APRIL 15, 2003    VOLUME 1, NUMBER 4

Treasure Hunter's Secret Manual

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FROM THE EDITOR:   GREETINGS!  Welcome to the 4th issue of this newsletter.  I FINALLY got my new computer and it will surely make the production of this newsletter easier.  But the writing and typing still takes a long time!  Seems I just get one newsletter done and I'm starting on the next one.  Yes---it DOES take me two weeks to do a newsletter!
   Over 2,000 readers and very little in submissions.  Seems strange to me.  I thought I would be swamped with stories or news bits.  Silly me!  Oh well, I'll keep trying to fill these newsletters with good stuff to read and hope I don't run out of material.  If you have something you would like to share, please email me at 
And NOW----on with the SHOW!

PRIZES! :   On April 1st I gave away 3 great books, in a random drawing.  On May 1st I'll give away these 3 GREAT prizes:  (1)  3-in-1 knife with leather sheath, (2)  Metal Detecting Video: "DIGGIN IT" The Easy Way To Riches, (3)  Gold Nugget Coin Pouch--authentic Aussie Kangaroo Scrotum.
   As a subscriber to this newsletter you are automatically entered in the drawing.  Each subscriber has a number assigned to them.  On April 1st I randomly chose the numbers of 700, 1400, 2100---then I checked the list to see who had won!
   You can EARN a second entry in the 5/1 drawing by either emailing me the email addresses of 5 of your treasure hunting buddies ( that you think might enjoy receiving this FREE twice-monthly newsletter )---OR:  post a positive comment on another treasure forum, OR:  advertise this newsletter and my website on YOUR website, or through some other means.  Let me know!   THANKS!

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CLASSIFIED ADS:   Starting with the May 1st issue of this newsletter, you have the opportunity to advertise your "For Sale", "Item Wanted", "Info Needed", etc ads.  This is a cheap way to reach a large amount of treasure hunters!
   Text only (no photos or graphics) ads can be accepted.  100 word limit.  Cost:  $3.00 per ad, per issue.  $7.00 for 3 issues, $10.00 for 6 issues.   Send your check, money order or cash to:  FLOYD MANN, 14691 Front Beach Road #8, Panama City Beach, FL  32413
   Your ad can be emailed to:  
LostTreasureUSA1@AOL.COM  and then you can mail your payment.
   What to advertise?  Books, vehicles, real estate, detectors, guns, sporting and camping equipment, coins---just about anything!

EVENTS:   Does your club have an upcoming event? Email me and I'll put it on my website.  To see the upcoming events for mid-April to June 1st---Click here:  EVENTS

FOUND!:   Well, we always read about the LOST treasures, but I'm sure that everyone ALSO likes to read about FOUND treasures.  I've added a new link on my website where I will list FOUND treasures each month.  Click here:  FOUND!

LAST STAGECOACH ROBBERY:   Took place in Jarbidge, Idaho on December 5, 1916.  A lone robber held up the stage for $3,000 in cash.

WELLS FARGO ROBBED!:   1870-1884.  During this 14-year period Wells Fargo suffered losses of $415,312 through 340 stage robberies and 4 train robberies of Wells Fargo strongboxes.  That is only about $1,200 per robbery!  38 stage hold-ups failed, as did 4 train robberies.

FIND MORE COINS!:  These suggestions are so easy, that sometimes we just plain forget them:  (1)   Wear your headphones, so you don't miss those weak signals, (2)  Keep your Discrimination cranked down.  You'll dig more trash, but miss fewer coins, (3)  Walk slower & swing that detector slower, (4)  Go to less hunted, more difficult to search spots, (5) Research!, (6)  Use small tools and fill your holes.  Less chance you will get booted off of a property, (7)  Talk to people who approach you.  They can probably tell you a lot about the area, (8) Have strong batteries in your detector.

MAGAZINES FOR SALE:   I have hundreds of "duplicates" in my huge treasure magazine collection.  If you just want some good treasure-hunting reading, I'll send you an assortment of 20 older treasure-type magazines for only $10.00.  I'll pay the postage.

Treasure Hunter's Secret Manual

"LUE" UPDATE:   In the last issue on 4/1 (Issue #3) I related the story of the mysterious LUE MAP.  I stated that the earliest mention ( that I knew of ) of the LUE MAP was in the 1972 edition of Karl Von Mueller's TREASURE HUNTER'S MANUAL #7.  Well!  Now I've located a verified earlier mention of the LUE.  In the February 1970 issue of TRUE TREASURE an article by Tom Hilton; "Does The Incredible Lue Really Exist?" appeared.
   ALSO---in the past two weeks, I have learned that the LUE was MAYBE mentioned in a couple of works sponsored by the FDR administration and titled:  (1)  WRITERS PROGRAM:  NEW MEXICO--A GUIDE TO THE COLORFUL STATE and (2)  WRITERS PROGRAM: TEXAS--A GUIDE TO THE LONE STAR STATE.  These books were published in 1940 by
Hastings House in New York City.
   NOW:  I looked through these two books last year, but I was looking for the MAP, and I neglected to look for a MENTION of the LUE. SO:  I have ordered these two books AGAIN (through my library) to skim through them a second time.  They are THICK books!
  Sidenote:  These Writers Program books were very extensive.  They sent people out to interview LOTS of people and collect stories, history, folklore, etc.  There are probably lots of treasure clues hidden within their pages.  Check with your librarian to see if there is a Writers Program book for YOUR state.

