JUNE 1, 2003  VOLUME 1, NUMBER 7

Treasure Hunter's Secret Manual

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FROM THE EDITOR:   June First ?  Already ?   Here in Florida it has been a GREAT Spring and looks to be shaping up to be a GREAT Summer !  As much as I love producing this newsletter for YOU, it sure is tough to sit here and type ( with one finger ! ) during the daylight hours, when it is SO nice outside our door---on the beach.  Dolphins jumping, manta rays schooling, and oil-drenched, sun-tanned bathing beauties lounging ALL DAY on MY beach !  For some reason, I seem to get more done after sunset each day-hmmmmmmmmmmmm---wonder why !
   Well, we WERE going to pack up and leave here in mid-July, but Tara's hospital offered her an obscene amount of money to stay a little longer---so: we stay !  We will leave Panama City Beach, Florida on August 3rd and drive only ONE of our cars north to Minnesota.  Tara's tiny Pontiac Fiero sportscar gets a rest and can stay in Florida---since we come back to this condo ( Tara's parents ! ---not mine ! ) each winter.  In Minnesota Tara will get her "new" Fiero and we will drive to Utah with THAT car & my Honda---fully packed !  Between Florida and Minnesota we will stop and see some KGC friends in Arkansas and my parents in Independence, Missouri.  In Minnesota---our "baby daughter" Crystal is getting married on August 9th.  We head for Salt Lake City on August 11th and should arrive there by the 15th.  There for 3 months---maybe 4, if I can keep the motorhome's water lines from freezing.  Once in Utah I have a LOT of GREAT spots to visit.  BUT:  in the next 2 months ( here in Florida ), I have 5 spots I need to check out, plus MAYBE a little vacation trip over to Oklahoma and New Mexico in June or July.  But---even with all of this excitement going on--I WILL stay on schedule and get you the newsletter on the first and fifteenth of each month !

LANCE IS STILL MISSING !   In the last two issues, I stated that I was looking for my brother Lance.  Well, I still am !  Several private investigators and a few dowsers tried and failed.  Now a FEMALE P.I. has accepted the challenge !  Yea !  I'm cheering her on !  OH---and now the reward is $500.00 !  For details, contact me ( FLOYD MANN ) at:  LostTreasureUSA1@AOL.COM 

A GREAT U.K. WEBSITE !!   You could spend most of a day reading this guy's website---he has really done a fine job.  Over 60 interesting articles, plus a nice Links page.  Called:  The Successful Beach and Shallow Water Metal Detecting University.   CLICK HERE !   http://www.alanhassell.org.uk/

MILLION DOLLAR NICKEL :   Dealer offers $ 1 million for missing nickel.  For the story: 
CLICK HERE !    http://www.cnn.com/2003/US/Northeast/05/26/million.dollar.nickel.ap/

TREASURE HUNTING ARCHIVES:   Recently the forums on the website at Treasure Net were changed and people have asked how to access the many years of OLD archived messages.  Put this in your Favorites File, so you can refer to it frequently.  Tons & Tons of good info ( in many different categories ) in their archives !  CLICK HERE !


By Dave Sharpe

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   Right now, on EBAY, there is a 590 acre parcel, in Oklahoma, for sale that might just be a former hide-out of Jesse James---and it could still be a depository of treasure !  The minimum bid for this property is $700.00 per acre---total price:  $413,000.00 MINIMUM !  You MUST be pre-approved to bid.  I have expressed an interest in the property and have asked others that might be interested to contact me and tell me how much they would be willing to invest in a limited partnership syndicate.  Example:  if 41 people were to pool $10,000.00 each---the property might be bought.  So far ( with only 16 days left in the auction ) I have heard from 35 other people with "pledges" of $1,000 to $20,000, for a total of $160,000.  This is an average of  $4,571 per potential investor.  I am not soliciting any money at this time---only surveying my readership to see who is interested and who might invest some money in the future, should I form a legal entity to represent a group of investors.  If YOU are interested--please email me at :  LostTreasureUSA1@AOL.COM 
The property is also listed as a Quarry---in a second EBAY listing.  The property has interesting history and is somewhat detailed in the listings.  To learn more about this property, go to:  www.EBAY.com  and first enter this EBAY Item number:  2323558696.   Second:  enter # 2323448322


