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MAY 1, 2003    VOLUME 1, NUMBER 5

Treasure Hunter's Secret Manual

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FROM THE EDITOR:   Hello to ALL readers!  Besides the United States, I now have readers in 11 other countries.  I'm going to conquer the world!  Ha Ha!!  In this issue I have several submissions from current readers, but I am now requesting submissions for Issue #6 (May 15th), so please send me a tale or article!   THANKS!!  A "WELCOME" to the 150 plus new subscribers who have signed up in the past 2 weeks!  I appreciate everyone's efforts to forward this newsletter to their friends.  Again---more readers equals more submissions of info to this newsletter and that benefits YOU.  Weather here in Florida has been GREAT lately, so I'm getting a LOT of exercise chasing treasures!  In about 9 weeks we (Tara & I) get to move back to Utah for about 4 months and I've got 4 different treasure possibilities to investigate.  After that?  Who knows!

REWARD FOR INFORMATION! :   I am looking for my step-brother:  LANCE AVERY HECKENLIVELY.  Last heard from in Bellingham, Washington--possibly working for one of the ferry-boat companies---about 3 years ago.  Lance is about 42, white male, about 5'8", 240 lbs.  A loner, likes to work temporary service jobs (Manpower, Kelly, Snelling, etc.) for daily pay. I'm pretty positive he does not have a phone, checking account or drivers license and I do not have his SS#.  Might also be near San Antonio or Denver.  I have several people helping me now, but I thought I would throw it out there to several thousand readers---and MAYBE someone can help?  $250.00 to first person who gives me a current address, phone or workplace for LANCE!   LostTreasureUSA1@AOL.COM  

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TREASURE FOUND! ---OWNERSHIP DEBATED!:  An interesting problem!  How do YOU think this court case will end up?  

THREE MISC. SITES:   This past week I became aware of these 3 sites and I thought I would pass them on to YOU.  (1)  "A community of folks interested in the hobby of detecting and treasure hunting”:  www.MyTreasureSpot.com    (2)  "With so much natural beauty in our state, relax, take a break, turn off that computer, get outside, and enjoy the great outdoors!"  :  www.texasoutside.com    (3)  "Your hunt just got better.  The Target Buddy allows use to leave the site as you found it." : 

The following stories have been sent to me, for this newsletter, by some of my readers.  I encourage YOU to think of some story or article that you can submit.  Read on and ENJOY!

By Anthony Belli

   LAKE COUNTY, TENNESSEE.  During the Civil War, Alexander F. Beckham was known to be one of the wealthiest men in the South.  He was known to handle all of his business affairs in gold, and he strictly distrusted banks.  His mansion sat among a large grove of oak trees two miles north of Tiptonville, not far from the Mississippi River.
   Federal soldiers raided the Beckham place on May 26, 1863 intending to rob the family of its fortune.  The soldiers held Beckham at gunpoint, while beating his children, telling him to reveal the location of his cache and they would stop.  Beckham refused.  While the soldiers left empty-handed, it wasn't before they had put a bullet through Beckham's head, killing him outright.
   Mrs. Beckham, a widow with three children, was forced to sell the home in order to raise some cash for the family to get by on, as her husband never told her where his wealth was buried.  In 1925 the home again sold and was torn down.  While its foundation can still be found in the grove of oaks, nothing else remains.  Somewhere near the foundation lies the Beckham family fortune, consigned to Mother Earth.

By Anthony Belli

   BUTTE COUNTY, SOUTH DAKOTA.  A mining party, returning from Wyoming in 1876, was attacked by Indians east of Belle Fourche.  They claimed that $160,000 in gold was buried just prior to having been attacked.  Survivors of the initial attack spent several days hiding from the Indians, before returning to the burial site to recover the gold, but they could not find the exact site.  This cache has yet to be found.

By Anthony Belli

   CUSTER COUNTY, SOUTH DAKOTA.  The first bank in the town of Custer was opened in 1876 by Cole Bratton.  While looting his own bank of some $200,000 in gold dust and nuggets and transporting it in the vicinity of Clearwater Springs, in the Council Hills southeast of Custer, Bratton was murdered and robbed by highwayman Deter Gilman.  Gilman buried the loot nearby and returned to town.  Gilman was found out, arrested, tried and hanged--without giving up the booty.  It has remained buried ever since.

