JUNE 15, 2003  VOLUME 1, NUMBER 8

Treasure Hunter's Secret Manual

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FROM THE EDITOR:   Here we go with Issue # 8 !  Thanks for all of the nice emails commenting that the last issue ( #7 ) was the best issue, so far.  Well, I had some good contributions from the readers---that can make a BIG difference !   I received some GOOD stuff for this issue---but MOST of it I had to come up with myself.  Luckily the Internet is a big library of references for me to use !
   Tara asked me to publicly THANK the 60 or so of you that sent her birthday wishes via email.  Unfortunately she works a LOT of hours and she made time to read them, but time was not available for her to answer each one.  I ALSO thank the 2 percent of my subscribers (60) who cared enough about receiving this FREE newsletter to write Tara.  2 out of 100 ?  HMMM.  I won't elaborate on my thoughts about THAT !
   This newsletter contains a LOT of info and links to the internet---it will take you quite some time to get through it !  Have FUN !    FLOYD MANN

BROTHER LANCE:   FOUND !  No longer "lost" !   For two months I have made a good effort at finding my brother Lance.  No one in my family had heard from him in 2 1/2 years.  I asked this newsletter's readers for help and offered a reward of $500.00 for whoever could find him for me.  About ten ( that I know of ) people tried.  I had readers, private eye investigators, psychics, and dowsers trying.  Some came close, and a few came to dead-ends.  FINALLY a lady stepped forward and accepted my challenge !  She said she would find him and she DID !  Therefore:  I highly recommend her !  If you EVER have the need for a private investigator---please contact:

Catherine Dale

P.O. BOX 1101
Jacksonville, AL  36265
(256)-435-7804 FAX

Article & Link submitted by TARA

   The Germans were active in the Gulf of Mexico during the first years of WWII.  Nazi submarines sank 56 ships in the gulf---many near Florida.
   The ELEANOR BOLLING's steel sides withstood the pounding of ice when Admiral Byrd steamed her around Antarctica in 1929.  When she sank off Mexico Beach, Florida in 1942--possibly at the hands of German saboteurs--her reinforced bow remained defiantly above the water, even as the rest of her settled into the silt.  Late this summer, the state Division of Historical Resources wants to place a plaque on the wreck and set up an onshore exhibit to commemorate the ship's history.
   There are thousands of wrecks in our nation's waters.  Underwater archaeology is helping to document, preserve and protect these items of history.  Visit this website to learn more about underwater archaeology and historical archaeology:  http://www.sha.org/index.htm


   If you want to keep up with the activities of the U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Fish and Wildlife, as well as other government agencies that directly or indirectly affect users of public lands, tune in to Dr. Bill Wattenburg on Saturday and Sunday evenings.  His San Francisco based KGO radio 810 AM program is featured on the internet at:  http://www.pushback.com/wattenburg/


   Here is a prospecting club you can join that has about 4,500 acres for club members to explore and prospect on.   http://www.goldrockgem.com

By Randy Sumpter

   I have many years of experience researching treasures across the USA.  I specialize in Pirate, Spanish, KGC and other treasures.  Vast knowledge of historical treasures in Central America, South America and Mexico.  Vast library of books available for research.  You may email me at rio77@mvn.net  with your questions and problems .  My service is FREE of charge for all subscribers of this newsletter.

