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March 1, 2003---Volume 1, Number 1

Treasure Hunter's Secret Manual

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FROM THE EDITOR:   Welcome to the first issue of LOST TREASURE USA!  You are one of nearly 1,000 recipients for this FREE, twice-monthly, newsletter for treasure hunters.  My name is Floyd Mann and I will be e-mailing you your copy of LOST TREASURE USA on the first and fifteenth of each month.  I know you will enjoy what I have planned for the next few years!  I am going to give you a LOT of information in these newsletters that will help you be a more successful treasure hunter.
   To go hand-in-hand with this first LOST TREASURE USA ne
wsletter, I have ALSO launched my NEW website!  www.LostTreasureUSA.com    Be sure to visit it, after you finish reading this newsletter.  Be sure to bookmark it to your Favorites file for future reference.
   The format for this ne
wsletter may change in future issues, as I experiment and find out what the readers like and do not like.  For this newsletter to be a really GREAT success, I'll need your input.  You can help me decide what this newsletter will become.  Please email me any ideas, suggestions, or comments you have:  LostTreasureUSA1@AOL.COM 
These ne
wsletters will be a little lengthy, so please save them to read when you have more time and can relax while reading them.  You could print them out to read later, but they will be better read on the Web, as I will have a lot of click able links for you to go to for additional information.
   I'll be writing this ne
wsletter in my own style.  Nothing real fancy, but lots of useful information that you can actually use!

ABOUT ME:   My name is Floyd Mann.  Currently I am sending you this ne
wsletter from Panama City Beach, Florida---Spring Break Capital of the World!  I am 48, white, male, married, retired, really smart and good-looking.  OK!  Questionable on those last two things. 
   I retired 4 years ago (sold my 3 restaurants) and got married (second time) 3 years ago.  My wonderful wife, Tara, is a travel nurse and still works.  We have been living in our motor home, and traveling a LOT, for 3 years.  The past 3 years we have traveled about 40,000 miles in our motor home.  We tow one car and Tara follo
ws me in her car.  We have visited 37 states and 5 Canadian Provinces.  We have taken 2 round-trips from Florida to Alaska and spent 2 summers in Alaska.  We drive to Tara's job assignment (which WE choose) and stay in a state for 3 months.  Then:  on to her next assignment!  Our 5 children are all grown and on their own.
   For 4 years I have been treasure hunting, and researching treasures, full time--averaging about 70 hours per week on this "hobby" of mine.  Although the last 4 years I have been a "full-timer”, I had my first detector in 1971.  From 1971 to 1998 I averaged about 30 hours a week on treasure hunting---mainly research.
   I have accumulated these resources for my personal research library:  4,000 older treasure magazines, hundreds of treasure books, a database of about 25,000 treasure magazine article references, about 10,000 treasure leads ( covering all 50 states ), and a lot of important contacts around the world.  All of this, and I am STILL looking for THE BIG ONE!
   I tell you all of this information, just so you know who I am and to give you some idea of some of the information I can, and WILL, share with you through this ne
   So now you know a little about me, and a little of what my ne
wsletter will be.  How about my NEW website?   www.LostTreasureUSA.com

