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March 15, 2003---Volume 1, Number 2

Treasure Hunter's Secret Manual

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FROM THE EDITOR:   Welcome to the second issue of LOST TREASURE USA !  The response to the first issue was FANTASTIC!  Thank you.  A lot of you sent my newsletter to your friends.  A few added my website link to their website.  And a few even sent my newsletter to their entire address book!
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   I'm having FUN doing this newsletter and website----even though it takes a tremendous amount of time and effort.  Please keep your calls and emails coming!
   I received a LOT of info and stories during the past two weeks.  I'll get your submitted story printed in one of the upcoming newsletters.
   All of the response has been positive, but I can take some constructive criticism, if needed. 
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LOST TREASURE USA FORUM:  This forum is divided into different categories to make your navigation through it faster and easier.  My “THANKS" to Randy Bradford (in Kansas) for setting this one up for me!
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To see what is going on around the country during the next two weeks, you can go to the EVENTS page on the website.  Two events I received just recently are:
***Four Lakes Metal Detector Club (Madison, WI) meets on the 4th Wednesday of every month at 7 P.M.  For details, contact:  Oldneu@Yahoo.com  or Scullion@Locusinc.com
***March 15-16th:  Wickenburg (Morristown) AZ.  The Arizona Association of Gold Prospectors (AAGP) will conduct their 2-day NUGGET FEST GOLD DIG.  Contact:  AZGOLDPROS@HOTMAIL.COM

In newsletter # 1 I asked for opinions on five questions.  Remember? (1) Best treasure-hunting website?, (2)  Best treasure-hunting forum?, (3)  Best treasure-hunting newsletter?, (4)  Best book a treasure hunter should own?, (5)  Best all-around treasure hunter (dead or alive) ?.   Well, I only received 3 answers back, but here they are!
**BEST WEBSITE?   Randy Lewis' Prospector Site, Lost Treasure, One that allows for anybody to get the answers they need.
**BEST FORUM?  Treasurenet, Carre-Shinob, I like them all.
**BEST NEWSLETTER?  Lost Treasure Online, LOST TREASURE USA, They are all good.
**BEST BOOK?  Charles Kenworthy's "Death Traps To Treasure”, "Faded Footprints" or "Lost Treasure of the Uintahs”, one that is informative about our hobby and not one-sided towards a company that produces metal detectors.
**BEST TREASURE HUNTER?  Mel Fisher, Mel Fisher, Mel Fisher
Other comments (but NOT on the survey!); MOST HELPFUL?  Richard Wilbur, Floyd Mann.  Thanks for my nomination and I whole-heartedly SECOND Walburn's nomination.  I have over a hundred pages of stuff that Richard has sent me over the years.  He is a GOOD man!


OK---so I'm a few years late!  This short blurb appeared in the November 11, 2000 VARIETY EXTRA.  It announces the book that Hillbilly Bob Brewer has coming out in June.
QUOTE:  "Bounty hunters and treasure hunters are hot topics at the Trident Media Group.  Trident head Robert Gottlieb and agent Matt Bialer have placed "SHADOW OF THE SENTINEL" by journalist Warren Getler and professional Confederate loot hunter Bob Brewer, with Simon & Schuster in a six-figure deal."  
   Although I have been sworn to secrecy on the book's KGC contents, you will definitely want to pre-order your copy of this book from Amazon ASAP----for an EXCELLENT true treasure success story !

I got this CD the other day and it has stuff on it that even I don't have!  Very interesting and a great addition to my research library.
   Available on CD, floppy disk, or email download.
   "One of the most important, and most often forgotten, aspects of treasure hunting is research.  This Guide has over 750 listings for buried treasure, gold panning, ghost towns, metal detecting, metal detectors, gold mining, lost treasures, pirates, sunken treasures and many more topics dealing with treasure hunting.  This Guide contains info on books about treasure hunting all over the world, although most of the books cover the U.S. and Her waters.  Years of research have gone into the making of this valuable list of books.  This essential list is a must-have for the beginning treasure hunter to the most knowledgeable pursuer of that perfect hidden cache.  Every attempt at accuracy has been made in compiling this Guide.  This Guide gives you the titles, authors, and where available, dates of publication."
   CD:  $14.95+$4.00 S&H--- FLOPPY DISK (Windows format only---written using MS Word):  $10.95+$4.00 S&H---EMAIL DOWNLOAD:  $7.95, NO S&H!
   CONTACT:   Amy & Ken---AMKEN2129@AOL.COM 

   We now have four great websites on my LINKS page on the website.  Bookmark them to your favorites for future use.  The links to check out now are:  Maptech, Topozone, Terraserver, and Mapping/usgs.