By Anthony Belli---EldoradoHangman@yahoo.com

   Here's a few leads for you good ol' boys and girls from the great state of Texas!  How bout' 63 million buried in the vicinity of Double Mountain, Stonewall County.  Local research will be extremely valuable here as one man spent 28 years looking for the elusive looted Inca treasure.  Today his grave is said to mark where he believed the treasure to be hidden.  Further, the history of Double Mountain is steeped with legends of highwaymen who cached and hid out in this area.  I'd begin my research with the local historical society or museum.  It should be well-known locally---searchers were still digging in this area into the 1970s.
   Lamar County---It has been a spell since you couldn't get a drink in Paris, Texas, but in 1882 the town's Woman's Christian Temper Union saw to it that no one did.  In short order cowboys, laborers and others drew the last of their pay and moved on.  This migration was along the Great Spanish Road to the Red River, where, in 1832, a wagon train was ambushed by Indians.  They had enough time to bury an undisclosed sum of gold.
  Some of the recently unemployed decided to camp in the area to see if they might be capable of locating the cache.  Soon over 50 men were digging up the vicinity and one even turned up an old map drawn by one of the three survivors.  A month later nothing but a few worthless relics had been found, and the men moved on.
   For nearly a century the lost cache was forgotten, but in the late 1970s renewed interest drew the attention of treasure hunters to this area.  Unfortunately, locals recall that several failed in their research and unknowingly found themselves looking on the wrong road.    Do not confuse the Great Spanish Trail for the Old Spanish Road in the Santa Fe area.  The results from this effort are said to have been fruitless.  The cache is believed to still be in the area.
   This road has much history:  some from Native American oral histories and much of its history has to do with pack wagons, highway robbery, and cached booty.  Local research of the historical societies and county records may bring one closer to several caches believed to be planted in the vicinity.
A Bizarre Tale of Murder and Treasure:   In 1915 a criminal investigation was launched into the murder of a wealthy cattleman and his young son on an isolated farm in Lyon County, Iowa.
   The event stunned the town of Bedford as its citizens watched many of the elderly pillars of the community arrested and charged for a murder that was 47 years old.  Evidence of a cache of $90,000 appeared to be the motive, but much of the cache has never been recovered.
   In the end, all charged in the case were freed as the court ruled that the relentless search for 25 years, rumors of robbery and murder, and the discovery of $42,000 seven years earlier---after the death of a local, once popular, doctor-turned-recluse ( although identified by an eye-witness as one of the killers ) did not constitute holding the surviving suspects on a charge of murder.  Three caches were made on the old farm...one was dug up.
Boomtown:  Golden City, Arkansas  ( Logan County )---In 1886 Logan County was suffering from extreme drought.  In a narrow valley, in the northern Ouachita Mountains, John Redman operated a sawmill along Brushy Creek.  To solve his water shortage he contracted with Raymond Brigance to blast him a deeper well.  As both men were clearing debris from the newly dynamited well, Redman believed that he had found gold in quartz and shipped a sample to Little Rock for assaying.  When the report came back it confirmed that Redman's specimens were rich in gold.
   Redman hired Dr. Guy Lewis, a geologist and mining engineer, and within weeks equipment was erected and work began to open the shaft.  News quickly spread throughout the state and soon news of the Redman Mill Mine was the subject of national news.
  For the next two years the once tranquil valley became inundated with miners, engineers, speculators, media, and the town of Golden City was born.  To celebrate, the townsfolk held a celebration where an estimated 8,000 citizens camped in the Brushy Creek Valley to celebrate the state's most promising center of commerce.
   Golden City rapidly became recognized for it's prosperity, growth and investment potential.  Maybe 1,000 people lived here, business thrived and telephone lines followed, then a post office.  But, by the end of two years, Golden City had become a ghost town.  Nothing remains today---except the 117 year old mystery which killed the town.  ( Look for the full story in an upcoming issue of LOST TREASURE magazine).


  Well---you all know that Tara & I are Rvers.  We live in our Recreation Vehicle ( motorhome ) six to nine months per year.  For 3 years we have traveled from one of Tara's nursing assignments ( she is a travel nurse ) to another.  37 states and 5 Canadian provinces in 3 years !  We just need to hit Hawaii and the northeastern U.S. to get all 50 states.  I receive a FREE "RV TRAVELER" newsletter on Sundays via email.  Even if you do not own a motorhome, I think you might enjoy the guy's website and you just might want to receive his newsletter:  http://www.RVtraveler.com


   Treasure Quest XLT went live with it's online coin auction on November 21,2002 and we already have 113 members and 1075 items sold, to date.  My name is Gregory Bittinger and being a treasure hunter for nearly 15 years I wanted to have a place where the Treasure Hunter could buy or sell their coin and relic finds at auction.
   We have buyers and sellers, from all around the country, who really enjoy dealing with Treasure Quest XLT.  Want to talk Treasure Hunting?  Come to the Treasure Quest XLT forums---my friends and I would love to share our treasure hunting experiences with you.  So, come on over and have some fun---then send me an email and tell me what you think: 
My Treasure Quest XLT website is:  www.treasurequestxlt.com


   Hoang Ho will offer a tour of the Las Vegas Revolutionary War-era sites on Saturday, June 28th at 7 AM.  Meet at the Wal-Mart at Nellis and N. Las Vegas Blvd., near the Del Taco.  Bring along some water and your metal detector and a video camera, if you have one.  We are trying to gather some hard evidence to present to the Clark County or State and the property owners to start a Historic Park.  Should only take a few hours, unless you decide to try some TH-ing.