WEBSITE:    Today, March 1, 2003, is the official "Grand Opening" of my new website for treasure hunters.  Some of my ne
wsletter information will refer you to my website (with click able links in blue) for more information.
   The website will also be a "work-in-progress".  I will be adding new stuff to the website every week!  You will definitely want to bookmark it and check it often!
   What is on the website?  Read it later, but here is a little info on it: 
NEWSLETTER:   Click to subscribe (only if this was forwarded to you by a friend) ---otherwise I already have you on my mailing list.  PLEASE forward this ne
wsletter to lots of your treasure hunting friends!  Thanks!
STATE TREASURES:   Click to view treasure leads for all 50 states.  Today there are 250 (5 per state) treasure leads to get the ball rolling.  I'll be adding about 100 more each month!  In a year you will have 1,000 treasure leads in your files!  FREE!!
WIN A DETECTOR:   Click to learn how to have a chance to win a detector---every 3 months!  3 other prizes will be awarded EVERY month.  No contest to enter---you just have to be a registered subscriber to this ne
wsletter.  If this newsletter was forwarded to you by a friend---you need to register by clicking on the blue NEWSLETTER link above and sending me an email requesting the newsletter.  EASY!  If this newsletter came from me at LOST TREASURE USA, please do not register again.  You are already on the list and eligible for the prize drawings each month.
LINKS:   Click here to see some of my favorite websites that are useful to treasure hunters.  Email me YOUR favorites.  Eventually this will be a long list of helpful websites.  If YOU have a website, please send me the address.
FORUMS:   Click here to visit about a forum where you can post your questions, stories, tips, etc.
EVENTS:   Click here to learn about upcoming events around the U.S.  Send me info on your club's upcoming events and I'll list it in a future ne
INDUSTRY PRESS:   Click here to read about any ne
ws that might affect this great hobby of ours.
RESEARCH:   Click here to access info about 19,000 articles that appeared in treasure-type magazines over a 35 year period.
   Well, that's a quick run-down on my new website:  www.LostTreasureUSA.com

   If you are registered to receive this ne
wsletter, you are automatically entered in the monthly prize drawings!
   At the end of each month a drawing will be held for 3 prizes.  And then:  every 3 months a drawing will be held for a metal detector--in addition to the 3 prizes for that month!
   So:  at the end of May I will give away a quality metal detector.  Details will be published in a future ne
   The prizes for March (to be drawn on March 31st) are:
(1)   BURIED TREASURES YOU CAN FIND by Robert Marx---368 pages
(3)   TREASURE RECOVERY FROM SAND & SEA by Charles Garrett--466 pages
  GOOD LUCK!!  I'll list the 3 winners in the April 1st ne


   As this ne
wsletter, and the website, grows I plan to add some other features to both.  Some of my ideas include: (1) A storefront selling books and equipment, (2)  Letters to the Editor, (3)  Listings of FREE stuff you can order, (4)  Informative articles by me and others, (5)  Recommended books, magazines, tools, etc., (6)  Ghost Town info, (7)  "Found" treasure stories, (8)  Humor/cartoons, (9) Treasure Tips, (10) Treasure Tales, (11)  Surveys, (12)  Archives, (13)  A few ads, (14)  A Show & Tell section, (15)  Clip art, (16)  Other things that readers, like yourself, will suggest.
   Please help this ne
wsletter out by emailing me your ideas, stories, and suggestions.  THANK YOU!  Email me at:  LostTreasureUSA1@AOL.COM

   PLEASE forward this ne
wsletter to at least 5 of your treasure hunting buddies.  They will appreciate it and so will I!  As the membership list grows I'll be able to shop for better discounts to pass on to you.  My hope is that you will be able to find items here at BELOW RETAIL prices, in the near future.  If you have a website, please post a link to my website.  If you post on forums, please plug this newsletter and website.  I would REALLY appreciate your help!


   I believe that there is strength in numbers.  Too many areas are being closed off to detectors.  We need to start getting more organized in defending our hobby.
   The FMDAC (Federation of Metal Detector and Archaeological Clubs) is dedicated to the preservation, promotion and protecting of the recreational use of metal detectors.  The FMDAC provides a forum to bring the entire metal detecting community together.
   Visit the FMDAC website at:  www.fmdac.com

Please decide if you can help support this organization in its fight to protect our metal-detecting rights.

Here is a FREE eBook I found on the internet! Click: www.waybilltoadventure.com/SuccessToolkit/100Tips.html      This is a big download that requires WINZIP (or similar) software to unpack it, and the Adobe Reader to read it.  For Adobe Acrobat Reader:   www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep.html    For WINZIP:  www.winzip.com/downhome.htm     The Waybill To Adventure site is one of my Favorites.
Treasure Hunter's Secret Manual

    Give me your opinions!  Email me (Floyd Mann at LostTreasureUSA1@AOL.COMyour answers to these five questions and I'll post this group's answers in the next ne
(1)   Best treasure hunting website?
(2)   Best treasure hunting forum?
(3)   Best treasure hunting ne
(4)   Best book a treasure hunter should own?
(5)   Best all-around treasure hunter (dead or alive)?

