Invasive Species bureaucracy that will be able to regulate everything from grass on your front lawn to putting greens on golf courses, to the baby's breath flowers in prom corsages and wedding arrangements! And there are NO protections for private property rights.

HR 266 (Ehlers, R-MI) National Invasive Species Council Act. Creates an entirely new federal bureaucracy and establishes an Invasive Species Council. Private citizens are prohibited from being members of the council - only federal employees are permitted. "Invasive species" are not native to an area - like most human beings, for example. Crazy, but true - watch out for this one!

HR 524 (Frelinghuysen, R-NJ) "Crossroads of the Revolution" National Heritage Area - Land Grab extending across much of central and northern New Jersey.

HR 652 (Andrews D-NJ) To make the Wildlands Project into official government policy - the politically correct name is National Forest Ecosystem Protection Program. Ruin communities in small towns and rural areas through federal land use regulation.

HR 1051 (Bereuter R-NE) Would add land acquisition authority to nine more trails in the National Trails system. This would reward the federal government's bad behavior in seizing property from innocent people and paying them only a few cents per dollar of value.

HR 1130 (Holt, D-NJ) Ban snowmobiles in Yellowstone National Park. This may sound crazy, but don't laugh - it has 134 cosponsors, mostly clueless northeastern leftists, like Holt.

HR 1964 (Frelinghuysen, R-NJ) Highlands Stewardship Area Act. Two million acre combined zoning control and land acquisition extending over four states - Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

HR 2036 (Isakson, R-GA) Open Space Preservation and Conservation Act. This would permit $25 BILLION DOLLARS to be used for permanent conservation easements, giving the Nature Conservancy and other Land Trusts and government agencies co-ownership in MILLIONS of acres of land. The solution to keeping agricultural and other rural land in family hands is to repeal the inheritance tax - instead, this bill would hand over BILLIONS to powerful land trusts and government agencies to expand their power!

HR 2416 (McGovern, D-MA) Companion bill is S.546, an anti-rockhounding bill, titled the Paleontological Resources Preservation Act. Places severe penalties on recreational rockhounding, would permit only "experts" to disturb public land surfaces.

This is a bill promoted by the cultural and scientific elitists who want the public lands all for themselves. Retirees and families will be unable to search for rocks and fossils and sell and exchange them at fairs and rock shows. Allows for seizure of private vehicles, camping equipment and anything else the government wants to grab for even minor violations. This bill assumes that Big Brother Government has all the answers, even though some of the greatest discoveries of dinosaurs and pre-recorded history has been done by private individuals.

HR 2964 (Portman, R-OH and Matsui, D-CA) Land Trust Tax Favoritism. Amends the Internal Revenue Code to provide a tax incentive for land sales for conservation purposes. This is a gigantic tax break for the Nature Conservancy and other massive Land Trusts. Sellers of land or water rights get a tax break of 50% of the capital gain - but ONLY if they sell to a land trust or a government agency! This will actually do NOTHING to help the seller of land, because land trusts will just lower their offering price for property, since they will have such a big advantage in the bidding versus private parties. This is the same Tax Favoritism proposed for the Faith Based Initiative (see S 476).

HR 3247 (Tancredo, R-CO) Jacks up penalties for minor violations of often arbitrarily applied laws on public lands. Hands over too much discretionary power to public lands enforcement agents.

HR 3283 (Regula, R-OH) Demands a $100 annual fee from every citizen who wants to set foot on any public lands. Penalties include up to 6 months in jail. But actually, don't worry, it will all be OK, because the $100 permission slip is called the America the Beautiful Pass.

HR 3324 (Shays, R-CT) Attacks public lands grazing, attempts to force ranchers off their allotments. At one point, the bill states that it is "socially just" to shut down public lands grazing.

Bad Bills - Senate:

S. 212 (Bingaman, D-NM) "Study" the Ogallala Aquifer, which is located in the central United States from South Dakota to Texas. This "study" will most likely lead to "guidelines" and then federal controls over private land over tens of millions of acres in the central United States.