   Miss the first expedition?  Well, we get a chance to re-live some of the action through an interactive Journey Log on the National Geographic website.
   "When Thomas Jefferson dispatched Lewis and Clark to find a water route across North America and explore the uncharted West, he expected they would encounter woolly mammoths, erupting volcanoes, and a mountain of pure salt.  What they found was no less exciting.  See it all on our journey:  journal entries, photos, drawings and more." 
CLICK HERE ! http://www.nationalgeographic.com/lewisandclark/


   On June 14th there will be a GREAT TREASURE HUNT in Loxahatchee ( near West Palm Beach ), Florida.  Fun and great prizes !  This event is sponsored by the South Florida Gold Coast Chapter of the GPAA ( Gold Prospectors Association of America ). For more info, please email Chapter President Mitzi Bergrud at:  Southstar@Earthlink.net   ------Prizes for this newsletter's July 1st Prize Drawing have been donated by this chapter--THANKS !

By Berny Shomstein

   Hi Floyd.  Thanks for the newsletter.  Can you connect me with somebody in South Florida who is serious about treasure diving?  I'm not new at this.  I worked for Treasure Salvors in Key West, and commercial jobs.
   Now I have my own boat.  I just need some divers.  Thanks. 


   Michael Griffith, one-time "partner" with Hillbilly Bob Brewer and mentioned in Bob's book, SHADOW OF THE SENTINEL, doesn't sound like my idea of a treasure-hunting buddy, but his website does have a few interesting things on it:  CLICK HERE !


By Karen Holliday Tanner
John D. Tanner, Jr.

   A ten page report on some of the escapades of the outlaw Elzy Lay:  CLICK HERE !


WRECKS OF 1816-1818

   For you wreck researchers, there might be some interesting info if you CLICK HERE !


By B.L. Williams

   A true story of the secret rebel mission of Wm. C. Quantrill, Jesse James, Frank James, and Cole Younger to the mountains of eastern Kentucky.  CLICK HERE ! http://www.potterflats.com/suemundy.html



   This website has some good stories on it .  Worth a look !  CLICK HERE !



   For your treasure or metal detecting club.  Mention LOST TREASURE USA and get 10% off of the total price on your first order.  Custom shirts, jackets, etc.  We print yours---or ours.  Silk screen or heat transfer.  We can order wholesale for you---or print yours.  We are not happy until YOU are !  Call: (850)-773-7715

Treasure Hunter's Secret Manual


   We need investors to salvage a ship.  We know where she is, we know there are cannon.  We suspect it is a 16th century Privateer.  If you are interested in this adventure send a letter of inquiry, including your name, address, phone and the amount you might be interested in investing.  We will contact you with proof of the ship and more details.  We need both active and silent partners.
Mail to:  INQUIRY, P.O. Box 784, Cottonwood, AL  36320


   Are you a Treasure Hunter?  A Flea Market Fanatic?  A Junk Yard Junkie?  A Goodwill Groupie?  Then---join the club !  CLICK HERE:  http://www.whatsitworthtoyou.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=treasure.main&act=form&lang=e


   A few of you have been kind enough to send me some articles on the LUE MAP and the KGC.  I really do appreciate it.  I hope to incorporate this material into two stories I am writing.  If you have something you would care to share with me, please email me at:  LostTreasureUSA1@AOL.COM 


   "100 MUST-KNOW TIPS AND SECRETS FOR TREASURE HUNTERS"--- Other FREE downloads:  CLICK HERE:  http://www.waybilltoadventure.com/FREESTUFF.html