By Sandra Thompson

   Comanches and Apaches visited the region and made jewelry out of the pure silver that is known as the Bowie Mine.  The mine was first visited by white men in 1756.  A cache of silver bars, smelted, were discovered buried on a ranch as late as 1990.
   A military expedition, led by Lt.-General Don Bernardo de Miranda, in 1756, left the village of San Fernando ( known today as San Antonio ) to look for minerals.  They set up camp after traveling, for 8 days, on Honey Creek, a tributary of the Llano River.
   After resting for a few days Miranda, and some of the miners traveling with him, set out to explore.  After crossing the Llano River, and traveling some 15-20 miles north, they crossed the San Saba River.  In the canyons and ravines, they discovered a cavern.  After entering the cavern with lit torches they discovered veins of silver.  Miranda went back to San Fernando with chunks of the rock containing the ore.  Miranda agreed with the Mexican government to share in the cost to return to the silver mine and set up a settlement.
   The authorization took so long that Miranda left San Fernando for east Texas and was never heard from again.  The Mexican government lost interest in the mine.
   One story about the mine (never verified) involves priests establishing a mission in the same area, to convert Apaches and Comanches to Christianity.  It is said that the priests discovered an Indian silver mine, lost interest to teach the natives, and extracted and mined the ore.
   Upon hearing about the priest's activity, the Mexican government sent soldiers to the mission.  A war party of Comanches attacked and killed everyone in the settlement.
   Geologists, ranchers, prospectors, etc. have reported seeing the ruins of the old mission, but the silver mine remains elusive.


   Harp Perry, with his friends and laborers, mined silver in the area of the San Saba and the Llano Rivers.  Perry and the Mexican laborers traveled to San Antonio with burros loaded down with silver about every three weeks.  Converting the silver to coins, Perry deposited the coins in several banks.  Perry also buried silver bars near the camp.
   Perry and two others were the only survivors of a Comanche raid in 1834.  Perry went to Mexico.  In 1865 Perry's money was running low so he decided to return to the mine.  He especially wanted to recover 1,200 lbs. of bullion cached on a high hill near the smelter.  Thirty years earlier, before Perry left Texas, he had marked the site well.  The treasure was buried 75 yards from a spring, in a direct line between the spring and a pin oak tree with a knothole that had been filled with a rock.
   When Perry returned, large cattle ranches, towns and settlements had changed the countryside.  Perry hired a guide, but never found the buried silver, and left Texas for Oklahoma.
   In 1879 a man by the name of Medlin, worked for a sheep rancher in the hills of Llano.  The sheepherder found sites that looked like abandoned mines.  He saw a smelter and a oak tree with a rock in a knot hole, but never hearing of Perry's treasure cache, he passed over the area.
   One of Texas' famous characters, a fallen hero of the Alamo, Jim Bowie, may have extracted ore from the San Saba Mines.  Bowie heard of the Apaches visiting San Antonio and trading silver for guns and goods and decided to visit San Antonio.  There, he bought an expensive rifle to trade to the Apache chief, Xolic, to gain his friendship.  Bowie left San Antonio with Xolic to learn the source of the silver.  After learning the location of the mine, Bowie went back to San Antonio to gather men to help mine the silver.  He returned to the mine and about a month later the camp was attacked.  Bowie returned to San Antonio and again made plans to return to the mines, but he was killed at the Alamo.
   In 1852 a trader purchased a female captive from the Indians.  She had been stolen from her home in Mexico.  The trader took her to San Antonio and set her free.  The woman told tales of the silver of the San Saba mines, which was reported in local newspapers.  She told of the mission, the San Saba River, a creek called Los Moros and the silver from the mines which was used for making jewelry.


   Comanche raids near Lampasas were robbing ranchers of their cattle.  About 20 ranchers pursued the Indians to recover their losses.  Adam Beasley was among the group.
   The group followed the Comanches across the Colorado River toward San Saba.  After camping one evening, Beasley awoke to find his horse missing.  After searching for a couple of hours, Beasley found his horse at the bottom of a ravine near a small spring.  Leading his horse back to camp, he noticed a cave in an adjacent ravine.  Beasley bundled grasses to make a torch and entered the cave.  There he found veins of silver, old tools and evidence of mining.
   Beasley told no one of his discovery.  Renegade Comanches and cattle ranching kept him from returning to the cave. 
   Later Beasley moved to Tennessee and married.  He thought about the cave often.  Finally he told his wife and they returned to Texas where they bought a ranch near San Saba, McCulloh and Mason.
   After getting established, Beasley decided to search for the cave he had discovered three years earlier.  After searching for many days, Beasley gave up.
   The San Saba Mines, the Bowie Mines, and the Beasley cave with silver veins might all be the same.
   Since 1756 many treasure hunters, geologists, ranchers and adventurers have searched the San Saba region for the treasure.
   Has anyone found it ?