   Ok friends---here is the HUMOR section of the newsletter.  From May 26th to June 5th there was an auction on EBAY where a person stated that they had found 2 mason jars that contained ghosts !  He broke one---and BAD things happened.  He wanted to sell the other jar, because he did not want to risk breaking it, also.
   Of course---this was a hoax auction, but tens of thousands of people bought into the game and started bidding !  The page counter was a-spinning and the bids went crazy !  I last heard that over a half  million ( probably more ! ) viewed the auction page and the final bid was a hundred million bucks !
  This hoax probably drove EBAY nuts !  Then the copy-cat hoax auctions started !  On the day this auction ended an internet Fan Club of "Ghost in a Jar" was started !  On June 6th there was a known 160+  other related hoax auctions going on !  This thing was spreading like wildfire !  Ha Ha !!  For more FUN details go to these 3 websites !


   Here is a site where you can find virtually all of your prospecting and mining needs all in one place and from the comfort of your home.  http://www.keeneeng.com/home.htm


   These old topo maps might prove useful to you, in your treasure-seeking.  Some of the auctions have expired but if you contact the seller, I'm sure that a lot of the maps are still available.  This site is 14 pages of topo maps---many from before 1900.  http://www.andale.com/gallery?cid=8448591&mid=1


   There actually WAS an Amber Room.  The room was dismantled and stashed away and many searches have been made for this priceless item.  But, Amber Room has become a catch-word to mean all artwork lost or stolen during WWII.  This site has a lot of buttons to click on to learn more about the great Europe/worldwide treasure hunt for many of these long-lost treasures. 


   A treasure of 41 Pirate books on Ebay auction---ends on June 15th, but if they do not get their minimum bid ( $730.00 ) for these books they might just start another auction.  I'd love to own this collection, but it is a bit too much for my wallet !  http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3526559706


   Solving the Oak Island mystery?  Knights Templar?  Secret societies?  These two books might answer some of your questions.  They look interesting---anybody read these books ?


   This story is about 7 pages.  Lost treasure in Colorado's San Luis Valley.  Plus:  there are other stories in this CYBERWEST MAGAZINE.


   If you find it---can you keep it ?  Only if no one except YOU knows about it !  Find it and keep quiet !  Here are 2 "essays" on the laws of treasure trove and the rights of the finder versus the landowner, government and anyone else that decides to put a claim on your newly-found treasure.
THE SLOW DEATH OF THE TREASURE TROVE--http://archaeology.org/online/features/trove/index.html


   This site has 5 pages of good links to other websites offering info on:  metal detecting, coin hunting, gold, specific locations, personal home pages, organizations, maps and publications, and misc.  A LOT of them that I was not aware of---and I know about five hundred sites !  Check it out !


   "You are about to embark on a voyage of discovery.  A voyage in search of a lost and fabulous treasure.  A treasure of incalculable wealth which may even be the resting place of the legendary Holy Grail itself.  A treasure discovered in 1891 by a humble French priest and pillaged ruthlessly by him for almost 26 years.  Join me now in the search for answers to this, one of the world's greatest, unsolved mysteries."  http://www.rennes-discovery.com/


   11 short leads towards treasure:  http://www.indianatraveler.com/Indiana_Lost_Treasures.htm


   Test yourself !  I need to take the test over !  http://www.dcls.org/pirate/


   Gary Speck is the author of the book:  " DUST IN THE WIND--A GUIDE TO AMERICAN GHOST TOWNS" and he has a LOT of web pages dedicated to ghost towns across the U.S.


   Are you STILL looking for the Lost Dutchman Mine ?  This guy has put together a CD of info and old maps that might help you.   www.ironcreekwilly.com 


   Since the 1960s they have been diving on the Spanish shipwrecks in Florida waters & other New World areas.  The website for PLUS ULTRA newsletter has some good pics and info.


   A book by J. Frank Carroll.  In 1865 $500,000-$600,000 arrived in Danville, VA.  What happened to this Confederate loot?  http://amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0933571496/ref=nosim/bestbookbuys00/002-...