   Two of the leading monthly coin magazines have decent websites.  CLICK HERE:  
AND  http://www.coinagemag.com


   The best place to find images of authentic maps, both historical and current, is the Perry-Castenada Library Map Collection of the University of Texas.  This website has more than 2,000 maps from every period and part of the world--- a small sampling of the PCL's holdings of nearly a quarter million maps.  CLICK HERE !  http://www.Lib.utexas.edu/Libs/PCL/Map_collection/Map_collection.html
"The single best source for facts on the NET."  CLICK HERE !  http://www.refdesk.com/
Your Internet Public Library !  CLICK HERE !  http://www.ipl.org/


   COLEMAN is giving away $200.00 a day in camping gear and offering a $2,000 Grand Prize in their "GREAT GEAR GIVEAWAY" on their website:  CLICK HERE !  http://www.coleman.com/coleman/home.asp

Link submitted by "ORO" from Utah

   "Legendary Western outlaw Billy the Kid is supposed to have died after pistol shots rang through the night in the New Mexico desert 122 years ago, and a local sheriff's office has reopened the books on the event to find out who shot whom."  For the complete story:  CLICK HERE ! 


   For a better idea of what the EBAY-listed property looks like, you can access this "slide-show" of a class field trip to the property.  Click on the first picture, enlarge your screen, then ( at the top of the page ) click on NEXT to proceed to the next picture.


   UNESCO and other groups are always accusing "treasure hunters" of looting important archaeological sites---including shipwreck dive sites.  Yes---sometimes people in our hobby DO wreck important sites and give us a bad reputation and make it hard for us to gain access to certain properties.  For a few websites that have discussions and case studies on this looting question, go to www.GOOGLE.com  and type TREASURE HUNTERS LOOTING SITES in the GOOGLE SEARCH window.


   "Remote viewing is a structured, teachable discipline that enlists the unconscious mind to gain direct knowledge about inaccessible targets---about people, places, things or events in the past, present or future."
   To learn more about Remote Viewing ( and how it might help you in treasure hunting ), I suggest you go to the MINDAZZLE! website and click on ALL of the buttons and links. 


   Although this website deals mainly with Florida sites, Matt gives a lot of helpful tips and insight on how to explore dive sites anywhere.  CLICK HERE !  http://www.treasuresites.com/


   MEAN CO. is "selling" their right to harvest "recyclabel  materials" from a site in Las Vegas.  Hoang Ho evidently has filed papers giving him the right to dig on these people's properties---IF they give him permission !  The auction is over, but the rights are still for sale for $10,000.
   I'm STILL confused on what exactly is being offered for sale here---so, YOU check it out and figure it out---then let me know what you think. 
CLICK HERE !  http://www.treasurequestxlt.com/cgi-bin/auction.pl?item=1821053716609



   Hi Floyd !  I have done some serious research on the Lost Pick Mine in Arizona.  Using some archives, and then digitizing the maps, I believe I have the location pinned down.
   I am an avid treasure hunter, miner and prospector...with a geophysical background.  Currently I do remote sensing, for locating minerals, using satellite technology.
   My website is:  www.goldprospecting.net
The last book I wrote is called " SECRET GOLD NUGGET PATCHES OF AZ.--VOL. 1"  I enjoy looking for old lost mines.  Since I have purchased the Rio Grande Press, which has been in business for over 50 years, I have an immense archive of old maps and material, besides my own mining information.  I enjoy your newsletter.  Please keep in touch.   Rod