BRITISH COINS 1675 & 1717
By Jerry Gannon
   Winter storms have really eroded many beaches along the New Jersey shore and have opened up Mother Nature's treasure chest.  While metal detecting in Cape May, NJ I found several old colonial coins.  First, after a late October storm that severely eroded beaches to the bottom clay surface, I found a 1675 British Half Penny that was readable, but had severe wear.  When I picked up the coin one side was smooth and the other side was rough.  I could barely make out the date, and was surprised later to see the 1675 date under magnification.  I had never found a coin that old in the seven years I have been metal detecting.
   After doing some research I found out that there were English, Dutch and Quakers there from 1616.  I'm not sure if this coin washed up from a local shipwreck or was dropped on the beach 328 years ago.  But, after doing some research and considering the condition of the coin, I figured it was probably dropped there.
   After a strong Nor-easter storm in February made shambles of local Cape May beaches, I went metal detecting and found a 1717 British Half Penny about 25 feet from where I found the 1675 coin.  The 1717 coin was badly eroded on both sides and looked like it had washed in on the storm surge.  On that day I found about 10 coins dating from 1717-1879.  I also found many old keys, buckles and pieces of china.  I can say from experience that in the past seven years I have never seen the beaches in Cape May in worst shape than last year.

By Ron Schulte

   In Connecticut, off the coast of Milford, is an island now called Charles Island.  This island has a very rich history.  This entire area is rich with treasure tales.  It was a hot set during the Revolutionary War.  Even though I now live in Florida, I grew up in Milford and enjoyed searching this island.
   (Taken from CT Magazine:  Intriguing History & Mystery)
   February 1, 1639 is the date that the area then known as "Wepawaug" was purchased from Ansantawae, chief sachem of the Paugusset Tribe.  Settlers began arriving shortly thereafter and began to build the town known as Milford.  Townspeople played a part in the development of the United States.  Adventurers from Milford reached out and founded several other communities and explored afar.
   Buried treasure is said to exist on a small island the Indians called "Poquahaug" , just a mile off Silver Sands Beach.  It is a recognized fact that Captain Kidd and other pirates sailed and hid along the Connecticut coast.  It is no wonder that iron chests filled with "loot" are rumored to be buried on the land called Charles Island! 
   The early history of Silver Sands focuses on Charles Island.  The island is connected to the mainland by a sand/gravel bar ( tombolo ) that is submerged at high tide.  Captain Kidd is reputed to have buried his treasure on the island in 1699.  The only remains on the island are of a Catholic retreat center from the 1920's-1930's.  The island's interior is closed May 1 through August 31 to protect the heron and egret rookeries.

By "Hawkeye" Marie

   I have only been detecting for about a year and a half.  Many people go to the beach, but I concentrate my detecting near the dunes.  I find this very rewarding.  I stayed there for a weekend and I hunted for 4 hours.  My finds were:  3 watches, a gold band, 2 gold bracelets, a man's Indian ring and a gold diamond necklace----plus $50.00 in cash !  I am on my fourth detector and I am enjoying it more and more each time I go out.  My family calls me "Hawkeye".  Have fun & be safe.

By Tom Hoff

(Taken from Michael Paul Henson's "AMERICA'S LOST TREASURES")

   There is a old story that Spaniards buried treasure at the southern tip of St. Joseph's Island, near Falso Live Oak Point.  They then got wiped out by hostile natives.
   A platinum mine is located on the east fork of the Brazos River.  Two prospectors were working the mine and were killed by Indians and the location was never revealed.
   A Brownsville man buried $40,000 in gold under his campfire, before taking off from bandits he spotted.  After being caught and tortured, he escaped, but could never find the spot.  It is just south of Beeville, Texas, between two oak trees.
   In 1891 a passenger train was robbed of $50,000 by 6 men.  The Texas Rangers caught them a few days later.  One of the bandits said the money was buried near Sue Peak, in Brewster County.
   Mose Jackson buried money by his cabin in the southeast section of Mills County, before his untimely death.
   April 21, 1836, just a few miles north of the Brinso house, west of La Porte, Ge. Sam Houston surprised Santa Ana's army.  The Mexican army's funds were buried there.
   Coronado's treasure ( ??? ) was possibly/allegedly buried in an 80 acre pasture near Clyde, midway between Abilene and Cisco.
   Espanta Lake has several stories of gold and silver buried around or falling into the lake.