   Today there are 250 treasure leads on my website at www.LostTreasureUSA.com   On the 15th of this month there will be an additional 50!   And then ANOTHER 50 on April 1st!  By the end of 1 year I'll have over 1,000 treasure leads on the website for your reading pleasure.  Click here:  STATE TREASURES

   I love recreational metal detecting, as well as professional treasure hunting.  I urge everyone to encourage responsible conduct and strict compliance with all local, state and federal regulations and restrictions, as well as unconditional respect for the rights and property of others, and for those held in common by us all.  I take pride in our hobby and ask you to join me in observing and promoting the following CODE OF ETHICS:
* I WILL respect private property and do no treasure hunting without the owner's permission
* I WILL fill all excavations
* I WILL appreciate and protect our heritage of natural resources, wildlife,    and private property
* I WILL use thoughtfulness, consideration, and courtesy at all times
* I WILL build fires in designated or safe places only
* I WILL leave gates as found
* I WILL remove, and properly dispose of, all trash that I find
* I WILL not litter
* I WILL not destroy property, buildings, or what is left of ghost towns and deserted structures
* I WILL not tamper with signs, structural facilities, or equipment


   Here are 2 sites that are good to start your research on ghost towns in your state:
(1)  www.ghosttowns.com

(2)  www.google.com       Type GHOST TOWNS in the search box.

   The greatest amount of time you spend in treasure hunting should be spent in research.  Therefore, it is absolutely essential to locate the best sources of information that will help you the most!  I will give you some of the easiest ones to locate and use.  I use ALL of these to gather the most information I can about a treasure I plan to seek.
   Use your search engines!  I personally like GOOGLE (www.google.com
).  In their search window, just type the key words of the treasure you want to know more about.  EXAMPLE:  Utah+Lost Rhoades Mines.  You will then get a page, or pages, of websites that mention those two items.  Scroll down through the list and view the websites that interest you.
   Your local library can be a huge help.  If they don't have the book you want, ask them to order it for you, through their inter-library system.
   In the reference section of your library is a set of books called INDEX OF PERIODICAL ARTICLES.  You have to use these books in the library.  These volumes list almost every magazine article ever written, by month and year.  If I were looking for articles written about the Lost Rhoades Mines, I would start with their earliest volume (lets say 1940) and look in the Index (back of book) for Lost Rhoades.  If there were any articles written that year, it will show you the page number to go to for the name of the magazine, title of the article, etc.  Go through all of the volumes, to the current year, and you will probably have a long list of magazine articles to look for.  Ask the librarian for help in locating the articles.
   A third resource for you is my research database located on my website:  www.LostTreasureUSA.com.  Click on
RESEARCH to access about 19,000 treasure-type magazine article references, taken from about 20 different magazine titles, over a 35 year period (1959-1994).  So: I'm looking for Utah+Lost Rhoades Mines.  I will scroll down to UT (Utah) and then scroll down through the approximately 175 articles written about Utah treasures and look for magazine articles that mention Lost Rhoades.  I'll write down the ten, or so, article titles, along with the magazine title, Volume, Issue, and page number.  Then I just have to go about locating those magazines!  Where do I do that?  Next article!

I personally own about 4,000 older treasure magazines, and I have been selling people the magazine that contains the article they want.  So: feel free to contact me with your "want" list.  Email me at LostTreasureUSA1@AOL.COM .  I have about 90% of the 19,000+ articles listed in my RESEARCH database.  I charge $3.00 a magazine and I pay the shipping and handling.
   Two other great sources of information are the two leading (for now!) treasure magazines still in production that publish monthly magazines for 50,000+ subscribers monthly, each.
(1)   WESTERN AND EASTERN TREASURES (www.treasurenet.com )--usually about 70 pages.  $4.95 ne
wsstand, $2.33 subscription, per issue.  Geared mainly toward metal detecting and coin shooting.
(2)   LOST TREASURE (www.losttreasure.com )--also about 70 pages.  $4.95 ne
wsstand, $2.50 subscription, per issue.  A bit heavier on treasure stories.
   Both have good websites that change often, so I have both of them on my Favorites list and I check them weekly.  They have archives, sell back issues, contests, treasure tales, and forums.  Tell them Floyd Mann at LOST TREASURE USA sent you !