By Ron Schulte

   Howdy fellow hunters.  In this article ( and maybe future articles ? ) I'd like to tell of some documented wrecks off of the Florida coast.  In this issue lets start with the wreck of the MARY ANDERS in 1796.
   The MARY ANDERS was a British merchant ship.  She was enroute to England from New Orleans.  In her hold was a load of silver.  The captain, being an old salt, knew an impending hurricane was coming and ordered the strongbox ( safe ) taken ashore and buried.  However, when the storm struck, she went down with her load of Spanish silver.  She is believed to be just off shore of Dog Island, on the gulf side, in Saint George Sound.
   Now, if any of our intrepid hunters think that they may want to try their luck, they should get NOAA chart 11405.  You will see that there are many small reefs in this area.  But, the depth of the water is fairly shallow ( in the 20-25 foot range ), on average. 
   Please remember, friends, the laws of the state of Florida.  Be careful in your pursuit.  Adhere to ALL local, state and federal regulations.  In this general area there are no less than 8, or more, wrecks.  Some of them found, some not.  There are also several small islands in the area.  Make sure it is not posted, before you beach on any of them.  Good hunting and be safe.


By Lewis Mitcham

   A long time ago, when the U.S. Government began dividing up the land for the great land grab ( homesteading ), they had a plan to keep track of the land as it acquired owners.  The description was written up in the form of maps called township maps.  They were, for the most part, six miles wide and six miles tall.
   The government surveyors would walk across the land, as they were surveying it, and make notes as they measured out the one mile squares of land called sections.  The township was 36 miles square and the numbers going east and west were called ranges and the numbers going north and south were called townships. 
   I worked for the U.S. Geological Survey for 34 years making maps, and during that time I was reading some of these survey notes and checking the maps they made, and if they were found correct, I would then locate the section lines on the topographic maps ( the red lines ) indicating where the section lines were.
   Many times the surveyor would make a very good map showing such things as stage stops, ranches, houses.  Some even had the name of the owner listed.  They were charged with showing the usefulness of the land----farming, mining, rocky or heavy with timber.
   My most interesting note ( found in Nevada ) was when the surveyor stated that there was gold-bearing quartz off to the left.
   The maps were made in the late 1800's, and what better place to find something that is over 100 years old---than what is on these maps ?  Many a time my armchair research has found a cabin or house from 1872 located in Section 5 and when I look at the newest map of that area, there are no ground signs on where that building was.  So:  I came up with the idea of comparing the old maps with the new maps and came up with the building's location.  What a place to look for treasure---with, or without, a metal detector !
   I found an old cabin in Colorado, on a river, and since it was so close to where I now live, I went to check it out and I found the town of Fort Collins, today.  Many of the buildings I have seen did not even have a road in the area.
   I have platted the location of the Donner Trail across Nevada, and some of the Santa Fe Trail, from the east location across to the west with these survey plats.  You must get the original survey plats, as the newer maps do not have this type of detail on them. 
   The Bureau of Land Management ( BLM ) has these maps on microfilm and if you go to a state office for an area you can look at the film and see what was recorded long ago, and is not on many maps today.  I have ordered a reel of microfilm from the BLM for an entire range, from the top of a state to the bottom of the state, and I have found some neat possible search areas.  In some of the BLM offices you can print out a paper copy right from the microfilm.  These survey maps exist for Oklahoma and most of the Western states.
   I am acquiring Sanborn Fire Insurance maps, at this time, and I find that they also show the outbuildings.  That can be of interest.
   My web page is:  http://www.utahice.com/sanborn.htm


OK !!  Who won the quarterly metal detector prize ?  Patience !  I'll tell you shortly !  How was the drawing conducted ?  WELL:  in the last 2 issues ( & a SPECIAL mailing ) I gave EVERYONE a chance to register for this drawing by just clicking REPLY on their keyboard !  Easy enough ( so, I thought ! ), but only 29% ( less than 1 in 3 ! ) entered.  So:  of the 753 registered contestants, I instructed my webmaster to select these 3 subscriber numbers:  #777, #444, #333 and see if they had registered for the contest.  If #777 HAD registered he/she would have been the winner !  NOT !!  SORRY !  On to my second number: #444---YES !  A registered contestant !  A WINNER !!  #333 had also registered and would have been the WINNER---if #444 had NOT registered.  NOTE:  a subscriber's "number" can change daily as we add our NEW subscribers.  Tomorrow #444 will be a different subscriber !  So---I believe this was a VERY fair contest and I must say that I am REALLY relieved that NONE of the approximately 500 subscribers that I actually know DID NOT WIN !  That might have raised some eyebrows---especially if  my wife,Tara, had won !  Ha Ha !!
  THE WINNER IS:  Charles Pendola of  Bandera, Texas.  He is still deciding if he wants a Garrett OR a Bounty Hunter !  Congrats to Charles !
   On July 1st I'll have some GREAT prizes---and you don't have to do anything to win