   The Winnfield Spanish Treasure.  This website has treasure tales, plus links of interest on restoration and preservation.  http://www.historicsitesandshipwrecks.com/treasure_sites/


   It took 3 pickup trucks and 12 men !  http://www.tricityherald.com/24hour/weird/story/794702p-5676029c.html


   Dan Clark has a work in progress in his website.  Lots of links, pics and stories from all over the world.  http://members.tripod.com/~dlclark/


   Many people enjoy researching treasure stories---even more than actually going out and physically looking for them.  This is the best link I've found on armchair treasure hunts and related puzzles.  http://www.armchair-treasure-hunt.com/


   4 pages of links relating to treasure, buried treasure, metal detecting, treasure hunting, GPS caches, prospecting, and maps:   http://www.bertaut.com/treasurelinks.html


   If you want to plan a great treasure or pirate themed party or get-together this site has a lot of great ideas and some e-books for sale, also.  QUEST EXPERIENCES--THE ULTIMATE DESTINATION FOR ADVENTURE.  http://www.questexperiences.com/Quest2/default.asp

Treasure Hunter's Secret Manual


   Foreign coins, antiquities, treasure, beach hunting:  http://home.parks.lv/modris/


   Nueces Canyon, 16th century artifacts?  Knives, scrapers, drills, pipes and more.  Some nice specimens !   http://www.angelfire.com/tx3/stone3/page2.html


   Spanish treasures, lost mines, possible treasure sites, old trails.  http://www.azhiddentreasures.com/contents.htm



  One of my favorites.  I'm kind of partial to Utah sites !  Good stories and photos. http://www.xmission.com/~jbdaniel/tales.htm


   A three day course.  Learn about the anatomy of shipwrecks, underwater exploration, discovery, and archaeology.  http://www.divingdiscovery.com/ghost.htm


   Civil War gold and other lost treasures.  3 pages, sorted by county.  http://charlestonvoice.netfirms.com/ConfedGoldTreasures.htm


   The 3 best documented Lost Treasure stories of North Georgia.  http://ngeorgia.com/travel/losttreasures.html


   A modern search for silver and gold in Arizona.  5 pages.  http://www.tucsonweekly.com/tw/2002-12-05/curr4.html


   I love to read, but do not have the room for a lot of books---so this website caught my eye.  One of the "Best Sellers" is 10,000 books on 4 CDs.   I think I can find room for that !  They have a lot of similar selections and I think a few of these will make great gifts.  READ ON !  http://www.blackmask.com/catalo/default.php

SPANISH SHIP "La Visitacion"--SANK IN 1550 ?

   Many years ago a ship sank in the Florida Keys.  It went down in deep water, most likely with all hands.  I don't know if it was coming or going, but I know that it has never been touched.
   During the height of the Keys treasure diving, a head boat captain, that sailed out of Whale Harbor and piloted the boat TRADE WINDS, would run over a bump in deep water.  Sometimes he could get on it with no problem and sometimes he couldn't find it for weeks.
   He thought it was a wreck and the treasure hunters in the Keys thought it was the ATOCHA, because of its location off of Lower Matacumbe.
   He convinced a fireman, a charter boat captain and a diver named Jim Conway to see what this bump on the bottom was.  After many attempts to locate the wreck, Jim finally dove upon it.  It was about 60 feet long and 12 feet wide.  It came off of the bottom about 5 or 6 feet. 
   "It had stacks and stacks of cannon on it , two 12-foot anchors on the front of the pile and one a little larger about 35 feet in front of the pile.  The back of the pile disappeared into the sand.  It appeared that the wreck covered and uncovered.  The riffs in the sand were about 1 foot deep, much deeper than any I had ever seen before.  The guns didn't look like regular guns, they didn't have the lumps and bumps growing off them like all of the other iron cannon I saw."  This was a quote by Jim made in 1964 and recorded on cassette by another treasure diver, Martin Meylach.  Jim was also a photographer.  He took all of the underwater pictures for Meylach's book, "Diving To A Flash Of Gold".
   Jim passed away in the summer of 2000.  Until the end his story never changed.
   The wreck was suspected to exist by Meylach, Webber, Haskins, Don Gigiororlo and Mel Fisher.  Fisher approached Jim Conway about this wreck.  Jim was the only person to ever see this wreck.  Meylach looked for this wreck for 3 years.  Years later, Captain Charlie's ranges were given to me.  They were taken out of his range book.  They showed me that Marty and Jim were looking in the wrong place.
   We believe that this wreck could be the Spanish ship La VISITACION that sank in 1550.
   My working partner, Marty Meylach, gave all of the information I have on this to me.
   We started looking for this wreck again in 1990.  We applied for a search permit in 1997.  We have worked on this every season since then.
   In January I was being towed on the anchor line between two buoys that were set up on the strongest mag hits.  I was looking for a ballast pile---what I found was a cigar shape in the sand.  It rose off of the bottom 2 feet and it was 20 feet long and 10 feet wide.  The most interesting thing about it was the fact that it had a current trough, or channel, completely around it.  The channel was about 1 foot lower than the surrounding bottom.  It is also the only area for miles that had vegetables coming out of the sand.
   I didn't know what I was looking at.  Only later did I begin to believe that this was Conway's wreck.  There is something on the bottom that is not part of the bottom.  It is covered with sand.
   I have the numbers to get back to this structure.  I want to raise some capital to continue the project.  I need a boat and a mag.  If you are interested, or can recommend someone that could help with this project, please contact me via email at: 