If your budget allo
ws it, and you have the room, for storage, I suggest that you start building your own Treasure Reference Library.  I rarely pay full price for the books I buy.  I shop on EBAY (Keyword: treasure books) and about 2 weeks ago I bought about $600.00 worth of books for less than $225.00!  Watch garage sales, estate sales, and library book sales for bargains.  Visit used book stores and thrift shops, also.
   I'll also list a few of my favorite sources of books, videos, CDs, and maps for researching treasure stories.  Go to their website and order their FREE catalogues.  Please mention LOST TREASURE USA.  In a few years you can build a great library of your own.
(1)   Kelly Co------------------------
(2)   Waybill To Adventure--- www.waybilltoadventure.com   
(3)   K.B. Slocum----------------- www.treasurenet.com/kbslocum
(4)   Research Unlimited------ www.research-unlimited.com 
(5)   Cal-Gold---------------------- www.calgold.net 
None of the companies I am mentioning in this issue of this ne
wsletter have paid me to mention their name.  They are just companies I have dealt with, in the past, and I trust them.  You will learn a few things by just visiting their websites.

   Please feel free to send me any stories you might have.  They can be about your adventures or a treasure story you know about.  Who kno
ws?  I might print it here!  I'll start this section off with a story of my own.  I posted it last year on one of the many forums I frequent.  I call it:  TREASURE HUNTING---FLORIDA STYLE!   Click here:  http://pub136.ezboard.com/fthetreasuresofutahlostrhoadesmines.showmessage?topicID=206.topic  

   The Gold Prospectors Association of America (G.P.A.A.) was founded in 1968 to preserve and promote the great heritage of the North American prospector.  Being a member allo
ws you to use their properties (in many states) to prospect for gold!  I personally found nuggets on 2 of their properties in Alaska and California.  Visit them:  www.goldprospectors.org  

   To learn more about the approximately 100,000 shipwrecks that have occurred in North American waters in the past 400 years, I suggest 2 sites.  (1)   www.northernmaritimeresearch.com     also sells a CD database of most of the wrecks
(2)   Go to GOOGLE and search SHIPWRECKS to get a few pages of websites to bro
wse through.


   Wow!  I do not collect tokens or medals, but I found out a LOT about the thousands available to collect by going to the homepage of THE TOKENS AND MEDAL SOCIETY:  http://www.money.org/clubs/tams/index.html    Any other websites like this ?  Let me know!

   When treasure hunting, or metal detecting, it is sometimes nice (if not essential!) to have a map of the area.  These are two websites I use to get a map and/or aerial photo of a suspected treasure site.
(1)   http://terraserver-homeadvisor.msn.com
(2)   http://mapping.usgs.gov/partners/viewonline.html  
What map and photo websites do you use?

While I am not much of a prospector, I REALLY enjoy this story!  One of my Christmas traditions (like millions of others) is to watch the old movie "IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE”.  Now I have added another tradition!  This is a heart-warming story about a prospector.  It takes about 45 minutes to read the 6 chapters and epilogue, so save it until you have some quiet time and can read it in one sitting.  Grab a beverage, turn on the speakers and enjoy!  I imagine this as one of those Hallmark Christmas Specials with Kenny Rogers as the prospector.  The author (“DOC”) is still a mining supply dealer in Nevada, I think.