By Larry Schick LKSHICK@ptdprolog.net

1.  GOLD! Complete 1969-1977.  18 Issues.  These were annual special publications in which articles from out of print issues of True West Magazine were re-printed.  Stories feature Lost Mines, Hidden Treasures, Gold Rush, and much more. A wonderful collection of the stories welove to read.  All are in Excellent to New condition and are Rarely Offered as a Complete Set. $250 includes UPS shipping in the US.


2.  GOLD! First Edition, 1969.  The most difficult issue to find. Has minor flaws on the edge of the cover.  Very Scarce. $25.00 shipped in the US.


3.  True West Magazine, Early Issues as follows:

            #1 Summer 1953.  Cover is Excellent.  2 or 3 pages have Scotch Tape repair.

            #2 Fall 1953 2 copies with No Flaws

            #4 Spring 1954  Could be better, cover scuffed and has small creases.  Still all pages intact.

            #5 Sept 1954 Excellent.

            #6 Nov 1954 Excellent.

            #7 Jan 1955 Excellent except for a ½" tear in the cover near one staple.

            #8 Apr 1955 Excellent.

            #9 June 1955 Excellent.

            #10 Aug 1955 2 Copies, Both Excellent, One has mailing label  on front cover.

            #11 Oct 1955 2 Copies, One Excellent, one a little rough with scuffs and creases.

            #12 Dec 1955 Excellent

            #22 Aug 1957 Excellent

            #27 June 1958 Excellent, mailing label  on back cover.


A note about all of these magazines.  Because of the age and the paper used originally to print them, there is to be expected natural yellowing, especially around the edges.  None have loose or torn pages unless noted.


This will make a great starter collection or a fine addition to any old west treasure library. 


Offered as a lot of 16 magazines and shipped by UPS to you in the US for just $300.


4.  Life Magazine, June 12, 1964.  This is the issue with the first published report and photos of the Peralta Stones.  Average condition, but still interesting reading and collectable. $6.00 plus Media Mail postage.


5.  Sold


6.  Book.  “Four Days from Fort Wingate” by Richard French, 1994, First Edition.  The Lost Adams Diggings research and claimed find are chronicled. $5.00 + Media Mail.


7.  Book.  “Nevada Ghost Towns and Mining Camps”, by Stanley W. Paher, 1970.  700 photos, maps, index, appendix and bibliography.  Dust Jacket is ratty, but the book is in great shape. $15.00 + Media Mail.


8.  Book.  Very Rare First Edition, “Spanish Gold and the Lost Dutchman” by Ludwig G. Rosecranz.  Very Clean, intact, no torn pages.  Has Dark Green Border and Red Lettering on Cover.  Overall an outstanding investment and a good read. $100 post paid.


9.  Book.  “Ghost Towns of the Cripple Creek District”, by Leland Feitz.  48 pages of photos and history. $10.00 post paid.


10.  Book.  “Gem Hunter’s Atlas Southwest”, by H. Cyril Johnson, 4th edition, 1960.  33 pages of annotated maps showing gem and mineral locations.  Useful.  Cover is a  little dirty but the maps are great. $5.00 postpaid.


11.  Sold


12.  Book.  “Ghosts of the Glory Trail” by Nell Marburger.  Intimate glimpses into the past and present (1956) of 275 Western Ghost towns. $6.00 + Media Mail.