CYBERSHOP:  Each issue of this newsletter I will "review" another website that should be of interest to you.  This site is worth checking!   www.1Stop-Cybershop.com 
"One-stop Hassle-Free shopping at a discount."  This site has electronics, sporting goods, camping and hiking stuff.  Fish finders, GPS, backpacks, knives, binoculars, sleeping bag---and a boat !
   This is a new website and I'm sure that the owner will continue to add new items frequently.  The shopping cart program is easy to use.  I suggest that you visit the website and see what YOU think.

MY WEBSITE:    For the NEW readers of this newsletter:  I'd like to make you aware that I have a website at:  www.LostTreasureUSA.com
   Check it out.  I have listed 350 treasure leads (so far!), 20,000 treasure magazine article titles are data based, and there are books for sale.  PLUS:  there are some good links to visit.

THE BEALE CODES:  In the last issue I had an article on the Beale treasure and the three "code" letters.  Now I have located (thanks to a reader) a great forum, that was started about 5 years ago, that has a lot of interesting topics and a LOT on the Beale codes.
   The American Treasure Hunt Society has their forum at:  www.treasurehunt.org/forum/

GEO-CACHING:   Pronounced geo-cashing.  "The sport where YOU are the search engine.  A GPS device and a hunger for adventure are all you need for high tech treasure hunting." 
   What is geo-caching?  It is an entertaining adventure game for GPS users.  All over the world (167 countries) there are over 48,000 treasure caches hidden.
   The BEST website to learn more about this game-sport is:  www.geocaching.com

MY TWO FORUMS:   To visit my two forums--Click here:  FORUMS

PREVIOUS ISSUES:   To read the first three newsletters--Click here:  NEWSLETTERS

PERALTA STONE MAPS:  The Peralta Stone Maps (3 of them) were discovered sometime between 1949 and 1956.  There are conflicting stories on this.  If they are genuine they could hold the secret to the location of all of the Peralta mines in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona.  Some believe there is one mine---or as many as 18! 
   Quite a few people believe that the Peralta maps might relate to the Lost Dutchman Mine.  Maybe the Lost Dutchman Mine was a Peralta mine?  In the next issue I'll tell you MY belief on these maps!
   This website has photos of the maps plus a short background story:  http://home1.gte.net/ltdan/stones.htm

For a little pro and con discussion on the Peralta Maps, go to:   www.desertusa.com/mag02/sep/per_stone.html

LOST DUTCHMAN MINE:   Thousands of stories have been told and written about Jacob Waltz (the Dutchman) and his lost mine.  Over 120 years, thousands (maybe TENS of thousands!) of people have searched for this supposedly rich gold mine in Arizona.  For a 3-part story---go to:   http://www.desertusa.com/mag98/aug/stories/lost1.html
Another website that has good info on this story is:  

MONTEZUMA'S TREASURE:   Legend has it that when the Aztec king Montezuma was killed, his people gathered the Aztec treasure and headed north with it to prevent it from being taken by the Spanish.  Almost every western state (and a few eastern states!) has one or two stories that state that the treasure was secreted in their state.  That was over 400 years ago and today the search goes on for this fabulously rich depository of Aztec treasure.
   Two good sites to give you the background story are:


A GREAT NEWSLETTER TO GET! :   I subscribe to a great newsletter that I definitely recommend to you.  THE WAYBILL TO ADVENTURE GAZETTE is produced by Leanne Boyd----and it is FREE!  Leanne is the daughter of Glenn Carson---author of a few books about treasure hunting.  If you will go to the Waybill To Adventure website (one of my favorites) you can subscribe to the newsletter and get it emailed to you.

CRITICAL ENQUIRY:   For some interesting opinions ( and research ) from a guy that takes treasure stories and breaks them down to explore the possibilities that they are hoaxes ( or not ? )---I think you might enjoy reading his website.  The Beale Treasure, Oak Island Money Pit and the Burrows Cave are given his critical analysis at:

FATAL TREASURE:  GREED AND DEATH, EMERALDS AND GOLD, AND THE OBSESSIVE SEARCH FOR THE LEGENDARY GHOST GALLEON ATOCHA---written by Jedwin Smith.  I'm only about halfway thru this book, but I am recommending it!  These are guys & gals who recovered MILLIONS in treasure under the guidance of Mel Fisher.  The search still continues today and this is the story of that search.  For a brief summary of the book---go to:

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CONCLUSION:   Please send any stories, ideas or comments about my newsletter or website to me at:   LostTreasureUSA1@AOL.COM  
What stories would you like me to research for you?  What kind of articles do you want to read?  YOUR input will help this newsletter grow and improve!  THANKS for reading!

DEDICATION:   This newsletter and website are dedicated to my wonderful wife TARA!  She contributes a LOT to this adventure of mine.

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