Treasure Hunter's Secret Manual

By Bill Forte

   There have been numerous articles written about the Madre Vena Cave located here in northwest Arkansas, so I thought I would try to clear the air about it.  Sometime in the 1950's someone from Oklahoma broke the large rock with the treasure signs and removed it from the cave entrance.  Very few people now know of the cave entrance.
   L.L. "Abe" Lincoln took me under his wing, a few years before he passed away, and told me a lot about the treasures hidden in this part of the country.  One particular thing he mentioned was the Madre Vena Cave.  He had seen the rock before it was removed and had actually looked for the treasure in the cave.  I went into the cave by myself, definitely a no-no, and looked around.  The next week my son and I returned.  In the meantime a 30-ton chunk of the ceiling had fallen to the floor so we left.
   I finally went back there with another fellow today and the cave entrance is barred with a frame welded from 2 inch black pipe and a notice from the great state of Arkansas that it was now a site for the preservation of the endangered Arkansas blind cave fish.  Floyd, every stupid cave in the Ozarks with a pool of water is literally crawling with blind cave fish.  Endangered?  Not a bit of truth to it.
   Since it is now out of bounds, I thought I would pass it on and maybe you can tell your readers that they can take it off of their list of treasure sites.  There are more like that one.  One cave , near Fort Smith, was dynamited shut by the fish and wildlife commission, and to add insult to injury, they dumped 200 diamond-back rattlesnakes in the area for pest control.  I wonder what pests they had in mind.
   I will try to keep you informed of anything else I stumble across.

By Harley Bissell

Hi Floyd---here is that list I promised you---in chronological order:
(1)   DEEP SIX, and other books, byHoward Shelton, Clearwater, Fl., 1960, 100 pages.
(2)   TREASURE HUNTERS LIST OF SOURCE MATERIALS by Research Associates, Perth Amboy, NJ, 1965
(3)   TREASURE HUNTERS INDEX TO PERIODICALS by James Fitz-James, Houston, TX, H.S. Ratliff, 1969
(4)   1200 TREASURE BOOKS--A bibliography by Jesse E. Rascoe, Ft. Davis, TX, Frontier Books, 1970, 59 pages
(7)   LOST MINES AND BURIED TREASURES OF THE WEST, by Thomas Y. Probert, Univ. of CA. Press--Berkeley, 1977
(8)   A MOTIF INDEX FOR LOST MINES AND TREASURES, by Byrd Howell Granger, Tucson, AZ., Arizona Press, 1977, 277 pages
(10)  TREASURE HUNTING BIBLIOGRAPHY AND INDEX TO PERIODICAL ARTICLES, by John H. Reed, Research and Discovery Publications, Gibson, LA., 1989, 424 pages
(12)  THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO TREASURE HUNTING RESOURCES, by Ken & Amy Livermore, 2003.  This CD lists about 750 books


By Jeffrey Kramer


By Bob Brewer and Warren Getler

( A "REVIEW" by this newsletter's editor---FLOYD MANN )