13.  Book.  “Silver Queen - The Fabulous Story of Baby Doe Tabor”, by Caroline Bancroft, 1980.  Photo illustrated saga of rags-to-riches-to-rags life of one of the West’s famous characters. $3.00 + Media Mail.


14.  Book.  “Coronado’s Children” by J. Frank Dobie.  Tales of Lost Mines and Buried Treasures of the Southwest.  Paperback, 1998 reprint of the 1930 classic.  Should be in every treasure hunter’s library.  Like New. $4.00 plus Media Mail.


15.  Book.  “Apache Gold and Yacqui Silver” by J. Frank Dobie, 1996 reprint of the 1928 original.  Like New paperback. $4.00 plus Media Mail.


16.  Book.  Quest for the Dutchman’s Gold” by Robert Sikorsky.  Tales of searching for LDM in the party of Celeste Jones in the 1960s. Generally regarded as a well written and accurate record. $5.00 plus Media Mail.


17.  Book.  “Hunting Lost Mines by Helicopter” by Erle Stanley Gardner.  Adventures in the American Desert. $10.00 + Media Mail.


18.  Book.  “Western Ghost Town Shadows” by Lambert Florin, 1964, First Edition.  Ex Library copy.  Florin’s outstanding photos and narrative of about 45 ghosts.  4th in a series.  Overall very good condition. $12.00 + Media Mail.


19.  Book.  “The Lost Dutchman Mine” by Sims Ely. First Edition, 1953.  Dust jacket is a little rough, pages clean and intact. $18.00 + Media Mail.


20.  Book.  “The Lost Dutchman Mine” by Sims Ely. Fourth Printing, 1960.

Minor scuffs on dust jacket, otherwise as new. $10.00 + Media Mail.


21.  Book.  “The Lost Dutchman’s Mine of Jacob Waltz Part 1: The Golden Dream”, by T. E. Glover.  Paper back First Edition, 1998.  Scholarly work traces the history of the legend.  Like New. $9.00 + Media Mail.


22.  Book.  “The Story of Superstition Mountain and The Lost Dutchman Gold Mine” by Robert Joseph Allen, paperback, 1977. $2.00 + Media Mail.


23.  Book.  “Quest for Peralta Gold”, by John V. Ramses, 1999-2000.   A hidden History of Red Mountain.  Ramses claims to have deciphered the Perfil Mapa and located the Sombrero Mine.  Well written and informative.  Like New. $10.00 + Media Mail.


24.  Book.  “Minerals of Arizona”, by F. W. Galbraith and D. J. Brennan, 1959.  Technical description of minerals and locations in AZ. $3.00 + Media Mail.


25 Book.  “1994 Gold Prospector’s Mining Guide” by GPAA.  Paperback. $5.00 + Media Mail.


Please e-mail me at LKSHICK@ptdprolog.net  to reserve any of these items and for instructions on making payment.  Satisfaction guaranteed.


   Well:  Issue # 7 grinds to an end.  Thanks for ALL of the submitted links and articles.  Sure helps me out !  NOW:  start sending  me YOUR articles and links for the June 15th newsletter: 
Hopefully you have noticed that ALL of my newsletters have been pop-up AND ad-free.  I have NOT received any money for promoting ANY of the websites, articles, or stories.  I will only print the things that I think my readership will learn from and enjoy.  Some submitted stuff does not make it to this newsletter !  Some of the BEST sites have deserved more than one mention and maybe even a LINK on my website---whether they returned the favor to me---or NOT !!  I do not check.  Some budding entrepreneurs have asked to pay for ads---no !  Just send me the ads---my philosophy has changed---I would rather YOU keep your money & be successful.  THAT will be my payment !
   Remember:  if you ever need ANY help in locating YOUR treasure---Contact me !  My services are FREE !    Have a GREAT summer !  FLOYD MANN

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