Anybody up in the Florida Panhandle, between Pensacola and Apalachicola?  Email me if you want to go out on an "adventure" of sorts.   LostTreasureUSA1@AOL.COM

   In NEWSLETTER # 1 I requested info on map dowsing, but got no replies---not as many people that can map dowse ( and care to share their info ) as I had hoped for.  I'd still like to hear from some dowsers.  I have good maps and good leads.

I received a FEW replies on LRLs (Long Range Locators) and I believe I may have collected enough info to write an article in the near future, but I need "permission" from some people to reprint their quotes, etc. 
   BUT:  while I cannot endorse any of these websites, or their products, you will find some useful information and maybe learn something---like I did!  If after reviewing these sites you have an opinion to express---email me!


Treasure Hunter's Secret Manual

To learn more about the treasure signs and symbols you come across in your hunts, I suggest that you go to www.GOOGLE.com  and type Signs and Symbols in the search window---then visit those sites that look interesting to you..  Also get a copy of Kenworthy's books on signs.  Another site that is good is www.symbols.com .  Also worth checking is: www.treasurehuntersuniversity.com/

In order to "spice-up" the website and newsletter I'd like to add some cartoon/humor and artwork.  Anyone interested?

This week I received 3 shipments of treasure books for my collection and I'm so anxious for Sunday 3/16 to come---so I can go through them!  I can't look at them until this newsletter is sent out on 3/15!  There are a few rare ones waiting for me.  By 4/1 I hope to be able to offer you some great books at nice prices!


YEE-HAW!!  I received a LOT of very nice emails the past two weeks and I really do appreciate the positive feedback---it makes my hard work (remember:  I type with ONE finger!) and long hours feel more worthwhile.  I like helping people and this is one way that I can do that.  I won't take space here to re-print the letters.  Besides:  I'd have to take all of the letters back out of their picture frames to copy them! Ha Ha!!

Each month I will SPOTLIGHT one of my favorite websites.  This month, it is a friend's (Jeff Kramer) website.  Check it out!   www.treasurelore.com  


If you have not already visited my STATE TREASURES site on my website---in the past two weeks---you should do that!  There are 5 little treasure leads for each state----a total of 250 leads!  By April first I will have added another 100.  Within a year you will have over 1,000 FREE treasure leads!

   On my website I have listed about 20,000 magazine articles that are treasure related.  If you are looking for info on a particular story, just scroll down through the state listings until you reach your state.  Then:  read the titles for ones that are of interest to you.  If your local librarian cannot help you locate a copy of that article---contact me.  I have over 3,700 magazines and I might have it for you.  Check the FREE research database by clicking here:  RESEARCH

I will have LOTS of info over the upcoming years for you.  I will write a lot of it.  Some of the future info will come from other websites---as I become aware of them.  A few people have promised me regularly submitted stories.  YOU can also contribute by informing me of news, events, stories, etc. that you are aware of.  This is only the second newsletter and I already see it picking up speed and I can kind of envision what it will become---with everyone's help.  Send me stuff to use!   LostTreasureUSA1@aol.com  THANKS!

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Anthony Belli is known as the ELDORADO HANGMAN.  He moderates the forum for me at ALL TREASURE TALES USA on Yahoo.  He has set up files for each state on that site and sees that submitted stories (a lot of them are HIS!) are put there for your reading pleasure.  On April 1st, he will have an article here on the Lost Honey Island pirate treasure, which will be of particular interest to those in the Louisiana area.  His new website on the California Gold Rush is "Under Construction" at this time, but do bookmark it, if Gold Rush history and treasure is of interest to you.  Check out his stories (under FILES) on ALL TREASURE TALES USA.   If you have California stories---please contact Anthony at: EldoradoHangman@Yahoo.com     His future website will be at www.California49ers.com  