            The story started then years ago after listening to local land owners all telling the same story of hidden treasures on their property and drawing the areas on maps I realized that the areas in question all lay in a pattern. Gaining the landowner’s permission has taken more time and effort than actually swinging and digging. The search, with the owner’s permission, would encompass over 1,000 acres of private property. Many of the details are omitted due to the landowner’s concerns. But I am at liberty to divulge that the land is in upstate NY along the Mohawk Valley. Many different hunting buddies helped to search the vast area; yet all the hours were unyielding. Anyone else may have felt defeated or discouraged as the time passed by without finding the treasure of the folklore. Of course the time spent searching for the treasure was not wasted, it produced some British and Colonial coppers, military buttons and an array of artifacts and relics.

At the end of March we uncovered the first cache and what was to be just the tip of the treasure. While I was digging-up a flat worn copper up my friend Len waved to me, I signed back “copper” he ran over to me and grabbed my shoulder pulling me along saying, “there’s silver in my hole.” My interest remained with my copper and getting it clean until I saw rocks lifted out of a hole and laying next to it were a half dozen silver pieces. As he handed me a coin he said “I think it’s a pile of Reales,” but the coin need to be cleaned to make that determination. So I rinsed it in a small stream about forty feet away, as the soil washed away the coin shone and my heart raced, I came running back saying “its an American half!” Len in his calm demeanor simply said, “good I got five more.” “Look around here,” said Len pointing 360˚. So I did just that, stepping about six feet away, because Lenny was using his Fisher detector, I turned on my Minelab Sovereign, put it down and right on the spot where there were four 2 Reales, 5 half dollars and 2 quarters. But we found nothing else in the immediate area. As we looked around we wanted to find a pattern or some other indication of where another cache might be located. Originally we thought that the layout of the “spills” were due to a passing horse rider next to loose limestone because of the way in which the coins were found scattered in the ground under the rocks. At the end of the first day, between the two of us, we had found 19 sliver pieces.

The next day we resumed the search. As I stood on the same spot from the day before, I looked out across the dried-up streambed and noticed an obsolete cut through a hill and thought to myself “that looks like the easiest way to pass through this area.” Within 20 minutes of swinging up that trail edge my Sovereign sounded an overload signal, as I brushed the leaves off the surface I saw a rusty knotted-up bicycle chain. I picked it up and rechecked the area, and again my Sovereign gave me an overload signal. What was it?...the rest of the bike? Prying rocks out and digging the loose dirt with my hands then I started to see silver in the hole, by then Len was over my shoulder. What was to happen next is what dreams are made of… About 2” deep I could see the outline of coins, large silver coins with the lettered edges showing, stacked in like poker chips. Once I lifted out the top layers the hole shined silver! It took more than an hour of carefully lifting stacks of coins out of the hole. I was exhausted from the excitement. The thrill of it was way beyond what I can describe. I do carry oil containers with me to put good coins in but there were far too many. I then resorted to setting them on a rag. I tried to continue to hunt but I couldn’t, not only the weight of the silver but I was shaking so much. I was done for the day. But my buddy, Len was saying “come on let’s hunt I didn’t get a cache today.” We left for the day.