   It's no big secret that the story of the KGC ( Knights of the Golden Circle ) is my favorite treasure story.  It has intrigued  me from the first day I read about it over ten years ago.  Since then I have collected hundreds of pages of information on the KGC.  Recently I have posted my opinions on this NEW book on several forums and two issues ago ( #3 ) I wrote a short piece in this newsletter.  So:  some of this may be a repeat to some readers, but all of the new subscribers have not read about this book.  I will be doing some "quotes" from my previous posts , the book itself, and other reviews.
   I really liked this book and I do not hesitate recommending it to others that are interested in the KGC.  In fact:  if you do not have this book, you are missing the TRUE story of the KGC.  There are things mentioned in this book that will amaze you and have you shaking your head.  I have read the book twice during the past month and have just started it again---for a third reading.
  I sent a review to Amazon Books, but it has not been printed as of 4/28----maybe by the time you read this it will be on their order page for this book.  Well:  what is this book about ?
   "This is the story of Bob Brewer's discovery of the mysterious world of the Knights of the Golden Circle and the secret society that guarded its carefully buried treasure across the South and West.
   For decades, Bob Brewer has researched and explored the legacy of the Knights of the Golden Circle, a Civil War-era underground organization that hid gold coins, and other treasure, in hopes of someday financing a second war of rebellion.  Brewer's quest began when he discovered that his great uncle and uncle had been sentinels, men whose mission was to guard the buried treasure from intruders.  This closed society of sentinels relied on a system of codes and symbols, drawn largely from Masonic ritual, to identify one another and the secret burial sites.
   SHADOW OF THE SENTINEL describes how Brewer finally cracked the elaborate code to identify treasure sites across the South and West---and eventually to recover caches of gold coins.  It illuminates the clandestine history of the of the KGC and sheds light on the notorious Jesse James, providing fascinating evidence that James' legendary train robberies were in fact performed on behalf of the KGC.  Interweaving Brewer's compelling personal story with that of his Arkansas forebears, SHADOW OF THE SENTINEL is a rousing and provocative adventure that transports us into a shadowy world as it reveals a little-known episode in American history."
   From PUBLISHERS WEEKLY:  " In the end, this is a curiosity that will strain many readers' credibility, but leave a lingering "Maybe."  Photos, maps. "
   From FLOYD:  "  If you buy this book and do not like it---or do not wish to keep it---I will buy it from you !  I believe that in the future this book will gain in value.  Another book about the KGC that originally sold for $10.00 now sells for $350.00---if you can locate a copy !  More on that book later."
   If you will read this book with an open mind you will learn and come to believe that our history books were wrong and that many "Spanish" or "Indian"  treasure signs that we have been chasing are actually KGC signs !  A convincing argument--backed by documentation-- is made that many caches have been recovered and MANY remain to be recovered.  Some readers will be unhappy to learn that for many years they have been looking in all of the wrong places.
   Brewer tells how he deciphers maps and clues and has recovered caches.  He also tells how he was ripped off by a partner that kept the ENTIRE $16 million for himself !
   Just a few things you will learn from this book:  (1) Jesse James was not killed as history books say.  He lived MANY years afterwards and was the KGC's leader in later  years.  He robbed to add money to the KGC caches scattered around the country., (2)  There probably never was a Lost Dutchman Mine, (3)  The KGC loved to incorporate "Spanish" signs into some of their maps and clues---and, in fact, were treasure hunters themselves., (4) Many high-ranking officials of our government and society were KGC agents., (5) Lincoln was shot by WHO ??, (6) PLUS---LOTS MORE.
   After I read SHADOW OF THE SENTINEL I was compelled to find a copy of JESSE JAMES WAS ONE OF HIS NAMES---another book about the KGC.  These books are rare to find, but I feel they are worth the price.  The combination of these two books should be enough information on the KGC and the possibility of being able to recognize KGC signs, when you find them, that you will be in the top percentile of knowledgeable KGC cache hunters.
  According to the book JESSE JAMES WAS ONE OF HIS NAMES this was "the greatest cover-up in history by the famous outlaw who lived 73 incredible lives ( alias' )."  Written by Del Schrader ( with Jesse James III ), Library of Congress Catalogue Card # 74-33962, Santa Anita Press, Arcadia, CA, 1975.  Over $300 BILLION (thats right---BILLION !), in hundreds of caches, are scattered around the U.S. and other countries.  If you REALLY want a copy of this book--( For $350.00 )--write me at: 
   To order YOUR copy of SHADOW OF THE SENTINEL (I ordered 7 copies !)---

By Leanne Boyd

(A "REVIEW" from this newsletter's editor:  FLOYD MANN)

      I subscribe to a GREAT newsletter that I highly suggest and recommend to YOU!  THE WAYBILL TO ADVENTURE GAZETTE is produced by Leanne Boyd---and it is FREE !  It is sent by email and I print each issue and refer to back copies, as needed.  Leanne is the daughter of Glenn Carson ( author of more than a few books about treasure hunting ) and she will gladly put your email address on her mailing list.   While you are ordering your FREE newsletter, take a little time to look through their entire website and then Bookmark it to your FAVORITES---as I have.  LOTS of interesting info and books there.  
  Besides the FREE newsletter, Leanne is offering you a FREE E-BOOK !  100 MUST-KNOW TIPS & SECRETS FOR TREASURE HUNTERS.  www.waybilltoadventure.com/SuccessToolkit/100Tips.html

The absolute BEST bargain on their website is a great E-BOOK for less than ten bucks !  Leanne has a dynamite E-book called BIG BUCKS IN TREASURE HUNTING (TM), VOLUME 101.  In this E-book you will learn the whole truth about treasure hunting success.  Many treasure hunters are silently finding caches and profiting thousands of dollars each month.  This is a simplified blueprint for success as a treasure hunter.  You will learn many techniques for serious treasure hunters.
   For a nice introduction to what you can expect to find in this E-book, please go to:
   There are treasures hidden near you.  Some are just small caches, but some might be HUGE.  Don't  you want to know how you can have the "inside track" to being the one person in your town that people will turn to when they need a cache recovered?  Don't you want to have "inside knowledge" that the other treasure hunters in your town will not get access to ?  Don't you want to increase your recovery rate and make some serious money?  Don't you think that this type of information is worth HUNDREDS of dollars and that just TEN dollars is one heck of a bargain?  Then take action and order today.  

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