   It's not what you don't know that hurts you...it's what you know that ain't so.  We all hear variations on this theme and the lucky few have yet to live through it.
   In late 1977 I had done my duty for God and Country and returned to the loving arms of my family.  After the first couple of weeks that sure wore thin, so I spent all of my waking hours working, researching or treasure hunting.  One long spell in the junk bins yielded what appeared to be the diary of a minor member of a Chicago organized crime family.  It went from childhood, through initiation in the gang, to gradually getting some authority and starting to make the big bucks.  The diary cut off at a certain point before running out of pages and a quick bit of research confirmed that the man had been indicted and had disappeared.  Interesting and worth a closer second read, I thought.
   A few weeks later I re-read the entire diary in one sitting and was directed to a fishing camp in Wisconsin where I might find the "114 and two" that he left there.  I ran up that way and found that the camp had fallen on hard times and been abandoned many years earlier.  I got permission to search.  After finding the correct cabin I spent the daylight hours clearing out the surface trash and waited for full dark to try a real search.  The third corner I searched yielded two revolvers and some rotted paper money that just fell apart in my hands.  The bands made it look like there had been $114,000.00 in there.  Not enough left to save even one bill AND EVERYBODY KNOWS that you have to have more than half of a damaged bill to get it refunded by the government.  I put the guns in my vehicle and searched all of the floors, of all of the cabins, that night---with no further success.  As dawn was breaking through the trees I finished my work.  I walked to the shoreline of the lake, with the tin box in hand, and threw it like a discus into the water.  Felt pretty good and the fish just loved that old paper.  Drove home with my revolvers and had a leisurely breakfast and paper before turning in.  The Sunday supplement had a full-color puff piece on a little-known department in the treasury that restores damaged paper money and makes refunds.  I didn't sleep well that night.  