            Once we got home we photographed the pile still on the rag (dirt and all!) My wife returned home from work early to find Len and I standing at the kitchen counter downing some suds and on a picture perfect day she knew something was wrong. After responding to several questions as to why we were home, we stepped aside to show her the pile. “Those can’t be real”, is all she said. I said, “if I’m dreaming both of you are too!” The pile turned out to be 163 American Halfs, and 1-1807 8 Reale from one hole. A dream come true! Everyday for the next ten days cashes came to light.

On Easter morning we set out with instructions from my wife to be home in time for dinner with friends and family. Most of the day was slow with very little results. Still hesitant to leave, I had to, I was at home for about a half hour when Len called me on his cell phone from the woods telling me I had better get back here as soon as possible. My wife understood why I had to go, but I couldn’t tell my guests. I grabbed Easter dinner in baggies and ran out of the house and I didn’t stop until I found Len at the “quarter tree” as we named it later. We had our Easter dinner/picnic as he told me of the caches he had just found. Afterward we resumed the hunt well into the night. The exact number of silver we recovered that night, I’m not sure of. Maybe one hundred coins altogether which were mostly American Quarters; hence the name of, “The Quarter Tree.”  Followed by another Easter dinner. We toasted to our success several times that evening.

Throughout the summer and fall we still managed to find some small pockets of stray coins. The caches themselves were hidden by hollowing out holes in loose rocks and under very old trees, which were now mostly fallen and rotted away. That scenario was exactly what happened with the “Spanish pile.” At one time the benefactors of our good fortune stashed a cache of approximately fifty 2-Reales under a tree that was about four feet in diameter at the edge of a rise. The tree had fallen over and within its roots some of the silver had been pulled up and dragged down the hillside, the remaining silver stayed in the depression that was left and quite deep. The stories of these recoveries could go on and on. Memories that we will never forget. The caches have netted, so far, more than 500 silver coins, nothing smaller than 2-Reales, dating from 1773 to 1838, the cache includes 288 American Half Dollars, 112 American Quarters and more than 100 Spanish Silver pieces. Included was one 1794 Half and three 1795 Half’s and there were twenty-five 1809 Half dollars as well as twenty 1807 Half dollars.

As great as all of this sounds, which it is, just about all of the American coins are XF to AU condition due to being buried in hardwood forests that had good drainage and no fertilizers. But the downside to it all is that nearly all the coins are marked with either a punch or a chisel strike in very uniform placements. Some have initials or graffiti scratches on them. Also an 1823 American Half Dollar had the land owners first name scratched on it. When I gave it to him the first thing he said was, “what can I buy with it?” then said, “why’d you put my name on it?…doesn’t that ruin the value?” Putting my nodding head in my hands I told him, “yes it does and I DIDN’T do it, it was done about 180 years ago, it’s just a coincidence.” The marks on the coins lead to several speculations as to who and why it was done, at this time all that I can claim are speculations, possibly a river pirate band, part of a larger stolen cache, settlers traveling the Erie Canal, wealthy landowner, business men, etc. I have more questions than answers and a lot more research to verify before coming to a conclusion.

This spring metal detecting partner, Len, traveled to Keene, New Hampshire, to attend George Streeter’s Bone 9, 2002 Club Hunt and Trade Show.  He had brought only a small sample of our finds to enter the Best Of North East, annual find of the year contest. It won First Place…imagine that! Some people asked him if you found so much why did he only bring some of them to the show. Rumors regarding the validity of that size cache started circulating. Common sense would explain why would anyone would carry a treasure of that magnitude. We had hunted most of the year to be sure we had found the majority of the caches before we got all the coins in one place at one time to do the full scale photo layout. We retained a professional numismatist to broker our coins. He can clean, grade, assess values and find the proper venues in which to fully gain the potential interest in the cache. We do not hold the coins in our possession; due to safety and security. The care necessary to handle pieces of such value has taken a great deal of time, effort and expense. These coins have waited patiently for over 160 years to be recovered. Haste makes waste! Eventually when the conditions merit they’re movement I believe we we’ll be ready. Be careful for what you wish for because it might come true, and then to know what to do comes the real test.

