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FOUND !               

Treasure Hunter's Secret Manual

FOUND.  Isn't that a great word ?  Much more exciting than LOST !
   Most of today's treasure magazines print stories of LOST TREASURE, but it is fairly rare ( like maybe 500 to 1 ! ) to read of an actual FOUND treasure.
   There are literally thousands of stories out there that tell of LOST mines, caches and shipwrecks.  Why don't we read of more FOUND treasure ?
   Thousands of people are running around with metal detectors, and MANY are finding some GOOD stuff !
   But:  about 5 percent of the treasure hunters are finding 95 percent of the loot !  And why is that ?  In my opinion, several factors figure into this:  (1) RESEARCH !,  (2)  Thinking "outside of the box" and going where less people have looked, (3)  Learning the proper and correct usage of your detector, (4)  Amount of time spent looking, etc.
   Of course, many people find some NICE treasures that we will never hear about.  There are many reasons why a person will not "advertise" that they have made a great find:  (1)  They don't want to pay taxes on their find, (2)  Afraid of a court battle over ownership of the find, (3)  They don't want their friends and relatives to know that they are now wealthy, (4)  Don't want other treasure hunters following them every time they leave the house, (5)  Fear of being robbed, (6)  Numerous other reasons
   Over the years I have collected clippings of FOUND treasures and I will post some of these on this website.  Each month I will add a few more.  Check this site often !  Treasure CAN be found.  There are BILLIONS of dollars worth of treasure still out there.  GO GET IT !!

(1)    Mel Fisher finds the rich shipwreck ATOCHA ( sunk 1622 ).  Recovered millions in treasure.
(2)    Plumber, working in a customer's basement, digs up $500,000 cache in 2002, in
San Diego, TX
(3)    1982.  A rich mine ( abandoned ) is re-discovered and claimed.  A $3 million dollar bonanza !
(4)    1980.  A couple, remodeling their house, found an iron pot containing 52 $20.00 coins worth $30,000.
(5)    1975.  A diamond worth over $100,000 was found at the Crater Of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas.
(6)    A 3-lb. peanut butter jar of gold coins found in southern California.  $20 American gold pieces and Mexican 50 peso gold coins.  1878-1904 dated coins.
(7)    2 caches of 175 $20 gold coins were found in 1966 and 1968.  NW of ghosttown Jamestown, Colorado.
(8)    Coin from 1497-1504 era found in Georgia, between Savannah and Brunswick.
(9)    A rare $5 gold coin ( 1850 ) and a rare $10 gold coin were found in 1975 by a woman looking through an old bottle dump.
(10)  1962.  Found in New Mexico:  a very elaborate and ornate necklace appraised at $18,000
(11)  1982.  Near Vero Beach, FL.  Treasure from the shipwreck CORRIGAN recovered.  Silver and gold coins, jewels, gold bars.
(12)  1983.  After a Stevie Nicks And Friends concert, at Compton Terrace (near Phoenix, AZ ), over 56 pounds of coins ($400 plus ), plus jewelry, plus lots of marijuana paraphernalia was found.
(13)  1985.  Priceless token found.  Rare 2 1/2 cent Pony House token, Dayton, Ohio 1879-1889.  Found in Myerstown, PA.
(14)  2 1/2 pound sapphire found ( 2,111 carats after cutting ) found in North Carolina.
(15)  Casal Bank, FL.  Small chest, containing 984 silver pieces of eight, was found. 


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Last modified: 11/18/2008