Find Buried Treasures

If you have ever read the San Francisco Daily and Evening Union's account of James W. Wright's Saturday serial of the episodes of The Cement Hunters, then the spark of adventure has touched your heart.  I know it did for me.  Wright himself had mustered out of the service with James Savage and other early California heroes.  He had a belly full of action and he could tell a good story to boot.
   It was the later development and the mining of the Lost Cement Mine that lit the wick of James W. Wright and Mark Twain.  It was their task to try to interview as many miners as they could individually to be able to find the famous Lost Cement that had yielded 1,500 troy pounds of gold for the two lucky miners that worked the mine with picks and shovels for only 22 months, spread out over 7 years.  This area is very high and they could only work this site for a couple of months per year.
   Mining was always a problem for them, because this area is so beautiful.  The streams and forests beckoned to them daily to fish for rainbow trout in the streams, or to hunt in the lush meadows here, long before civilization came here---and the rush of gold miners.  Soon miners would stumble over each other looking for the lost lady that may very well be destined to be lost forever with the influx of cities and modern mining laws.
   The Cement Hunters was my Bible in the early days.  I wanted to find that mine as thousands before me, and after me, sought to do, too.  I lived on a meager salary from Kodak in San Francisco.  In the summer vacations I would dream myself up to the mountains, with my family, for another look-see for the famous Lost Cement Mine.
   I had a two-wheel drive Rokon motorcycle.  Literally, I could go anywhere in that pumice with no trouble.  Once I plummeted up the side of a volcanic crater and I was almost killed as the side ceased to exist at a sharp cliff, with a water-filled pond below.  I was careful after that. 
   James W. Wright had interviewed McDougal, who was Kent's hired man.  It was Kent that owned the Lost Cement Mine.  Kent was wanted for murder in an earlier episode in the Lost Cement saga but, I won't get into that part now.
   McDougal worked for Kent for seven years faithfully, for $1,500.00 for the season.  It was the biggest experience in the old man's live.  He enjoyed it so much.  When gold seekers came to the area, Kent had to get out of there quick, or possibly be arrested for murder.  Quickly the mine was sealed, and there was no doubt that the mine would never be re-opened again.  Besides, the $400,000.00 was already a challenge for Kent to spend in 1879.
   That summer McDougall collapsed in the streets of San Francisco with a stroke.  He was babbling a strange story, in the hospital, about this great mining experience he had.  It was so remarkable that the press was summoned at once and the medical staff themselves took notes, as they knew that the old man was dying.
   McDougal explained, in intimate detail, all details of their mining operation there.  Explaining the deer and growth, as well.  He was a very sensitive man.  McDougal told everything about their mining experience, except how many miles from their base camp the mine was located, and precisely where it existed.  McDougal, also, never told the name of his employer, in honor and respect of the relationship they had shared together.
   Excuse me for all of the background details that perhaps readers already know from James W. Wright’s story?  But, I thought it was important.  McDougal's experience became my life while I was searching for the Lost Cement Mine, in the 1980s, just 100 years after the mine was sealed.
   This is the back-up that James W. Wright had when entering into the search for truth of the hidden lost lady.  Though Lindy, Aurora, and Mammoth Lakes had yielded gold during the Eastern Sierra gold rush, by the Lost Cement mine seekers, the Lost Cement Mine herself had never been found, even though millions of dollars had been mined on the Eastern Sierra.
   The Lost Cement Mine story rambles from this experience to another experience, as one would expect it to do.  Naturally, the miners themselves really didn't know any more about where the Lost Cement Mine was located than James W. Wright did.  After all, they sought to find the mine and re-open it too.
   All failed to find this magical mine. How in the world did I feel that I could accomplish finding the most documented lost mine in American history, that already a host of others had failed to accomplish?  Such is the illusion of dreamers and adventurers.  God bless them.  Perhaps the real treasure is the pursuit, rather than the achievement itself?  At least this is what I was soon to learn.
   I lived with the James Wright story.  I felt as others had felt---that the book would carry the answer for me---that others, somehow, had failed to observe.
   But heck, I was a responsible man with a family.  I gave the search many years, during the summer vacations, searching by sections.  The only thing really solid in the data, if you can call this solid, is this statement:  This is found in a queer episode---who was he?
   The clue states under the paragraph:  Nestling in charming seclusion---" These matters provided for, they cautiously crossed the great divide, between them and the headwaters of the Owens River, and after a little careful searching, Kent finally identified certain landmarks, which he retained in his memory, and found a reddish ledge, rich in free gold, though not very wide."
   That's it fellows.  That's all there is about the location of the Lost Cement Mine, in all of the written material about where the Lost Cement Mine will be found.
   Professional mining companies would thoroughly prospect the land each six feet with a string of miners.  A miner would dig down to bedrock.  If nothing was found, he would move to the front of the line.  Miles of area were covered in this way.  You can see these pot holes still there today.  I had designed some equipment that I had been testing.  You know---the gadget that found Sir Francis Drake's 72 tons of silver on Angel Island.  This story was posted on http://www.xmission.com/~jbdaniel/home.htm.
   The Lost Cement Mine was many years before the Drake thrill though, but I had a crude proto-type to test during my last season up in the mountains.  My wick had burned out and I reasoned at that time that I was just another disappointed Lost Cement Mine dreamer.  
   I fired this gadget up.  Remember, I knew this story like the back of my hand.  I followed this device with reverence, because I knew darned well that I couldn't find this mine myself.  I knew of a fellow named Art Sorenson that spent the rest of his life looking.  This really kept his health good.  I should have given the location to him.  But, I didn't.
   Anyway, soon I was at the mine.  I had an eerie feeling as I looked around.  At the time I was there, before the forestry service cut the trees down, there were deep blazes leading in there where I had never looked before.  There were narrow rose quartz runners visible.  The signs for gold presence were certainly possible there.
   Then, I stared with a gaping stare at the real remaining evidence there.  At the bottom of this once-standing tree was a ring around it.
   Remember:  the instrument found this place, in the first place.  I didn't.
   After seven years of working this mine, the miners had quite a deep shaft dug.  This tree stood next to their shaft and their windlass was hooked up to this tree.  When they quickly capped the mine, and hid all traces of their work there, they couldn't very well hide a ring around a tree---could they?  And this ring luckily remained for all to see, until the past few years.
   From this tree, with the ring at the bottom, I reasoned that one particular blazed tree, in a strange place, must be a marker for something.  On a hunch one day I brought a small surface metal detector there.  I scanned around the tree and it alarmed at something big.
   I never disturbed anything like the Green Suits want you to do.  I reasoned that the metal detector had detected their windlass, that would be needed to remove the mine cap.  And perhaps some gold ore could have been left there, as well, if they were over-loaded. 
   I was so excited!  My dream had been fulfilled! I had won.  I now owned the Lost Cement Mine, if I could claim it.  But gosh, how silly!  I wasn't a miner.  I was an amateur historian.  I raced down Jackson Street, in San Francisco, to the California Historical Society.  I was panting as I excitedly walked up to the clerk there at the Society and belched out: "I found the Lost Cement Mine!"
   The astonished half-asleep clerk yawned and said "ah,er,oh you did?"  As if meaning, "So what?"
   Yes, perhaps she was right.  So what, indeed?  I was a father, not a miner.  What was I going to do with all of this information had dreamed about for so long?  Others probably wouldn't have done what I did.  I didn't have money to pour into this mine.  I hadn't the experience and knowledge that scads of other people have, to boot.
   The mine has sat there for 20 years.  If anyone knows of a well-funded experienced mining firm that would love to re-open a rich, historically famous, Lost Cement gold quartz mine.  I have the answers to the big questions.  I hope that you enjoyed my own personal saga of the search for the Lost Cement Mine experience.   RICHARD WALBURN 


(The end)

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