            Len and I are not newcomers to this hobby. I have been detecting for over 30 years. I have been and currently am the Vice-President of Empire State Metal Detecting Association for over 10 years. Len Dancause, as far as I am aware has been detecting for over 20 years and has been the past President of our club for many years. Unfortunately I have had to compose this article with very little input from Len due to his treasure hunting schedule of following the seasons and the sun.

Our club has had many members included in Western & Easterns find of the year issues as well as metal detecting manufacturing sponsorships and national news stories. The finds that are brought in to our meetings each month, shows me without a doubt that we are truly blessed with living in one of the most historically rich areas in the US, if not beyond and I know we will always treasure this.


  In earlier issues of this newsletter I told you about the 590 acre Oklahoma property for sale that had a history of activity involving Jesse James.  There is even the possibility that the land contains caches of loot.  The property was listed in an auction that was to end on June 17th.  But---about a week early---the auction ended !  No explanation.  I suspect that the owners received an offer they could accept and just pulled their offering.  I emailed the owners, but as of this writing I have not received a reply.  I'll report anything I know on this matter---in my next newsletter.


   I believe these three stories were probably intended for young teenagers, but I'll read anything that is about treasure !  If you have a young treasure hunter in your home they might enjoy these adventures.  The first story is short, but the second two are 4 & 5 parts.
THE GOLD MOUNTAIN OF THE PHAROAHS:  http://www.piaspage.com/assets/adventrs/pharoahtreasure1.htm


   This appears to be a true story of an expedition to Mexico:


  Another fun story---16 chapters---69 pages:  http://www.kristensheley.com/bttf/pirateI.html


   A Virginia treasure tale:  http://www.roanokeva.com/stories/seven.html




   Young boys find treasure !  And then---after you read this story--- there are 4 additional treasure stories at the bottom of the page.   http://www.jamesmdeem.com/treasurestory1.htm


   Enter the Mummy Tombs for information about Mummies from Egypt and around the world:


   Clubs, forums, links:   http://www.sscc.com/cts/links.html


   Interested in artifacts, points, & tools ?  This website has some great photos of points they have found and also those of other people:  http://www.geocities.com/southeastartifacts/mypage.html


   Archaeology, treasure hunting,and shipwreck recovery.  A good website to put in your Favorites File:


   About 20 more stories:  http://www.otherplane.com/accounts/th/treadex.htm


   Links to interesting web sites:  http://crvtreasureseeker.tripod.com/links.html


   Mining, caving, railroading, treasure hunting, travel and exploration, wild west:


   A story that appeared in DesertUSA:  http://www.desertusa.com/mag98/april/stories/straher.html


   Inquisitive email leads to treasure discovery:  http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk_news/story/0,3604,245317,00.html


  Your link to many metal detecting/treasure hunting sites---from beginner to expert: 


  Normally I have a prize drawing on the first of each month.  These nice donated prizes seem to be really appreciated by the winners.  Every 3 months I give a metal detector away.  On June 1st I gave away a metal detector ( from Garrett & Accurate Locators ).  Thanks to a generous donation from the South Florida Gold Coast Chapter of the GPAA ( Mitzi Bergrud--President) I am happy to report that we have this "extra" prize drawing !  They donated a prize package ( retail value of over 50 bucks ! ) that includes a gear tote, gold pan, treasure apron, poncho, books,  and mags.  The winning prize number is # 337.  After I hear back from them ( I sent them an email )---I'll announce the winner's name in the next newsletter.  On July first I'll be giving away three more great prizes.  If you have a prize that you would care to donate--please contact me at:  LostTreasureUSA1@AOL.COM 


   The WWATS Mission Statement is:  "Preserve, Promote, and Protect the right to the use of the Land and Natural Resources for "We the People" now and in the future."
   I have been asked ( and I accepted ) to sit on the national board of directors for this rapidly-growing organization.  I urge you to check out our website and please join us---it is FREE ! http://www.wwats.org/sys-tmpl/door/


   Issue # 8 comes to an end !  A bit later than scheduled, but worth the delay, I think !  Send me your contributions, stories, ideas, links, comments, etc.  Don't forget ( new readers ) to check out my website at:  http://www.LostTreasureUSA.com   I'll see you in 2 weeks----you might be able to get through THIS newsletter by then !


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