S. 230 (Corzine D-NJ) same as HR 524, Heritage Area Land Grab.

S. 324 (Levin D-MI) National Trail Land Acquisition Authority. Companion land grab legislation to HR 1051.

S. 476 (Grassley, R-IA) is the Faith Based Intitiative's BAD BILL - it includes a special loophole to discount 25% off of capital gains taxes for a seller of land - but only if land is sold to a land trust or government agency! This places churches, private schools and private property owners at a comparative disadvantage when attempting to purchase land. This allows the land trust to cut its offering price by nearly the amount of the tax cut, so effectively the only beneficiary is the land trust. The GOOD BILL is HR 7.

S. 525 (Levin, D-MI) Aquatic Invasive Species Act. Massive land grab with a price tag of $170 million per year. This CLAIMS to be legislation to keep foreign species out of American waters by regulating oceangoing ships. HOWEVER, it ALSO proposes to regulate ALL FRESH WATER in the entire United States, whether or not it is deep or wide enough for a boat or ship! It also proposes criminal penalties for violations of any regulations resulting from the bill - before the regulations are even drawn up!!! This is one of several disasters in the making moving under the cover of invasive species.

S. 536 (DeWine, R-OH) Creates a National Invasive Species Council. Companion bill to HR 266. DeWine has a lengthy record of attacking private property rights, including attempting to force farmers in the proposed Darby Refuge area out of their homes. DeWine was also a leading supporter of the massive, unprecedented CARA Land Grab.

S 546 (Akaka, D-HI) Anti-rockhounding bill titled the Paleontological Resources Preservation Act. Places severe penalties on recreational rockhounding, would permit only "experts" to disturb public land surfaces. Allows for seizure of private vehicles, camping equipment and anything else the government wants to grab for even minor violations. This bill assumes that Big Brother Government has all the answers, even though some of the greatest discoveries of dinosaurs and pre-recorded history has been done by private individuals.

S 635 (Hatch, R-UT) Massive expansion of federal power called the Pioneer National Historic Trails Studies Act. Requires studies of SIXTY-FOUR trails in the central and western United States to determine if the federal government should acquire land and place viewshed restrictions on surrounding private property. And, just in case the bill misses any land that the feds want to grab, there is an additional catchall provision that says "other routes that the Interior Secretary considers appropriate" in addition to the sixty four routes already listed.

S. 651 (Allard R-CO) National Trails Land Acquisition Act. Expands the federal government's power to seize property along arbitrarily drawn "trails." Also has no restrictions against federal agencies claiming authority over adjacent private property as "buffer zones" and claiming "viewshed restrictions" over everything that can be seen from a trail!

S. 916 (Bennett, R-UT) National Mormon Pioneer Heritage Area. Federal zoning proposal for Highway 89, where much of Utah's remaining private land is located. An incredibly stupid bill from a Senator who is usually supportive of private property rights.

S. 999 (Corzine, D-NJ) Companion bill to HR 1964, two million acre, four state land grab.

S. 1515 (Boxer, D-CA) Massive new multimillion acre Wilderness proposal for California.

Editor's note: Mike Hardiman was Policy Director for Congressman, now Resources Committee Chairman, Richard Pombo from 1993 to 1999. He is President of Hardiman Consulting, a lobbying and public relations firm based in Washington, DC. He is one of the most knowledgeable and effective lobbyists in Washington on property rights and resource use issues. He can be reached at hardimanmike@aol.com.


 I generally only want one autographed book by each treasure and dowsing author. On those where I would like every title I have marked
the name (*) to stand out. Thanks, Harley Bissell
(*) Ed Bartholomew / Jesse Ed Rascoe
 Oscar T. Branson (dowser)
 Arthur L. Campa
 Dave Crooks
(*) J. Frank Dobie
 Mel Fisher
 Charles Garrett
(*) Deek Gladson / Charles Dean Miller / Karl von Mueller - letters and photos also wanted
 Robert Marx
 Louis J. Matacia (dowser)
(*) Charles Dean Miller / Karl von Mueller / Deek Gladson - letters and photos also wanted
(*) Karl von Mueller / Charles Dean Miller / Deek Gladson - letters and photos also wanted
 Robert Nesmith
 Thomas Penfield (*) Jesse Ed Rascoe / Ed Bartholomew Lake
Erie Schaeffer
 Edward Rowe Snow
 For those who get this list and don't know me ..... My forty year
collection and library was destroyed by flood in July 2003. These
books are what I have purchased since then. I had many, many others
before the flood. Harley Bissell - hbissell@iwon.com




     The State of Tennessee was a hotbed of activity for the KGC. Numerous stories have appeared in magazines and other print media describing the fabled Nashville KGC Depository and some have claimed to know its location. In Schrader's book, "Jesse James Was One of His Names," we are told the KGC tunneled under an ordinary hill and hid the Depository there. One coded clipping appeared in the Nashville Banner dated December 5, 1876 and spoke of George Jones, who had found a gold mine and was working it. The clipping went into some detail and was coded with numbers and locations which only the true KGC could decipher.