   Click here:  EVENTS and you will be taken to a list (on my website) that lists sho
ws, events and club activities for March.  Didn't make sense for me to type the whole list over AGAIN, here.  I type with one finger and it is time consuming!  Imagine how long it took me to type this whole newsletter!  But, I did receive a late notice and I WILL type it here:  March 14-16:  Timpanagos Gem & Mineral Show, Provo, Utah Elks Lodge, 1000 East University Avenue


   I know that a lot of you readers are members of some forums.  I, myself, am a member of about 50 forums.  I read 48 of them once a month and never post on them, but I do answer a lot of questions by email.  I post on 2 forums and read those 2 forums several times a day.  With the addition of forums on my website, I guess I'll be up to about a dozen forums that I will participate in.
   One of the forums I post on is a Utah forum.  The other forum that I post on is one I own on Yahoo called ALL TREASURE TALES USA.  I have about 96 members there, but it is a real SLOW forum.  Recently a friend of mine, Anthony Belli, (he writes for publications) joined my forum and he has posted some great stories that have helped.  You are sure welcome to join me there and help spice it up!

   On Yahoo there are about 60 forums for metal detecting, treasure hunting, etc.  These forums have 1 to 425 members.  If you want to join another forum, or 2, or 60---go to:  http://groups.yahoo.com  and then click on HOBBIES & CRAFTS.  Then do 2 different searches; (1) Treasure Hunting, (2) Metal Detecting.  That should keep you busy for awhile!
   The forum format on my website is new to me and I am still learning how to use it, so if you have any questions on it---just email me.

I am interested in hearing from you if you have info on these 6 topics, that are personal interests of mine, and I'd like to publish articles about them:  (1) KGC (Knights of the Golden Circle), (2) The LUE Map, (3) The Peralta Maps, (4) Lost Dutchman Mine, (5) Montezuma's Aztec Depository, (6) 17 Tons of Gold Fly-In in NW New Mexico.  I am collecting everything I can get hold of for future articles.  LostTreasureUSA1@AOL.COM

   Please let me know if you (or someone you know) provides these services: (1) GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar), (2) LRL (Long Range Locator), (3) Map Do
wsing, (4) Dowsing, (5) Psychics.
   Some readers, like me, are always looking to learn more about these lesser-known treasure hunting tools and techniques.  I hope to collect some good material for future ne
wsletter articles.

I'd like to make a very public "THANK YOU" to 2 guys that have helped me out a lot lately.
   THANKS to webmaster Lee Hinman for all of his hard work on this ne
wsletter and my new website.
   THANKS to Steve Clemens for organizing all of my notes, disks, and CDs into a very readable CD that is now downloaded into the RESEARCH portion of the website.
   They both have many hours involved in these two projects.

Are you working on a treasure and maybe need some help in the recovery of it?  I might be able to help you.  Email me at:  LostTreasureUSA1@AOL.COM

wsletter contains links to sites on the internet that are owned and operated by third parties.  I am not responsible for the availability of, or the content located on or through any such third-party site.

This ne
wsletter's email address lists are NEVER sold or otherwise made public.  I respect your privacy.

wsletter, and it's website (LOST TREASURE USA) are copyrighted 2003 by Floyd Mann (DBA LOST TREASURE USA).  But, you may (please!) forward it to as many people as you like.  I also suggest you print it off and keep a copy.  Someday it might be a collector's item and you can sell it on EBAY for big bucks!

I can't imagine why you would NOT want a FREE ne
wsletter for treasure hunters twice a month, but if you want to cancel, just email me at optoutnewsletter@losttreasureusa.com and type UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line.

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your FREE subscription to the LOST TREASURE USA twice-monthly ne
wsletter---just let me know and I will cancel your subscription and send you Triple the money you paid for this FREE newsletter.  Fair enough?  I want you to be 100% satisfied!

THANK YOU for reading this far!  I have had fun doing this first ne
wsletter by myself, but I hope to hear from YOU soon.  Give me your ideas, opinions, stories and tips.  Tell me what you want to see in future issues.  I won't be able to acknowledge all emails, but they will be read and considered.  If you liked this newsletter, please forward it to a LOT of people.  If you didn't like it-----hush & don't tell anyone!   I think I have given you enough info to keep you busy for 2 weeks, so:  you'll see me again on your computer screen on March 15th.  Have FUN & Happy Hunting!  



This ne
wsletter is dedicated to the BEST TREASURE that I ever found:  my wonderful wife, TARA.


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