     Many point to Brentwood as the actual location while others speculate closer to Nashville. The true clues for this location can be found 14 miles from downtown Nashville in a direction I will not reveal here. The underground tunnel is large enough that a six-horse wagon could turn around. The cave system is divided into two parts. The original entrance was sealed many years ago and little evidence remains. There are 4 ways in but without the true information needed to gain entrance, you will die in your attempt. The KGC were very clever and the booby-traps are many.

     The actual location for this KGC Depository can be found on a line that runs from Washington, D.C. and continues across the southwestern portion of Tennessee. The whole key to the system within Pike's Grand Design starts in D.C. and all the lines radiate from there. Another line shoots 21 miles East of downtown Memphis. Other favorable locations include, between Oak Ridge and Knoxville, North of Chattanooga, South of Murfreesboro and West of Columbia.

     I'm about to give some details on a code that was used in Tennessee and I'm going to reveal what it means in case you run across this rock panel in your travels. The rock panel does exist and it's in one of the above mentioned areas. Just keep in mind that the KGC used the numbers 3,5,7, 4,7,11 and multiples of those numbers. With this in mind, I'll reveal what code was found and how it was solved.

     The rock panel measures 4ft by 6ft and has the following on it.  There are 4 hearts that measures 12 inches high and 12 inches wide. Inside of each heart is the number 3. Each heart is 5 inches apart. Below each heart the following numbers are found and in order from left to right reading, 5, 1, 19, 20. At first, I was puzzled since this number system was different from anything I had encountered before. I began to see a possible connection to the James Code and after fifteen minutes of thought and number substitution it all started to take form. Nothing else is on the rock panel and you can rule out any sun or shadow symbols.

     The key multiplier for the hearts to get your distance is the number 3. You add together the height and width and this comes out to 24. 3x24=72. Since there are 4 hearts you multiply 72x4 which equals 288. Now, the distance between each heart is 5 inches and starting with the first and going to the second and you continue with the third leading to the fourth you get 5+5+5=15. Take the 15 number and multiply 288 and you get 4,320ft. Since the inch spacing was the number 5 and the first heart has a number 5 below it, you now get your direction. The 5th letter of the alphabet is E, the second heart revealed the number 1 below it and that stands for the letter A. The third heart shows the number 19 and that stands for the letter S and the last heart gives you the number 20 which is the letter T. Spelled out, it told me to go East and the distance is 4,320ft.

     By going East that distance I came across a large rock against a hillside. On that rock was the number 21 which stands for the letter U or a horse-shoe design. There was also a chisled shaft arrow pointing down from the rock towards a pile of rocks 36 inches away. I ran my detector over this area and got an immediate hit. After clearing away the rocks I dug down 21 inches and found a horse-shoe with a bent edge on the left side pointing West and this was resting on a flat rock with the number 7 chisled in it. I followed the line until I had walked 33 ft. and there in front of me was a hillside with an exposed cave opening 40 feet up. After going up the incline, I entered the cave and found a total of 11 markings that had been chisled into the rock. After photographing these markings, I knew what they stood for and this will be one of the caches the KGC Team will go after this fall in Tennessee. If you beat me to it then good luck but you better know the code and how it works. The 11 markings inside the cave contains 4 reverse and 2 markings are decoys.

     The code used in this example is a blend of Pike's Grand Design Depository Code and the basic KGC Code found in various parts of Oklahoma.

     This article is a code within a code just like my past articles. Since I'm bound to the KGC Team and all my materials are of a confidential matter, I decided to reveal certain aspects of my work by coding these articles. Each article appearing in this newsletter and on the website holds keys to Albert Pike's Grand Design Depository. There are 7 secrets to this Depository and now you have been given the 3rd secret. Solve all 7 and you are well on your way to the location of the final clue. Stay tuned, there are 4 more articles coming in this newsletter and all will end up on the KGC Website.

     Until then........Randy "JESSE JAMES" Sumpter

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